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    Thread: XUV 500 W11 (O) burning smell and smoke

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      XUV 500 W11 (O) burning smell and smoke

      Hi all,

      I purchased XUV 500 W11 (O) FWD MT in Aug 2018. In oct I went on a family vacation from kolkata to pelling (Sikkim) with my family in xuv. During this travel i mistakenly took a wrong turn and travelled over one of the worst mountain roads ... completely broken, full of landslides, slush ... I was quite lucky to reach ravangla by evening.

      During one particularly bad patch and broken upwardly slope, I smelled a burning smell coming inside the cabin. Thereafter after some more kms and at another broken upwardly slope, I saw smoke coming out of the left side of the bonnet.

      I stopped the vehicle immdtly, stayed there for 30 mins and then drove the vehicle to a nearby hotel. The burning smell continued to come even next day. So I didn't start the vehicle fearing clutch may have got burned.

      The next day the smell vanished completely. Since it was puja holidays, service centers were also closed and RSA was also difficult to get. So I decided to risk driving down to siliguri. I reached siliguri by evening and stayed the night in a hotel. Next day I drove another 600 kms to my home in Kolkata.

      Within 2 days I visited the mahindra ASS and described the entire issue. They kept the vehicle for the entire day but could not detect the source of either the burning smell or smoke.

      Thereafter I have driven the vehicle for another 500 kms and I have not faced any issue.

      Was sincerely appreciate if esteemed forum members can share their experience and suggestions on the above.

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      this is pure case of clutch burning due to the load and half clutch driving that would have gone through in that hilly region. The smell usually remains for -2 days depending on the amount of friction the clutch would have encountered.

      Usually for new vehicles and without much kms running if going on hilly or slush and skiddy roads, due to half clutch the smell would be intense.
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      Quote Originally Posted by SaurabhB View Post
      I saw smoke coming out of the left side of the bonnet.
      You were smoking your clutch. When it starts to smell, it is best to wait a few minutes before you drive. My clutch started to smell when trying to drive out of a ditch on a mountain road. As soon as I got the smell of the clutch, I stopped and got help from a tractor passing by.
      Drove another 100,000 km before I replaced the clutch.

      Click image for larger version. 

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      As said by others...its definitely the clutch burning smell. Time will tell now...as its working normal again, cross your fingers and drive on, it will last with some life consumed prematurely. Also its life depends on your usage and driving style as well.

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      Quote Originally Posted by SaurabhB View Post
      kolkata to pelling (Sikkim)
      This is a treacherous road. You done with your first service? I wouldn't have suggested to do this patch unless the car had settled in with 2000km under its belt.

      Be light on your clutch - which car you had before? If you're coming from a petrol car to diesel, it'll take some getting used to the way diesel cluches work.

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      Quote Originally Posted by SaurabhB View Post
      Hi all,

      I saw smoke coming out of the left side of the bonnet.
      Hope everything is fine now. Did you try to open the bonnet afterwards?

      It reminds me the cremation cremoney of my Safari. My dad saw smoke coming out of bonnet and he stopped vehicle and open the bonnet and there was fire beneath. In no time, vehicle was tuned into ashesh.

      Be kind to the clutch of XUV. Mahindra is not very helful for warranty related to clutches.

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      Quote Originally Posted by s13 View Post
      Mahindra is not very helful for warranty related to clutches
      Absolutely true....my case was exception as the service engineer was well aware of my driving style, after seeing the plate....he simply asked the mechanic to change the complete set without even telling me....he told me later on. Otherwise one has to really push the way through them in such a case.

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