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  27. My Fair lady - My Figo
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  116. 3 M SUNFILM
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  138. sudden loss of throttle
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  141. Ford figo airfilter (Petrol)
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  144. Roof Vinyl Wrap for Figo
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  146. Loss of AC Cooling.
  147. Weird Noise (Chu-Chu) from rear Right side of the car
  148. Figo Rear Fog lamps
  149. PUC Failure
  150. Figo Broke Down due to Water-Mixed Petrol dispensed at BP Petrol Pump! Stranded at 1200kms away from home! - Ford came to Rescue!
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  152. HU USB playback issues
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  157. Which Lug nut to opt for my new tyres
  158. Advice for Anti Rust coating
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  161. callmechandans Figo
  162. Wiper noise ? Solution is here.
  163. Water getting into cabin.
  164. Rattling Sound From Fron Suspension-Ford Figo TdCi
  165. Figo Diesel - Fuel Tank takes only 33 Litres with DTE 30km
  166. Ford Figo - Water in fuel
  167. Fixing defogger
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  169. Electrically adjustable side mirrors for lower variants
  170. All New Figo Hatchback Launched!
  171. The Story of my Sparkle
  172. Life without EMIs or why I remapped my Ford Figo 1.4L Diesel (Code 6)
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  176. Clutch, Brake & Accelerator pedal Extenders
  177. Can a tire with higher level of grip, compensate for lack of ABS in a car?
  178. How to replace Ford Figo key battery
  179. Figo - OEM parts cost comparision with independent manufacturers
  180. The Ford Figo/Ka +
  181. Fuel Injectors of Figo – Life expectancy & maintenance (1st Gen)
  182. Multiple issues with my Figo
  183. Want to retro fit Ikon Seats into my Figo.
  184. Some info on the Ford figo TDci oil leakage near left tyre
  185. 60,000 KM on Code6 T1 Remap
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  193. Xm2s thread got cracks- suspecting low air pressure run
  194. Remapping TDCI: what can we lose for the gains
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  203. Rocky - Figo 1.5D Trend, My buddy ride log
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