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    Thread: [Honest review] MyTVS TDI-22 Vacuum cleaner and Tyre Inflator

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      [Honest review] MyTVS TDI-22 Vacuum cleaner and Tyre Inflator

      [Honest review] MyTVS TDI-22 Vacuum cleaner and Tyre inflator.

      Hello friends,
      I am pleased to present you a detailed review of my latest purchase which is “myTVS 2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner and Tyre Inflator TDI-22 Vehicle Interior Cleaner”

      The product was brought for 2800 from Flipkart-
      myTVS 2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner and Tyre Inflator TDI-22 Vehicle Interior Cleaner Price in India - Buy myTVS 2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner and Tyre Inflator TDI-22 Vehicle Interior Cleaner online at Flipkart.com

      Grab it while stocks last. Price on Amazon has gone up to about 3500.

      Note- Make sure you read my [Honest Review] Windek Digital Tyre Inflator with Autocut Over here-
      [Honest Review] Windek Digital Tyre Inflator with Autocut

      As this review is going to have a lot of references to that.

      So lets begin!

      I must thank filpkart and the seller (Jazzmyride) for sending a very well packed unit. There was outer box, then Bubble wrap and then product box.

      Here it is!

      Supplied accessories are plentiful-

      Carpet brush, Thin Nozzle, Extension pipe and required adapters-

      Pins to inflate balloons and toys-

      Inflator Pipe exit- (Should have been better Reinforced)

      The Chart does not mention Torch, But it has one. For a namesake. Cheap chinese 5mm single LED-

      The switch design is such that it prevents both features to be used at once. Makes sense-

      Digital display for Inflator-

      Upon casual observation before using the machine, Noticed that once of the wires was getting caught in Fan blades. So much for QC. A simple oversight could have caused the wire to be snapped off or fan blades broken.

      Whats a DIYer to do? Used long needle with thread and tied it up so that the wire is held away from fan blades. Perfect-

      The Vacuum Part has decent suction. It picked up lots of loose dust from my Safari floor. I can also pick up small stones and sand. Here is the dust estimate from mildly dusty 4nos floor mats-

      All these parts are washable. So washed them and made clean.

      The Motor and impeller of Vacuum. Looks like a mini turbo!

      1. Both a vacuum cleaner and Digital tyre inflator in under 3k. What more you want?
      2. The vacuum has decent power. However expecting it to work wonders like home vacuum(Euraka forbes, I have) would be unreasonable. This vacuum is more suited to pick loose dust from floor mats, cleaning door pockets and other crevices.
      3. Comes with decent kit of attachments. Both for the vacuum and extra pins for inflator.
      4. The Noise of Inflator is less than my windek. Also the operation feels smoother (could be due to new lubrication & Seals). Auto cut works well.
      5. Separate motors used for vacuum and inflator, which aids Reliability and Longevity.
      6. Supplied power cord is sufficiently long (About same as windek it seems). I plugged into the middle row power socket and it could reach both front and rear tyres from there.
      7. 2 years warranty is peace of mind.

      1. There are no rubber feet to place the device on ground when Inflating. I had to hold it in hand while inflating Safari tyres. Being oddly shaped and longer, feels awkward to hold in hand when inflating.
      2. The heat generated while Inflating was bothersome (Esp near the Pipe exit). I Inflated Safari tyres from 20 PSI to 35 PSI in 2 batches while stopping for 10 Minutes in between. There does not seem to be any inbult overheating protection.
      3. The compartment to hold both Inflation pipe and cord is very small. Could cause bending of pipe.
      4. There is no fuse inbuilt. It is relying only on OEM fuse in car fuse box.
      5. QC of myTVS is not good and there can be silly problems.
      6. The Digital gague takes some time (less than a sec though) and does not feel as fast as Windek. Sometimes the Inflator stops few PSI early by the time Gague reads accurate pressure. I need to experiment with more cars before further comment.
      7. The filtration provided on Vacuum side is nominal (Just a felt cloth) and not a proper HEPA filter. You can see that the motor and impeller have become dusty with just 5 mins of use. It could be possible more dust will accumulate inside motor over time.
      8. There is no BLOW function for vacuum.

      Interesting observations-

      1. I can forsee that the Machinery used inside compressor (Motor, Piston) are exactly same as my Windek. Even the Display, Buttons and software behavior is exactly same. Which confirms my theory that these are just mass Produced chinese Kits being employed by various importers/assemblers

      2. There is heck lot confusion among specifications Mentioned on the- 1. BOX 2. myTVS website 3. myTVS chart. The box mentions the vacuum is wet & Dry. Cannot see how that's possible as there is no water isolator. Also, Max pressure is mentioned as 100 PSI on box, 110PSI on Chart and 80 PSI on website. MyTVS should pay attention here.

      3. When playing around with the digital gague, It was being able to surpass 120PSI settings. If the software is same as Windek, It will go all the way too 300PSI (Which it cannot inflate due to small motor anyways). So all the specifications mentioned by myTVS at various places go out the window.

      User Manual-


      [Honest Review] Windek Digital Tyre Inflator with Auto cut.

      “The Blue Elephant” My Safari 4x4 review and mods

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      Looks good....I can use a device like this.

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      bhvm, nice one (honestly for honest review), i have a doubt, did you put so much dust in your safari so that you can suck it out later?

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      Well No. Nothing here is deliberate. This vaccum did a through job pulling the Dust from Floor mat grooves (I have Plastic ones with thick grooves to trap Dust, Sand and mud ; Just like an SUV should have). Even I was not expecting so much. So everything here is honest and original as you see.

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