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    Thread: FIAT Brand Ends in India, Focus Transfers on JEEP

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      FIAT Brand Ends in India, Focus Transfers on JEEP

      "Fiat’s current product portfolio, which currently only consists of the Linea and Grande Punto (and the latter's hotter and crossover derivatives), will not comply with the upcoming stricter safety and emission regulations. There has been minimal investment in both these ageing products, which have been on sale for around a decade. Hence, investing in upgrading the Linea and Grand Punto, which are well beyond their lifecycle and whose combined sales were just 101 units in 12 months (from December 2017-November 2018), would be pointless.

      Yet another blow will for both these models will be the disappearance of Fiat as a major diesel engine supplier when the BS-VI emission regulations come into effect in April 2020. Fiat’s last remaining customers – Maruti Suzuki and Tata Motors – will by then completely switch over from the ubiquitous 1.3 Multijet diesel, to their own in-house powertrains. Fiat alone simply does not have the scale to bear the costs of making its engines BS-VI emission compliant and will have no choice but to axe it.

      To revive the Fiat brand would require nothing short of replacing Fiat’s ageing product line-up with an all-new model range and new engine family. This would require an outlay of at least $600 million (around Rs 4,300 crore), which would be impossible to get any semblance of return on investment given Fiat’s weak position in the market."

      End of the road for Fiat in India this year - Autocar India

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      even fiat Brazil has got a better new line up of cars as compared to Fiat India. -_-

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      Finally the fanboys will keep shut
      Winners don't quit. Quitters don't win. (but I quit because I was raped and robbed)

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      Looking at their history , wouldn't be surprised if they come back again.

      Groundhog day

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      Quote Originally Posted by keerthi View Post
      Finally the fanboys will keep shut
      no way we will be shut We will never die.

      I will agree to this news only when FIAT makes an official statement. Till then keep speculating.

      The most funnier thing is, people who don't even own a FIAT keep saying spares are hard to come by, service is bad etc whereas most of the owners are happily servicing and running their cars. Even if Fiat stops selling I don't care as far as I'm getting the ever awesome services from MOPAR.

      If Fiat cars cannot comply to stricter upcoming safety norms , wonder how the tin cans will fare Oh ya, HEART ATTACK platform will pass the indian safety norms.

      Agree with the emission part though. Wait , what if they make Tjet engine BS6 compatible and continue selling the Abarth?
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      Quote Originally Posted by keerthi View Post
      Finally the fanboys will keep shut
      You touched a sore nerve for me atleast.Man 3.07lakhs Kms of safe drive given by my punto.

      Prove me wrong for my decision of buying fiat car,punto.Driven for 3 lakh 7 thousand Kms in 7.8 years. Not even once a engine overhaul, OEM parts are still existing and running like a gem. ABS still kicksin for the given conditions. Mileage of still 23 to 24kmph/l.list keeps going....

      By the way which car you drive?

      Let's not talk about the fanboyism, what I would say instead is "I reach home safely and seeing smiling faces at home" after a long run on weekends,gives me good feeling of my garuda vahana.

      Have you ever been in situation of 'ABS kicking in at 110kmph' and 'instant steering feedback for your given steer control', at the same time to avoid a accident ?

      Fiat made me drive home safely,hope your brand also give that confidence in you and make more trips with per km smile.Rest all is auto makers deeds.
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      not aware that he can set his status here!

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      Meh Fiat never took India seriously
      Its like they never tried other than Compass

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      Quote Originally Posted by keerthi View Post
      Finally the fanboys will keep shut
      Did some Fiat guy rub you sometime some where?....Apologies in advance....its certainly not sarcastic...but just wanted to know.
      I dont own a Fiat new gen car nor a Fan....but I know its a very good car technically....any time better than Maruti Suzuki same segment(Apologies to Maruti fans)

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      Yesterday read this news, since then feeling low.

      No I don't own a Fiat now but had Linea Emotion (D) for around 1.5 years and drove 30K.

      Those were the best days of my driving.. miss my Linea every single day..

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      Quote Originally Posted by keerthi View Post
      Finally the fanboys will keep shut
      No way! And why should we? Afterall we users are not lying about the product or even paid for that ! So far in my close to 4 years of owning no problem at all with any spare or FASS services. Far better even than MS/Nexa service (we own few MS cars at our close family). Even today there's no sedan like Linea or no hatch that can match GP. No doubt Fiats are crafted for car lovers. If one still loves driving Fiats are way ahead to give that experience. Rest brand's equivalent segment cars can be a compromise where benchmark is Fiat.

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