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    Thread: Auto Loan *hidden* charges

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      Oct 2017

      Auto Loan *hidden* charges

      Hi all,
      We took a loan from a nationalized bank for our car last year. We have been debited many times for Rs. 118(100 I think is the basic fee & 18 gst) for cersai (
      ) and Rs. 50 for Vahan fee once about a year later after we took the loan.
      Two questions-
      Are these kinda charges applied by every bank?
      Why does the customer have to bear these charges, if it is the bank's concerned department that is doing its job i.e. scrutinizing loans etc? I asked the bank about it and they replied a sarkari answer that it is their loan department that has applied that.
      many thanks

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      Oct 2017
      Contacted CERSAI they said registration on their site is mandatory and they charge from bank a one time fee of Rs. 100+gst. But it is upto to the banks whether to charge from the customers or not. About our account debited multiple times, they said it might be a mistake from bank's side.

      About Vahan, whether it is necessary to register or not I can't say but they don't charge shit but banks are charging us
      | V A H A N | National Register e-Services |
      | VAHAN | National Register e-Services |

      Vahan is also a government owned site which tells about people's name, vehicle's make etc. upon entering a number and anyone can view it. I wonder why is that thing open for all?

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