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    Thread: ICE! An introduction.

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      not aware that he can set his status here!

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      ICE! An introduction.

      Hi all.

      An automobile is an automobile. It takes us from point A to point B. Does it serve any other purpose??
      Well, according to alarmingly high fraction of human beings, it doesnt!
      For the rest of us mortals, it means a whole lot than the above. Ain't it?? Else, we would never be reading this at the first place.

      Cars have been always some fascinating pieces of creation on this planet earth for many of us. Some grew up looking at it. Some, drew pictures of it. Some, cried when it left our porches, some even lived a life just for these thingys which kept on moving the world.
      Why? Why?? Why??? What reason to be sooooo fascinated?
      (Find an answer and keep it ready) :roll:

      Why am I speaking all this crap here??
      Coz, the same theory is what all applies on to the WORLD OF ICE!! A.K.A: In Car Entertainment.

      For an alarmingly high fraction of motorists, ICE means something which can play FM or some music while the car is moving. Period.
      For the rest of us, a very small fraction of the so called automobile enthusiasts or whatever, it means a helluva lot more than that. Many of us (the above said species), have lived a life full of speakers, amplifiers, head units, woofers, tweeters, mid range woofers, passive, active, series, parallel and lots more of these....
      Why? Why?? Why???
      (Take the answer you found for the earlier why(s) and apply here). Done!

      So, I think we have covered that big WHY everybody pops out once in a while when it comes to ICE. LOL!!!

      WHAT is ICE?

      In Car Entertainment, as I said.

      What do you need for it?
      Basically, anything which can entertain while you are INSIDE the car.
      Some like music, some prefer videos, movies and some prefer more REAL stuff which I ain't in a mood to explain (but normally it means; some beings from the fairer sex, high smokes, drinks etc....), we can discuss that somewhere else.

      For music, you need;
      (1) Head Unit : This is normally referred/known as source. They pick up signals from CDs/Radio channels etc.., process it and send it out.
      (2) Speaker(s) : These are also known as drivers. They emit sound by playing some tricks on the air and atmosphere around it.
      (3) Wire(s) : These are used to connect the HU (Head Unit) to the Speakers etc...
      This much will be enough for most of the human race as I said earlier.

      For some more enthusiastic/show off kind, they will need the following in addition to the above mentioned stuff.
      (4) Amplifier(s) : These take the signals from HU and amplify it for cleaner and bigger outputs.
      (5) RCA cord(s) : These are wires designed to carry signals from HU to amps (amplifiers).
      (6) Fuse(s) : These are added to the whole setup for safety so that your amps and boofers doesn't turn your car into a fireball.
      (7) Capacitor(s) : They do the job of providing clean and sufficient power needed by the setup.

      For video(s) and TV;
      (1) DVD/TV capable Head unit/Source : These are same like the above HUs but are capable of processing video signals. They sometimes comes with in built displays too.
      This is enough for a normal video/movie/xxx starter.

      For a more enthusiastic/show off kind, they will need;
      (2) Video displays/Screens : These take video signals from the HU and displays it. These can be mounted in various places and positions. They also come in various sizes (sheeeee...... sounds dirty, all that mumbo jumbo).
      (3) TV antenna/Dish : These do the job of picking up TV signals from various TV stations.

      Now, this covers almost SOME basic information of ICE.
      Next post will describe more of each and every component, their importance and different kinds of gearheads they may cater to.

      So, keep cuming back here!
      I hear and I forget.
      I see and I remember.
      I do and I understand..

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      not aware that he can set his status here!
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      Re: ICE! An introduction.

      Brilliant article Zak! Thread is now a sticky!

      Support Staff!

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      not aware that he can set his status here!

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      Bengaluru, for a day! (Keep an eye here and laugh)

      Talking It's all about Getting Head!

      Please do keep an eye on this thread, all ye ICE gurus! Because, I am typing this off in between some shifting houses and an angry wife.
      There will be mistakes and I would appreciate if you could help me correct them.

      Now, let's talk about Head Units.
      Well, as I said before, these are referred to as the Source in any ICE setup. They come in various formats, features, flavours and sizes. (No, not condoms! HUs!)

      Let me list out some known types.
      (1) Radio : The basic of all. They receive radio signals like FM, AM etc.. They are very rare these days but a fond item of rickshaw wallahs, taxi wallahs etc.. so that they can listen to Chamrajpet Charles and Professor Ulfat Sulthan, Miss Pooja etc.. The cheapest way to get some music into your car other than your own front/rear vocal chords!
      (2) Cassette/Tape player : One step ahead from the above. Here, you have the choice of playing your own selection of music instead of the bull spat out from the Radio stations. These HUs can take in a Cassette/Tape and play whatever is recorded in it. These are now rare too as CDs have become very common and cheap(er).
      (3) CD player : A revolution of change in the world of audio was brought in by CDs. These Hus can suck in audio cds and play whatever sound is in it. Very common and most of the cars come out from the factory with one of these fitted in.
      (4) CD/MP3 player : Everything similar to a CD player above except that these HUs can also play compressed music files like MP3 etc.. There are various compressed audio formats but the most widely used format is MP3. An MP3 capable CD player will also play normal audio CDs.
      (5) VCD player : These kinda players can do everything like an MP3 capable player and also play Video CDs. Used to be common some time back, but now almost redundant due to the cheaper and vast availability of DVDs.
      (6) DVD player : These can play DVD discs. DVDs are same in size and appearance like a CD but that's where the similarity ends. They carry about 10 times the data of a CD and were designed for video(s) and movie(s). All DVD players can play CDs. Certain DVD players are MP3 capable too. There are many different kinds of DVDs and certain players play only specific formats, so a detailed description may follow soon.
      (7) Ipod/USB/Card player : These will not have a CD slot. But comes with an Ipod cable or a USB adapter/slot or a card slot. These read from Ipods, Usb drives, MP3 players and Memory cards depending on it's connectivity. These are becoming very common these days and some cars come with these kinda HUs from the factory!

      There are some other kinds of HUs which are very rare like HDD based etc.. Let's keep them for later.

      So, what other things should be kept in mind before buying a HU??
      Hmmmmmm........ Lots!!

      Let's start with some common thingys often discussed in this department.
      (1) Output :
      There are 2 kinds of Outputs; Pre out(s) and Speaker level.

      Pre out(s):
      These are basically that output which is not powered or amplified by the HU. These pre out signals will have to be amplified by an external amplifier before it can be connected to a speaker to hear any sound.
      A Very important aspect of a HU when there are amplifier(s) and/or Subwoofer(s) in the scene. An RCA cord is connected to the Pre out socket and the other end is connected to the amplifier/sub.
      Normally, every aftermarket HU will have atleast one set of pre out(s). This kind is called a 'single Pre Out' HU. It will be sufficient for any basic ICEr and these are the cheapest lot too (most of the time).
      Then, there are those HUs which come with 2 Pre Outs.
      These have (obviously) 2 pre outs and is very useful when somebody wants to connect 2 sets of speakers thru amplifier(/s). 2 sets of speakers like: 1 set of front speakers and 1 set of rear speakers or 1 set of front speakers and 1 sub etc.... Got it?? :roll:
      Then there are those HUs which come with 3 Pre Outs.
      These are considered to be the best bet when it comes to amplifier connectivity. You can connect 2 or more amplifiers easily and add lots of versatility to the whole setup. Ofcourse, the '3 Pre Out' HUs are normally the most expensive compared to other 2.
      Pre Out voltages are also another factor to be kept in mind.
      2.5 volt is the normal standard and most commonly found in most HUs.
      4 volt is considered to be better and found in higher end HUs.
      6 volt and above is found in some very high end HUs.
      Many consider higher voltage to be better in terms of signal quality.

      Speaker level output(s) :
      These are those outputs which are powered/amplified by the HU itself so that it can be connected directly to the speakers. The powered output varies from 10 watts (RMS) to 22 watts depending on the brand/make/model etc.. 18 watts (RMS) is sufficient to power any entry level speaker. These figures are multiplied and boasted in PMPO ratings as part of the marketing by many HU manufacturers.
      Usually, Speaker level outputs are not used to connect an amplifier as it is considered to be 'unclean' compared to the 'clean' Pre Out. But there are amplifiers which are capable of taking Speaker level outputs too. And there are level converters which can connect any amp to this output.

      An easier way to understand all the BULL above :
      You want basic 4 speakers and nothing else in your car?
      Buy any HU. Dont worry about the above thingys.

      You want basic 4 speakers and 1 boom boom sub?
      Buy any HU. It will have a pre out atleast.

      You want better and big speakers?
      Buy a HU with 2 pre outs atleast.

      You want better speakers and a boom box?
      Buy a HU with 2 pre outs atleast.

      You want High end speakers and a sub?
      Buy a HU with 3 pre outs atleast.

      You are planning an upgrade soon?
      Buy a HU with 3 Pre Outs.

      You want to spend money and dont want to get into all these mumbo jumbo??
      Buy a HU with 3 pre outs.
      Got it???

      (2) Connectivity Features :
      These are considered by the gizmos/things you can connect into you HU.
      MP3 payers, Ipods, USB drives, phones and even your dooo dooo can be connected to a HU these days. So, keep in mind what you need to connect into your HU before you buy it.
      Basically, just see if the HU can take in USB and Ipod connections. That will do. If you want your co passengers to know about your phone conversations and all, then buy one with bluetooth etc..

      (3) Format support :
      This basically asks what all compressed audio (and video,) formats can be played back by the HU. More the merrier!
      For Music;
      Mp3, WMA is sufficient in most cases.
      For Video;
      DVD+ , DVD- , Divx, is sufficient in most cases.

      (4) Din Size :
      This is the Size of the HU. DIN and not DIC...!!!!!!!!!!!
      Normally a HU will be SINGLE din size. That means it takes one slot in your car's dash. Then, there are Double din HUs. These take upto 2 slots together in your car's dash.
      Certain cars can be fitted with a Single din HU only. Certain can take both sizes. Sounds fammiliar, huh??

      (5) Display :
      This is referring to the inbuilt display in the HU. Certain displays are colored, fancy and also has dolphins and *****! Some are plain jane, mary jane!
      DVD players may come with a full video capable diplay.
      One should look at what all he needs to see in his display. Remember! You should never look at the display for a long time while driving unless he wants have some extra sound effects in his bumper/windscreen etc.. So, the plain jane is the best!
      Some HUs have the option to switch off the display completely. That's a cool feature to have.

      That is a bit long piece of typing.
      Lemme continue this later...

      So, keep cumming here!
      I hear and I forget.
      I see and I remember.
      I do and I understand..

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      ...jUSt cRuizin...
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      Tips to clean your ICE

      Great going zak,oh,Mullah.I am glued to this.
      ...will it Will it not......

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      not aware that he can set his status here!

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      Cool Speekaar(s)

      Ishaan bhaiyya is here, Ashok from Hyderabad is here, even our very own JK maash is here.
      Ishaan is the biggest speekar I have ever seen. Ashok is a true blue audio nut. JK is one helluva kool guy who flies on his red carpets while singing thitthitthaaara.... thitthitthaaara,,,, thitthai.... Then some damn.. Thatwam asi (? ?? ?? ??)!!
      Expect some fireworks soon!

      Now, let's speek abawt speekaars.
      Speakers are best kept in cars. Some find their way to the parliament etc.. I ain't responsible for that. Let's talk about those we put in cars!

      Speaker(s) :
      One of the most important aspect when it comes to audio. No matter what, where and how.
      This guy does all the speaking (see, the similarity with Ishaan). No matter what the HU does, if there ain't no speaker, 'nothing cumming' from anywhere. Means, no sound will be heard, how much ever hard you try.

      Now, we should all understand that there are various kinds of speakers to handle different frequencies of sound. I will try and list them below.
      Before that, I would like to also pull your attention towards various kinds of frequencies in sound.
      Low frequencies : These are those frequencies in sound which are least audible to human ears. Sometimes, these frequencies are just a mere 'feel' and has to be felt and not heard. It is better we don't get into the numbers' business, but it is normally measured from 20hz and above when it comes car audio.
      Mid frequencies : These are those frequencies in sound which are most audible to human ears. Most of a human being's speech is made up of these. It is measured from 200hz and above.
      High frequencies : These are those frequencies in sound which are called shrills, chill etc.. These are audible to human ears upto a certain limit but varies a lot depending on age, hearing ability etc.. To understand this, one can imagine the sound of a CRT TV while it's being tuned for channels.

      Different kinds of speakers.
      Low range : These are speakers which are designed to handle lower frequencies of sound. These usually come in big sizes. For example, Subwoofer (sub).
      Mid range : These are speakers designed to handle mid range frequencies of sound. These come in small, medium sizes.
      High range : These are speakers designed to handle higher ranges of frequencies of sound. These come in the smallest sizes. For example, Tweeter.
      Full range : These are speakers which are called 'All rounders'. They are designed to play all kinds of frequencies. These are usually used in home audio setups and very rarely in car audio. These come in various sizes from small to large.

      Now, after all the technical mumbo jumbo, let's discuss something we get to hear often. like coaxials, components, tweeters, boofers etc..
      : They will play the cymbals, Ghungroos and the letter 'S' kinda sounds.
      Mid range : They will play the vocals and violins etc...
      Midbass : They will play the drums, rolls, beats etc...
      : They will play guitar notes, bass, and lower parts of a drum note.

      We all like to measure music by the term DHIN-CHAK, DHIN-CHAK.
      DHIN is produced by the boofer and CHAK is produced by Tueetaar! Understand???

      Coaxial speaker : When the tweeter is mounted in the basket of a midbass speaker.
      Component speaker : When the tweeter is not mounted in the basket of a speaker but provided separately. The sound frequency handling (what frequency goes where) will be controlled by a crossover circuit (normally included in the package) which will make sure each speaker is doing exactly what it is supposed to do. These are also known as splits.

      That will do for speekars, I think.
      Please post if you want to know anything more on these noise making thngys, else we can move on to the next 'suna' in ICE!
      I hear and I forget.
      I see and I remember.
      I do and I understand..

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      Re: ICE! An introduction.

      Whoa. Can you even post the brand that you recommend the most. I mean on all the ICY components
      Car - Hyundai Getz CRDi GVS - 2009
      ICE - Galaxy Note 2; Audison Bit 1; SinusLive 6505 5CH Amp; PHD FB Series Mid Bass + AF Pro Series Tweeter (AF 1.C) + MF series 12" SUB;

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      Re: ICE! An introduction.

      LOLing writeup Zak. Please continue. Very useful for an ICE newbie like me.

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      Talking Wait, Speakers continued!

      No No No!
      It cannot be ended that way.
      Actually, Shyam's post above reminded me that. Thanks, dude!

      Well, so all the above mumbo jumbo drumbo fumbo is fine.
      "What speakers should I buy?"
      This is one of the very confusing and mind hoggling stage in ICEing!
      Components, coaxials, subwoofers, tweeters etc.. are easier to judge if you have one answer correct. And that is:
      How much do you want to spend on your ICE setup?

      A. If you want to spend just a beginner level of an amount, say a thousand below the 5 digit sum, then it is better you don't spend lotsa brain and effort on deciding your speakers. Buy some entry level coaxial speakers (which will fit in your car) of your favorite brand and enjoy!! We will call you a 'Noob'. :o

      B. If you want to spend a bit more and cross the 5 digit sum and some more of it, then think a bit before you shoot. You need to consider about your car stock sizes, upgrade plans, components, amplifiers etc.. For this kinda scenario, I would suggest you to buy component speakers (splits) for your front, coaxial speakers (same brand and series like your front, preferably) for the rear and a subwoofer in the boot. We will call you a 'Wannabe ICEr'!

      C. You have lotsa money, but you cannot push it down the drain in one go! You want to have some good sound and plan to invest little by little until your bank runs empty and you take loan and then sell all your stuff one day and divorce your wife!
      These kinda people have to go bit by bit in their ICEing plans. They have to first buy good components for the front. Then buy the same series of coaxials when more money is ready. Then buy a good sub later. We will call you a 'Stingy Upgrader'. :roll:
      These guys should be very careful not to buy oval speakers in no period of time except when their car's stock location demands it! (Hey, what is that???? :? Wait, I am coming there).

      D. BIG time spender. No wife, no children, no bank, no business, no employment, no Faaks! Nothing matters to these kind except ICE, ICE and ICE.
      These people doesnt have to get confused. Just buy the best components for the front and rear, best sub woofer, maybe add in another midbass kit, midrange kit, and specially designed custom tweeters, horns etc... WHATTTT???? yes, there are horns too. But let's not go there. What I mean is these people have to just buy the best they can afford. We will call you a Filthy Rich Baggard!

      Remember, a component speaker can perform good if an amplifier is powering it, a sub can only work with an amp. I am cumming there, soon.

      Speaker sizes :
      See, first of all you should understand where your speakers will be fitted in the car. Most of the cars come with speaker provisions provided from the factory. The easiest way is to measure the stock speaker location size and decide for the matching sized speakers.

      Some normally found sizes are:
      • A. 4 inch (round)

      This size is used for midrange and coaxials. Some components are present too.

      • B. 5.25 inch (round)
        C. 6 inch (round)
        D. 6.5 inch (round)

      The above sizes are commonly used for coaxials and components (splits).

      • E. 5X7 inch (oval)
        F. 6X9 inch (oval)

      The above sizes are usually used for coaxials only. There are some very rare components too.

      • G. 8 inch (round)

      The above size is used for components, coaxials and subwoofers.

      • H. 10 inch (round)
        J. 12 inch (round)
        K. 15 inch (round)

      The above sizes are used for subwoofers.
      There are other sizes too which aren't very common.

      Placement of speakers :
      The placement is a very important aspect in ICE. And only experience will teach a man how to do it properly.
      The best place to fit Midbass woofers are Kick panels or on the doors.
      Midrange speakers can be fitted according to the listener's preference but it should not be hidden from the sight ie.. behind your dash etc..!
      Tweeters are normally stuck/screwed some where on the down part of the A pillar or near the ORVM (Outside Rear View Mirror) of the front door. They can be neatly flush mounted too, if wanted. They should be seen by the ears as well.
      Subwoofers are normally placed in it's own baffle/box (which is made according to the sub's recommendation) and placed somewhere convenient. Due to it's big size, it normally ends up getting the boot.

      The more enthusiastic ICErs may choose to run a chainsaw thru their cars and make holes and space according to their choice of speakers. Well, this way you can fit in any kind and size of speakers in your ride depending on the creativity and expertise of the person installing it.

      Some important things to keep in mid while installing speakers;
      • Never install speakers where it can get wet.
        Make sure to install the woofers in such a way that their cone or magnet doesn't touch anywhere.
        Make sure to angle the tweeters properly for a good soundstage. Left tweeter to be angled to the right seat headrest, right tweeter to be angled to the left seat head rest... for example!
        Avoid touching the speaker cone unnecessarily.
        Never leave the speakers loose nor over tighten the speakers damaging it's frame.
        Make sure the polarity (+/-) of the speakers are correctly connected.

      Now, my kids are eating up my brains with a huge plethora of questions I don't have any answer to.
      For now, lemme try and find some answers!
      Please ask/correct anything you want to on the above stuff I have posted till now.
      I hear and I forget.
      I see and I remember.
      I do and I understand..

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      Re: ICE! An introduction.

      Oh my God.... ZAK has gone real mad over ICE
      Gr 8 effort buddy. keep flowing
      why call it a ' building' if it already built?

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      not aware that he can set his status here!
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      Re: Wait, Speakers continued!

      What a read.
      Quote Originally Posted by Mullah Zak
      They should be seen by the ears as well.
      Unfotunately my ears cant see. :shock:

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