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    Thread: Need help on my Car ECM issue.

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      Need help on my Car ECM issue.

      My car Volkswagen vento 2014 model. Two weeks before when I started my car I could see glowplug indicator on my dashboard. With immediate effect I made an appointment to nearby VW service and gave it for repair. My service advisor(SA) on first look, opening the bonnet told there are few rat bites. He told he will work on and let me know.
      -> Next day morning SA called me and told me that few wires has been bitten and one coil it has bitten which has to be replaced and approx cost will be 6k and I have to wait for a week to replace coil. I agreed.
      --> After 3 days I got a call from SA and he told that my car ECM has been short circuted and I had to replace new ECM along with wiring harness. Altogether with labour n tax it comes to 3 lakhs. I was shocked.
      And as far as my understanding when car ECM is short circuted the car won't even start. Car engine will be in safe mode which will not go beyond 15km/hr. But I drove the car from my home to service station which is approx 10km at a speed of 40-50km/hr. My suspicion is on VW , because on day 1 they told cost is 6k(no info about ECM) and on day 4 they are telling as 3lakh(ECM replacement) , VW must have done something wrong which led to short circuit of my ECM. My insurance company is not ready to pay that amount.

      I'm confused please help me to deal with this.

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      Naveed, 3L for ECM replacement is day light robbery and not even true. An ECU replacement should at best cost you 70-80k, maybe not even that much.

      Personal suggestion is get the car out of there! Which city is this? Can suggest you an alternative garage based on where you live.

      Even if the ECU has shorted, which I know it's not, it's easy to find a ECU from a crashed car and clone it and re-code your Immobilizer data for 1/3rd the price they are quoting.
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