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    Thread: Why do car accidents happen even after we implement latest technology?

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      Why do car accidents happen even after we implement latest technology?

      As of late, vehicle makers have given numerous highlights that improve the security of the individual driving the vehicle. These have helped in diminishing the quantity of mishaps. Yet at the same time we have not been effective in totally dispensing with it. Different natural and different variables are in charge of this. Numerous mishaps occur because of the heedlessness of the drivers. A few people drive in a rapid. Certain others do alcoholic driving without wearing safety belts. This thoughtless conduct from the piece of the drivers can prompt mishaps. Absence of legitimate execution of guidelines and directions are additionally in charge of the mishaps. Fine ought to be charged from people who drive without permit and the individuals who defies the tenets. Other ecological variables like rain, snow, mist and so on are likewise in charge of the mishaps. On the off chance that we can totally dispense with the reckless driving drilled by individuals, dominant part of mishaps can be counteracted.
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      IMO it is not even 1% because of the car, but 100% because of folks who are not able to handle its power and always undermine the handling capabilities.
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      1) You cant issue driving licenses faster than one can blink and then expect these desperadoes to behave civilised and learn the trade on the roads.

      2) You need infrastructure that is clear and predictable. Lanes, well constructed roads, signages, exits, traffic lights all contribute to sanity.

      3) You need rules that are for the country as a whole and not for each state depending on political parties in power and such nonsense (Helmets here, gloves there type rules wont work)

      4) You need effective policing to help keep the rules in place.

      A wise one prevents a problem from happening. No point in running to solve it once things go out of hand. The problem we have is the unethical issuing of license and no strict enforcement of the same. Correct that one alone and we will see the difference. ABS, ESP and martian technology can come later and will not be of any help in the hands of monkeys.

      PS: My cousin in Singapore just failed her driving test for the third time. In India she is an expert driver.

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      As has been said, the biggest nut in a car is the one behind the steering!
      Drive carefully, the life you save may be your own.
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      Quote Originally Posted by megazoid View Post
      You need effective policing to help keep the rules in place.
      What does it help when rules can be written off with some cash? I am not even sure if some drivers even know the rules of the roads.

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      Latest technology helps good drivers to prevent accident. Unfortunately, Bad drivers don't even know such technologies exist.

      As already stated, Licensing is a mishap in India. 99% of the applicants don't know the rules, signs and good driving manners. They just learn to operate a machine (Any vehicle). They think, learning to operate a machine is called driving.

      90% of the driving schools don't teach the rules and signs. When I appeared for the driving test, 3 more applicants in the same car. One of them was absolute mess. The only proper thing he did was, he moved the vehicle in First gear without stopping the engine. Shockingly he was granted license.

      The enforcement is also weak, Very weak. Have any of you come across some one whose license was cancelled due to his mistake in driving?

      People nowadays (including me), prefer to drive their own car, instead of using public transport. The reason would be either bad quality, time consuming or cost worthy. If the number of vehicles reduced in the road, the accident count will also come down for sure. I switched to car pooling and give my car rest for 3 days a week now.

      Increasing the number of buses with optimum cost and very good quality will attract self driving people to take the buses. In metro cities, there are trains which run every 3-5 minutes and each can carry 2000 people. But still it is over crowded. India made a blunder in increasing the population density in such cities. Now its too late to overcome the difficulties. Due to over crowd, people drive on their own and create pile up's.

      One train can take 500 cars and 1000 motorcycles off the road, one bus can take 20 cars and 40 motor cylces off the road.

      Here comes the App Taxi's. I see more taxi's on the road than the own cars. They have timely target to achieve everyday and so they drive so offensive on the roads to finish the trip quickly.

      Increase in number of vehicles without
      1. proper licensing practise,
      2. proper infrastructure,
      3. strict enforcement

      will surely increase the number of accidents. No matter how much the technology grows.

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      You can make cars, phones ,TVs smart but not the person behind the wheel

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      On early morning of 1st January while returning home from Lord Hanuman temple saw Audi Q5 damaged on the divider. Probably the case of drink and drive. Patience is also one of the biggest reason IMO for accidents.

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      Accidents happen, even with the latest technologies, for a simple reason. Firstly because no technology is perfect. All are designed by humans, himself/herself a flawed creation of nature (or, as the current speculation goes, possibly by alien intervention!), so the technology flaws are built-in. And more importantly, also because the one at the controls is also a human being - so the vicious circle is complete! And all the billions spent on developing autonomous (or driverless) cars is, in my humble view, so much money down the drain (and a few humans becoming very rich in the bargain). It is easy to conclude that reading "Magnus, robot fighter" must have been de rigueur for the current crop of designers, during their formative years!
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      Its simple....monkey behind the steering wheels=accident. Enforcement...RUTHLESS enforcement is the key to reduce unauthorised vehicles plying on the roads. Why can't Traffic police enforce strict drive to check and confiscate vehicles without proper documents, once confiscated do not return the vehicle and make the person attend marathon counselling session, include his family as well, for 5-6 hours. This country requires DANDA (stick) we understand only this language and Traffic Police should speak the language which we understand.

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