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    Thread: Ertiga 2018 ZXI + Molten grey

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      Ertiga 2018 ZXI + Molten grey

      Its been long time since I posted new thread, Last thread was about my Chevy Beat. So here it goes new thread new car.

      As our requirements for 4 wheeler has changed since 2010 when we purchased my sweet heart Chevy Beat, We were in hunt for new member of Automotive family. Our requirements include to seat 4 members of family which includes 2 kids comfortably with occasional additions of grand parents and others.

      Stage 1: Choosing right type of car such Sedan, mini suv, MUV

      As both sedan and mini suv is 4+1 carriers , only difference is looks and apparent power boost in mini SUV. As my budget was around 11 lacs, most of mini suvs is beyond budget except Maruti brezza.

      Maruti Brezza:

      I found Brezza is smallest and cheapest among all mini suvs. Last thing about Brezza is that, exhaust is awkwardly placed. We can actually see entire silencer dangling in the rear, they could have concealed silencer with only exhaust protruding.

      TATA Nexon:

      It is well designed and feature rich. Its s****y and curvy design made an ideal buy as im fan for over the top designed stuff. However it can house 4+1 passengers so I had to drop it. On road price is 12 lacs for petrol top end.

      Mahindra Marazzo:

      As I was looking for Top end model in petrol variant, Marazzo had only diesel variant. On road price was 18.5 lacs for top end, which was 3rd costliest compared to other MUV. As I was looking for below around 11 lacs I had to drop it.

      TATA Hexa:

      This is one the MUV I had checked, but on road price of 23 lacs was deal breaker.

      Toyota cryzta innova:

      This is the best MUV in market and the costliest of all. If had enough vitamin M I would have definitely bought it. On road price 27.2 lacs for top end petrol.

      Renault Lodgy:

      I was tracking this car for long time and almost decided to buy but sales of this car started sagging recently. During Initial stages of hunt, alternative of Ertiga was Lodgy i,e next best compared to innova. However before we could decide there had been slew of launches which further dimmed value for money of lodgy.

      Maruti Ertiga:

      During initial hunt, Ertiga was the best and cheap MUV available but looks of it was dated and wasn’t looking big and monstrous. I liked this kind of design as I wanted bigger on inside relatively smaller from outside. I never actually went to showroom and saw in flesh as I was still pitching for Lodgy. Then came the news of face lifted and total changed ertiga to be launched by the end of year. This made me to pause searching for car till new Ertiga was launched, bookings were open even before anything of the car was revealed. I was willing to wait and watch instead of rushing to showroom and book it anyway. Maruti kept postponing launch citing too many old ertigas in the inventory with dealers. Dealers were giving lot of discounts for older generation ertiga but I decided wait for latest model. Lots of rendering and fake pictures started making rounds about new ertigas. Finally Maruti launched New Etiga in indonasia, I was pleasantly surprised with overall look and feature list. then came the wait for release in indian market. Apprehension was what if Indian ertiga may be designed differently and looks lot duller. Diwali came and went, still no news of launch. Finally they released Ertiga on day with significance. Initial youtube videos made me more surprised as interiors was way better then Indonasian model. After going through tons of youtube videos, I decided pay showroom a visit. Obviously everything about car was as shown in youtube videos, but what shocked me was the quality of car. Sheet metal was very thin, while closing the door window glasses shakes voilently. Interior plastics was bad, if I knock it makes hollow sound. Entire car is drowned in beige color, I can visualize that it will get dirty pretty quickly. Few things I wish it could be added in top end ertiga zxi + is hill hold and ESP. These things can’t be added as accessory.

      There is also news of Ertiga cross which might be launched shortly, don’t know when. It could cost more also due extra features.

      Keeping above points in mind I decided to go for Ertiga as it snugly fits in my budget, face lifted ertiga is good looking, many features I was expecting is there except few and last but not least it can seat 7 members. Its like getting 3 bhk house with the cost of 2 bhk. Of course quality isn’t great but I had no other choice.

      Stage 2: Booking

      After discussing with better half, we decided to go to showrooms and have a final look before booking. We visited Pratham motors, Varun motors, Mondovi motors and RNS motors. None of them was prepared to give any discount and everyone was quoting 4 months waiting period. As Varun and RNS was near our residence, we visited these 2 showrooms to check where we can book. As per our review RNS was better as RNS was more eager to close the booking. Then came discussion about color, I chose red, my wife chose grey. As there was no consensus we decided to postpone booking for a week. I made several visits to different showrooms to have a look at both colors before deciding on molten grey. RNS motors staff were good and courteous in answering queries. They asked us for test ride several times, even though didn’t wanted I took it. It was a good ride, I didn’t feel like driving bigger car considering I drove hatch back for 10 years. My kids and wife enjoyed 20 min ride around busy tumkur road. We paid 11 K as booking amount and discussed process delivery and loan details.

      Stage 2: Delivery

      As of now patiently waiting for delivery, will post once delivery date nears.

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      Congrats on your booking, as a package new Ertiga is too tempting even though its may not be the best. I am also waiting for delivery of my Ertiga VXI, at the time of booking they said 18-20 weeks but as per last conversation with SA expected delivery is around 15th April i.e. in around 12 weeks. Keeping my fingers crossed
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      Congratulations. You booked India's #1 compact 7 seater MUV - it was in my bucket list as well and I think you can't go wrong with it. Good luck.

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      not aware that he can set his status here!

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      Thank You all. I have started buying basic things for the car. I have bought floor mats as attached. Could anyone please provide contacts for new ertiga car cover and car seat covers. Im located in bangalore. Click image for larger version. 

Name:	WhatsApp Image 2019-03-12 at 18.07.41.jpeg 
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      Congratulations on the new upgrade.
      Happy miles!

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