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    Thread: Is it advisable to buy from Hyundai advantage ?

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      Is it advisable to buy from Hyundai advantage ?

      Hi all
      I am looking to buy a 2014 Xcent from Mohan motors Barasat West Bengal. They are a Hyundai authorised pre-owned car dealership.
      It's gonna be my first ever car and I don't know much about how to find out if a car is damaged or not.
      So can you guys please throw some light on to whether it is a good idea to buy from Hyundai advantage or not ?
      Thanks in advance

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      Though never dealt with Hyundai pre-owned personally, but below are the general steps -
      1. Do a thorough visual inspection and look for any rust, paint mismatch etc.
      2. Take a test drive and check for any noises.
      3. Go to any Hyundai AuthService and get it checked.

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      Cant you contact the insurance company where the car was insured? If you know nothing about cars, it might be best to hire a mechanic and take him with you. You can measure the distance between the tyre threads and the fender on all 4 wheels. They should be equal on the same axle..
      Otherwise you can check the seams under the bonnet and the trunk, which should be clean with no signs of damage or buckling. Check the spacing between the doors, bonnet and trunk which should be equal on all. Be paranoid.
      There are tools available to check for the thickness of body fillers. Paint shops might have them.

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