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  15. nano how is it?
  16. What car is this ?
  17. Grade Punto doing 190kmh
  18. zen or esteem? fast street build
  19. Punto MJD vs I20 CRDI vs Polo TDI
  20. What Car to buy ? Budget up to 8 Laks on Road
  21. Skoda Fabia and Hyundai i20
  22. Which car can replace Swift zxi in the same segment ?
  23. Which pre-owned car for my dad? Budget of 2L (+ 15/20k at max)
  24. Should i wait for the The New Swift
  25. Ritz VDi vs Grande Punto MJD Active
  26. A-Star or Estilo
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  29. Most Prefered Hatchback
  30. Looks like i am in for Swift VDi (Need PDI checklist)
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  32. Indian petrol hatchbacks comparison
  33. Ford Figo 1.2 LXI vs Chevrolet Beat PS/LS vs Any similar hatchback in this price
  34. New Swift Vdi Azure Grey - Delivered
  35. Tips on buying a used Swift
  36. Car with the best rear seat comfort
  37. Which new car for a beginner?
  38. Any A/T around 6 lakhs?
  39. My first car
  40. Automatic Car
  41. Confused whether to go ahead with the Ritz diesel or wait for the Liva diesel
  42. Totally confused. FIGO TITANIUM or VISTA DT4 AURA + ??
  43. Used Ritz ZXI-Help
  44. Almost finalised a Chevrolet Beat-Last check-help
  45. Which diesel sedan/hatch ?
  46. Palio Multijet or Swift D?
  47. Car for 6.5L Budget
  48. Which Petrol Hatch? Polo v/s i20 v/s Figo v/s Swift
  49. Advice needed for buying i20 sportz BS IV petrol version.
  50. Chevy Beat LPG?
  51. Suggestion needed for buying i20 Asta(o) Sunroof Patrol
  52. VW Polo Trendline TDI?
  53. 2004 model Low mileage getz, should I get it for 1.5L
  54. Dream Project - Convertible - Which is the Best car ?
  55. Punto 1.4 or Polo 1.6 or ....
  56. Suggest a good car under 7 lakhs OTR
  58. Considering to buy Used WagonR Lxi
  59. A star AT Booked
  60. Diesel car suited for mostly city driving
  61. Booked Alto LXI on 29th July, Delivery on 17th August
  62. Stop Gap Car for P3T3R
  63. Small car - First buy
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  65. used cars : zen or alto 1.1?
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  67. Hunt for petrol hatch :Ford Figo EXi vs Honda Brio E vs i10 Kappa2
  68. Shoot out between Figo TDCI and Vista QJD - need your inputs
  69. wide range, 1 car to choose.
  70. new petrol hatch-back
  71. After 2 yrs / 40K km of Chevy Spark what next?
  72. Ford Figo Titanium variant price increased?
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  74. Buy a Pre-Owned Car !!!
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  76. Suggestions for a good used car
  77. The dilemma of every first time car buyer! I am no different :)
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  80. Diesel hatch quickie before price escalation
  81. Diesel hatchback dilemma!!
  82. Polo - variant differences?
  83. Best Petrol Hatch Between 7 Lakhs
  84. Mi10 turns Diesel Head - Need help in choosing the right car EDIT: I am now a VERITO MAN!!
  85. Optimus "Kolaveri" Prime's hatch veri
  86. Need advise for Automatic Car...
  87. Is it a good idea to go for a Ford Fusion+ DTorq now?
  88. Hyundai i10 LPG or Santro LPG
  89. Which car for me?
  90. I am a true driver - Best drivers hatch shootout - unspoken perspective !! BSM FTD Test
  91. Ford Figo - How to disable wipers?
  92. Automatics: i20 vs Dzire
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  95. 2012 Honda Jazz S or igen i20 Sportz
  96. mini??? good choice??
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  99. Year 1998 Zen keep it or look for a New Hatchback?
  100. budget 6-8 lakhs..
  101. TDI or Qudrajet - Urgent help needed
  102. Santro vs Alto vs Wagon R vs Eon
  103. 'Future' Comparison 2012: Chevy beat (2012 Facelift) Vs Ford Figo (2012 Facelift) Vs Honda Brio (Diesel) !
  104. Suggestions for a Hatch back with Automatic transmission
  105. Which is worth it? Swift or Rapid?
  106. Suggestions awaited Figo EXI Diesel or Ritz VDI or any other
  107. Chevrolet U-VA - Help required
  108. Reg used Ritz Zxi
  109. Help me chose my 1st CAR
  110. Help me buy a CAR
  111. Which sub 7L Automatic car??
  112. Sugesstion for finalizing on i20 diesel
  113. Need Suggestion in buying a new car
  114. Hunt for a hatch !
  115. Is Honda Brio worth?
  116. Swift Vdi or Ford Figo titanium tdci
  117. Beat LT or Santro G LS
  118. How to identify the Vehicle identification number of the car??
  119. first car for my bro
  120. urgent help needed for used wagon r
  121. Is It Wise To Buy a Seized (Used) Car?
  122. Hatchback Automatic Variant
  123. Booked New Alto 800
  124. The Hunt for a Petrol Hatch: Brio vs. Polo vs. ???
  125. Please help me buy a new premium hatchback
  126. Help me find a small hatch for mom
  127. What is more sensible? A loaded Premium Hatchback or An Entry level Sedan
  128. Hunt for Hatch in Pune
  129. Help to Select a Diesel Hatchback
  130. Help me decide a Hatchback
  131. Help needed to buy a diesel hatchback car
  132. Chevy Beat vs Toyota Liva vs Ford Figo
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  134. Is Micra D a sensible buy??
  135. Need suggestions to a weird requirement!
  136. Used Hyundai Getz crdi- confused
  137. Is it a good idea to buy new Santro ???
  138. Suggest me a Car : FORD FIGO It Is !
  139. New hatch confusion, please help to clear confusion.
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  143. Automatic Hatchback hunt
  144. Advice on my perfect used car - A Ford Fusion.
  145. Ritz VDI or Wagon-R Vxi? EDIT: Booked Ritz VDI
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  147. From Swift Vdi to ....Figo/Liva???
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  150. Choosing my machine, a requirements list
  151. Help to choose new car
  152. Swift or Ritz?
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  154. Buying a new car
  155. Want to buy a new hatchback ... need advice !!!!
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  158. Planning For a NEW CAR(Petrol)
  159. Shall i buy a Beat Diesel?
  160. i10 vs brio
  161. Which Used Hatch under 2 Lakh in Bangalore?
  162. Brio or i10G or Swift or K10 for hilly drive 120kms!
  163. Alto 800 LXI (Coming home soon)
  164. Which super cheap used car for driver use only
  165. I20 Petrol or Amaze Petrol?
  166. Suggestions for buying a car
  167. Any thoughts on Datsun go?
  168. Suggestions please_cheap to maintain Used car for office use
  169. My new Korean GF
  170. WTB: Used Petrol Hatchback - Which one?!
  171. Help please. First Time Driver / Car Buyer Bangalore
  172. Should i retain my old diesel car????
  173. Quest for a new Car
  174. Used Vehicle Inspection
  175. Is Polo 1.2P Comfortline a Right Choice? ( Peace of Mind?)
  176. Is buying a Aug 2013 Ford Classic TDCI a right decision ?? unregistered OR convert the Santro to CNG??
  177. Need help !!!! Which CNG KIT to fit into my Santro 1.9yrs old??
  178. Suggestions and Advice needed to buy Second hand car.
  179. Need a family car with a budget of 5.5L
  180. Dilemma – Hatchback used – Diesel
  181. Used Beat or Figo for my wife.Please help me decide..
  182. 70K service of Maruti Suzuki Swift VDI (2011 model)
  183. Convert manual to auto or buy an automatic
  184. Hatchback for 5 lakhs.
  185. Which car to buy at 5.5 lakh
  186. Automatic hatchback which one ? Advice please
  187. Renault Pulse RXL ABS
  188. Swift vs elite i20
  189. Swift VDI vs POLO 1.5 TDI Comfortline
  190. Polo 1.5 TDI Highline or Polo GT TDI
  191. Buying a Used Petrol Hatchback For Rs.2.5 Lakh need help
  192. Need opinion - fully loaded car under 10 lakhs
  193. Hatchback AT car
  194. Which Petrol Hatchback
  195. Booked Elite i20 CRDI sportz - Now Delivered!
  196. Advice is needed.
  197. What to look for? Buying a Figo 2011 Duratec Titanium
  198. Budget 4-5 lacs, Monthly 650 kms, Priority _durability.
  199. Celerio or Ritz. hmmmm may be Jazz
  200. Best interior on a B2 hatch
  201. Diesel car
  202. Need help in choosing between 2012 model comfortline Vs 2013 trendline Volkswagen Polo 1.5(D)
  203. Hyundai Grand i10 Magna vs Sportz
  204. Punto Evo 90hp - Queries
  205. ABS+Airbag Petrol Hatch < 5Lac - Booked KUV100
  206. Need guidance on first car newbee here.
  207. Upgrade from Santro Xing - Require a Spacious and Economical Car
  208. Cheetah - i20
  209. Used car in Bangalore under 2 lakhs
  210. Which car should i buy?
  211. To Jazz or not to Jazz?
  212. Suggestions Needed : Unable to finalise car
  213. 15 year old used zen: buy or no buy?
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  215. What hatchback to replace our Maruti 800
  216. Premium hatchback dilemma!
  217. Need Help Deciding a Car
  218. Which is the Best Diesel Hatchback Car in India?
  219. Baleno diesel? Or what?
  220. good service centre
  221. Maruti Celerio X AT vs Tiago AT vs Hyundai Grand i10 vs Maruti Swift AT - All Petrol
  222. Any other option to Tigor XZA ?
  223. Wagon r zxi AMT 1.2 or Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza ?
  224. Best hatchback for my daughter on her wedding
  225. Looking for Used Automatic Hatch for Wife
  226. Need some help in understanding the value of my Baleno
  227. Wagon R, Zen Estilo or i10 for under 2.5 lacs
  228. Which small car to buy?
  229. Maruti 800/zen