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    Thread: Issues with next Gen Ford Figo 1.5 TDCI

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      Issues with next Gen Ford Figo 1.5 TDCI

      Hello Guys, My Name is Faisal and I am from Srinagar Jammu and kashmir. First of all I am really excited to be posting here for the first time. I love cars and as soon as i could buy a car i.e 2015, I had a look at all the available cars in my budget at that time and shortlisted a few cars. Was specifically looking for a good car overall with low running costs. First of all had decided to go for a used car, had a look at a used Punto 90hp that had 92k on the odo but then decided against it as the interiors were quite rough and the suspension was nowhere as good as the new punto.

      The Shortlist:
      1. Renault Kwid: kwid had been launched at that time and there was quite a buzz around that car. looked good, fitted the budget.
      2. Hyundai i10: Like this car due to good interiors and Hyundai Service.

      These were the only two cars i could buy at that time. Decided against maruti as I have never got to terms with maruti cars due to weak build and bland interiors. Fiat punto was one more option but i knew sometime down the line FIat would wind up again in India( which actually did happen this year). So finally drove both the kwid and i 10. Liked the kwid a lot, dimensions were good, looks were fine, but somehow didnt like the engine that much. Still with no other option left, booked the kwid. While returning home after booking, saw the poster of New gen ford figo outside the Ford dealership. Went to the ford dealership next day and test drove the diesel figo. I was so damn impressed with everything that the car had to offer. The power was there, handled ok, space was great and the interiors were also good. Moreover the price was damn good. Cancelled the kwid booking and booked the Figo trend diesel for 6.07 lacs ex showroom. Was so excited to get the car as soon as possible. The ford cars are transported via a truck till jammu and then driven from jammu to srinagar by the drivers on the 300 km stretch. I intimated the dealership that my car be kept in jammu only so that i could drive it to srinagar myself. the dealership was reluctant as they said PDI has to be done and all. But i was adamant that i wont let anyone drive the car, finally they agreed. The car was booked in Smoke Grey colour. Finally i got a call from the dealership that car has reached to jammu and that i should go and collect the car, but it was made mandatory that i bring the car straight to the dealership for PDI. I went to jammu, the car was lying in the stockyard, took the keys and had a thorough look at the car. Checked for scratches, underside of the car, spare tyre etc. Filled the car with diesel for RS 1650(Full tank) as diesel price was only Rs 46 that time. Stayed in jammu for the night and left for srinagar the very next morning. While driving the car, i assured that i didnt push the car too much due to RUn-in period, but at the same time got to know how tractable and powerful the engine was, it was just phenomenal. the car gulped less than 17 litres for 300 kms and that too hilly areas, ws really impressed with the mileage figures. Finally reached srinagar and handed over the car for PDI. PDI was done and took the car home. Was really happy with the car except that I noticed a lot of road noise inside the car,cross checked everything, searched the Internet and finally decided to replace the stock MRF tyres. Sold the four MRF tyres at 15k for 8k, bought continental conticomfort 5 tyres . Immediately noticed better ride quality and lesser noise. But still the noise was on higher side and it still is. the car has since clocked 36000 kms and is doin fine exept a few niggles which are irritating me a lot. I will jolt down all the niggles one by one:

      1. High cabin noise.
      2. Squeaking door trims.
      3. Squeaking front bumper.
      4. Squeaking boot trim.

      I was thinking of buying some sound damping material but am not able to find a good economical solution. Had a look at Noisekill and uxcell. but none of them seems to be available anywhere. Went to wurth dealer here and he only has bitumen based damping sheets. Can anyone suggest how to get these issues sorted and whre to buy good economical damping materiel. More over i am planning to get the oil changed, please suggest a good engine oil. And will it be good to use Fully synthetic or semi synthetic oil as my oil change interval is 8.5k. i had shortlisted the following engine oil, please provide your valuable feedback.

      1. idemitsu 5w-30 A5/B5
      2. Castrol Magnatec A5
      3. Mobil Super 3000 X1 Formula FE 5W-30 Fully Synthetic Synthetic
      Was also looking for shell helix ultra professional Af 5w-30 as it meeds ford requirements, but cant seem to find it anywhere. Please suggest. Happy motoring.

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      Little surprise to know as Figo should have better built quality than other hatches except Polo. But it mainly depends on the road and unless it is a luxury car you will hear noise unless the roads are good. Dampmat I have read is pretty good. I know a shop in Delhi that uses CTK but not sure how good it is.

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      not aware that he can set his status here!

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      Build quality is pathetic as far as I am concerned.. Suggestion for engine oil? Any I go on where I can get noisekill damping? Thanks

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