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    Thread: AC Stabilizer permanently stays in wait mode

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      AC Stabilizer permanently stays in wait mode

      Hello All,

      I am happy to have found this forum and this is my first post.

      My problem is with the AC stabilizer that was working normally till June 2018. I switched on the AC on 10-Mar-19. After the initial wait period of 3 minutes or so, I expected the stabilizer to provide the output voltage. But that didn't happen and the AC could not be turned on.

      When I press the Instant Start button, I can hear the relay noise and the stabilizer outputs around 230 volts and the AC can be turned on. But when I release the button, the output goes zero again. This is a 4 KVA stabilizer manufactured by Premier Elmech Systems, Chennai. I am an electronics hobbyist and am familiar with the basics of dealing with electrical gadgets and the precautions to be taken for safety. I opened the box and had a look inside. There is a huge transformer and a circuit board with LM324N IC (Quad Op Amp), two 30A relays and other components. There are no burnt out parts or any other anomaly. Since there is no microcontroller on the board, I guess, the 3 minute timer is based on a resistor-capacitor combination. I checked the two resistors (3.9K & 1.8M) and the 100uF capacitor that are connected to the Instant Start button with a multimeter and I could see nothing wrong with them.

      What could possibly be causing this issue? Which are the other parts that I should check?
      I would appreciate any hints, suggestions that will help me to solve the problem.

      - Bala

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      Oh boy - very interesting. Let me tag some champs to see if they can answer you. bhvm, Lvramanan, speed79, Nomad

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      I had a exact same problem on my VGuard stabilizer and the relay had gone. They replaced the Relay and all was well. Sometimes if there's carbon deposit on the relay terminals, these kind of malfuntions do happen.

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      1. Check if there is any output fuse. Sometimes a fusible resistor or link can also be used. These things cannot be tested for continuity unless de-soldered from the board.

      2. It seems that relay or controller is not getting feedback voltage for loop monitored closed feedback. See for any loose connections, dry solder or broken relay pins.

      3. Try manually shorting (Careful !!) the relay (which will simulate output on or button pressed) and see if you get an output. It seems relay is not holding the connection up and is tripping either due to insufficient feedback or Age.

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      I have a feeling that i am reading one of the pages of earlier generation Electronics For you magazine.

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      oh i miss EFY and those olden days. I was a subscriber for about 10 years (Highscool - college years). I remember we were always interested in the CD which came with interesting apps and games too.

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