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    Thread: Power Loss of Linea T Jet

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      Power Loss of Linea T Jet

      Hi Everyone
      Need an urgent help for my Linea T-jet
      After my 3rd service i felt Turbo Loss when i shift in 4th or 5Th gear . And mileage have too dropped by 2 to 3 Kml.
      I have shown to Fiat service they have Driven tested and felt some changes. Tried for some codes error through their Laptop everthing is ok.
      No error lights on console.
      Dont know what to do.
      My linea is now on 34000 Km did full service on 32000km.

      Please suggest me guys

      Kaushik Talauliker

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      gubstal - These types of issues are generally harder to find. FASS, most of the times don't want to spend time on the issues which are not they clear of.

      There might be some hose loose/clipped somewhere if there is actually a problem.
      How are you telling that economy is degraded? do you keep log using tankful-tankful method?
      Also, power loss mean - rpm rising, but no power surge ?What rpm are we talking about here?

      Can you share more details?

      Welcome to the forum!

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      Quote Originally Posted by gubstal View Post
      After my 3rd service i felt Turbo Loss
      What all was done in the 3rd service? There might be a clue there

      For now do the following

      1. Check Air filter ( even if its new )
      2. Check Tyre pressure
      3. Check for black smoke under hard acceleration - which will confirm if any turbo or IC pipe leakage
      4. Even if no black smoke, still get all hoses checked. It has to be checked with car on lift and while acceleration is pressed ( in neutral gear ), feel the hoses with palm. To be done by the technician

      Ooh and before starting all the above, did you fill tank from a new pump. Often its just bad fuel. Do rev to about 4000-4500 rpm for few seconds just to clear the engine.

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