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    Thread: ICE Upgrade for VW Jetta

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      Quote Originally Posted by livelyyoungman View Post
      Looks like you have not got a budget in mind.. Please do start working with that. Also what genre of music do you listen to? Both these are to be considered while taking informed decisions.
      I think when it comes to ICE, the budgets are just for name sake and is never adhered to. I have just 04 speakers, a headunit and an amp in my Polo 1.6 and ended up paying almost 1.5 lakhs on that set up. This was around 03 years ago. Today, I will not get much for this set up. I do not want to go the same way again. ICE is not an investment and depreciates quickly.

      Hence, I would like to try and get the best out of the stock set up if possible. Since I want Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, a headunit change is a must. The question is whether it is the RCD 330G+ or an aftermarket. The RCD 330G+ can be sold with the car itself but not the aftermarket. Besides, I am sure my next car will come with these features as stock.

      Then comes the speakers and the amp (if required). These are equipment I can move to another car for sure, but by then, I am sure stock audio will be better.
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      I tend to disagree with you, if you choose your equipment wisely you can use it in the longer run over multiple cars, especially amps, headunits if not speakers. And if you consider the happiness factor a good audio system brings in (factor in each day value, if you really want to do the maths ) while you drive each day, it ends up paying the cost you incurred while procuring them - just another viewpoint.

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