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  1. Price List
  2. Police informer shot by carjackers: New Delhi
  3. Strike at the vendors-Is it affecting manufacturers
  4. TCO
  5. JD Power India 2009
  6. AUTOMALL-BENGALURU Nov 13th to 15th
  7. Why aren't they selling!!
  8. Request for a survey
  9. Auto Mags
  10. Modded Cars seen in kerala
  11. The "Cars I Like" Thread
  12. Zig Wheels @ Rs 10. ( A times of India presentation)
  13. Basic Automotive Calculators.
  14. The Price Hike Thread : Hyundai, General Motors, Tata Motors & Maruti to hike prices
  15. Auto Expo 2010
  16. 2010 Delhi Auto Expo to be world’s largest !
  17. Bangalore International Automotive Expo 2010
  18. Fuel Prices Revised!! yet again
  20. MB Diagnostic Manual online
  21. Hyundai USA online service/workshop manual
  22. Volvo truck Interactive Overview
  23. How to find Traffic fines pending on your car/bike online?
  24. News: Indian automotive scene.
  25. Indian Automotive Vehicle production locations
  26. Automotive Definitions
  27. Cars to look forward to in 2010
  28. Speed Camera Detectors
  29. Most popular cars?
  30. SIAM mileage figures for Indian Cars.
  31. How Automotive Recalls Work
  32. VIN Decoding - Post yours to know the production details
  33. Exciting Car Launches on the Horizon
  34. The trend of costlier Hatcbacks.
  35. Stolen Vehicles India - Website to track Stolen Vehicles in India
  36. Scams in petrol bunks.
  37. Use of SUVs in India criminal
  38. Which make you would buy in 2011 or suggest your friends to buy??
  39. Hybride Cars has invented
  40. Tcop Automobile Security System
  41. AUTO ADVERTs - The GOOD, BAD and the downright UGLY!
  42. OE Parts - Over The Counter Soon! - HONDA, HYUNDAI & VW in CCI NET!
  43. From where to buy the car ? What car do I buy ?, Consider these technical specs before decision
  44. It only Happens in India- Selling different generation cars of the same platform.... Why
  45. New norms for fuel efficiency of vehicles by May end
  46. Steer-by-wire SWB & Drive-by-wire possibilities in India
  47. Useful Information on Traffic Matters in Delhi
  48. India To Become World’s Third Largest Auto Market By 2020
  49. Tata Motors News Thread : Cut import duties on automobiles, components: Ratan Tata
  50. Are foreign manufacturers treating the Indian car market fairly?
  51. PSA Peugeot Citroen to set up Rs 4,000-cr facility in Gujarat
  52. Media News about Ford India
  53. Euro NCAP Ratings
  54. Upcoming Small(very small) Hatch in India
  55. DriverBulao ( Driver Services around Delhi and NCR Area )
  56. IOC launches nation's first petrol pump with self service facility
  57. Discounts, Deals and Offers on Cars & Bikes
  58. Hyderabad international auto show (hias) 2011
  59. Govt plans to impose additional levies on cigarettes and diesel cars
  60. Indian Auto Expo - 2012 January
  61. Personal cars account for 0.6% of India's diesel consumption
  62. Cost of the car without adding various taxes and profit from other parties.
  63. Increase in Car Theft Ahead of Polls in 5 States
  64. Diesel vehicles to get more expensive again?
  65. Upcoming Cars in 2012
  66. Calculate the road distances in the world, with road maps
  67. Pre-Budget Blues – Diesel Dilemma
  68. Wholesale cost of a car !
  69. All Cars Technical Info
  70. Chennai auto expo 2012
  71. Survey on Indian Automotive Needs
  72. Petrol may get cheaper by Rs 11 in Goa
  73. Car companies plan a diesel splash
  74. The Indian guide to automotive mis-pronunciation
  75. Car Makers Targeting Taxi Segment
  76. Cars To Have Mileage Labels By 2015
  77. SC bans use of tinted glass beyond permissible limits
  78. Chinese parts used in automobiles in India.
  79. How relevant do you think this article is? Its from the Business Standard..
  80. Car Makers Get Into Cab War
  81. Diesel exhaust causes Cancer
  82. Life Cycle Of A Car Company
  83. All cars in Gujarat to switch to gas within a year: HC
  84. State of car manufacturers in 2012
  85. Google Navigation - Launched for India
  86. Car makers to face legal action.
  87. CCI takes on OMCs for cartelization, but will it result in saner fuel prices?
  88. SC slams car dealers for illegal charges
  89. Forever free refueling for Tesla Model S
  90. Pete's Super Sunday - 9th September 2012 in association with SmartDrive
  91. AWRS at the SEMA Show
  92. The Shortcut in the Automotive design world
  93. Any mall allowing overnight parking in Bangalore?
  94. Scoop : Nissan's Version of the Duster
  95. EU demands duty-free car imports into India; domestic auto industry worried
  96. IOC mixing new chemicals in petrol to clear stock.Whats happening?
  97. Auto Expo 2014
  98. Porsche Cayenne Hybrid coming next year
  99. Cars Which Are Hard To Differentiate From Certain Angles
  100. Honda News Thread : Honda India has massive expansion plans
  101. Great Wall Motor in talks to enter India
  102. New Cars in 2013
  103. Arrest warrant against Porsche CEO
  104. Indian CS segment
  105. av can Sketch.. :)
  106. Query - How does a vehicle exchanges work?
  107. Only few Low-Priced cars are on top of the TOP-10 list
  108. Fiat Punto 90HP Sport discontinued.
  109. Would you buy an Indian made sports car?
  110. Will the European 2013 Rapid hit the Indian roads?
  111. Alten to set up automotive testing facility in Chennai
  112. Mercedes Benz performance drive
  113. Times Auto Show Bangalore 2013
  114. Speedometer Error - How accurate is your vehicle's Speedometer? OE vs OBD vs GPS Measured Speeds
  115. Computerized toll plazas by April 2014.
  116. GH Exclusive! - Mercedes Benz Zagro U-400 UniMog scooped!!
  117. Isuzu in talks with HM/GM for contract manufacturing
  118. New emission and safety norms from 2015
  119. Isuzu to setup plant in Sri City, AP
  120. Volvo plans to set up local assembly unit
  121. Global carmakers Proton, Peugeot, Citroen, Kia shelve India.
  122. 2014 Mercedes Benz S Class - W222
  123. PUC validity for new cars is 1 year now ( Delhi )
  124. Leather Steering Wrap
  125. Mahindra S101 - New Compact SUV
  126. VBox Performance Test Results
  127. Army to retire iconic Maruti Gypsy after 27 years, to try new vehicles
  128. AUDI New thread ....
  129. Opel Corsa Spotted in bangalore!!!
  130. Transparent windscreen sunfilms
  131. Nissan offers 4 Lac and 7 Lac Discounts on Teana MY'12 and MY'11 Models
  132. Ten most awaited car launches of 2013
  133. Rapid 1.6 TDI Prestige limited edition
  134. AMG Driving Academy - Any good? Need suggesitons
  135. Suzuki News Thread
  136. "Niceness is key. If you're nice, customers will keep coming back. The money will keep rolling in."
  137. 3 iconic models in India is going to see EOL in 2015
  138. Hyundai to launch compact SUV, 3 other models in 2 years
  139. Hyundai Investing in Turbo Petrol Engine Tech.
  140. List of Indian websites selling Automotive products(Parts,accessories,detailing products)
  141. China owner smashes up his Maserati in service protest
  142. GM India to hike prices by up to Rs 10,000 from June 1st week.
  143. BMW 1 Series GT spied
  144. Sinking Tata Motors - What is the future?
  145. Duster Owners help needed.
  146. Mercedes Benz India Owners - Mumbai Chapter
  147. Apollo Tyres buys US-based Cooper Tire for Rs 14,500cr
  148. New Swift Sport
  149. Mitsubishi Cedia Sports Discontinued
  150. How to get my car serviced in front of me??
  151. SKODA news thread
  152. Fiat OEM Seat Covers
  153. Renault and Nissan to Build New Car Engines in India
  154. Saleen upgraded Mustang news
  155. Datsun World Premiere at 11AM today. Brand to be resurrected after 32 years
  156. BMW M4 on its way !
  157. How Cool is that?
  158. Dreamers Media Will Pay Your Car EMI For 3 Years (No Joke)
  159. The total number of cars lifted in Delhi is around four times higher than those stolen in Mumbai and 11 times in Bangalore
  160. Code 6 Remap @ Chennai - 27th/28th July - Interest Check
  161. The Seven Wonders of the Automobile World
  162. Autonomous cars are the future: What are you going to do about it?
  163. Wanted to know more about smoke/matt finish paint
  164. What is Hydraulic fracturing process with Coil Tubing Services
  165. KERALA Renault customers - BEWARE!!
  166. Guess the car
  167. Suzuki Alto K10's safety rating by Latin NCAP
  168. New 2014 Rolls Royce Wraith India launch on August 19
  169. Renault Scala delivers record 54 kmpl!!
  170. GM India quietly launches new facelifted 2013 Chevrolet Captiva
  171. Lamborghini Dealership in Bangalore!!!
  172. Volkswagen News Thread:
  173. Banning car stereos by Kerala MVD
  174. Low maintenance luxury cars.
  176. Mahindra’s Scorpio overtakes Renault Duster in August sales
  177. fake lamborghini aventador confiscated by china police
  178. Jaguar & Range Rover News : 2014 Range Rover Sport India launch on 17th Oct 2013
  179. When will New Chevrolet Beat 2013 facelift launch in india? any idea
  180. Some useful tips on driving
  181. Reva ties up with Carzonrent to offer electric car on rent
  182. Sharing New and Futuristic technologies
  183. Range Rover Hybrids on Silk route. From UK to Mumbai...Journey under way
  184. The Times Auto Show 2013
  185. New Swift, Duster and Yeti unveiled at Frankfurt Motor Show , coming to India
  186. new north-south landspeed record
  187. 74 Tips to care for you car to keep it in top notch condition everyday
  189. Use Home Inverter to Charge Car/Bike battery
  190. Music to the Ears and Candy to the eyes - Quad rotor Nitrous Injected Lexus GS300 !!
  191. LB ☆ PERFORMANCE (Liberty Walk) Ferrari 458 Italia
  192. Future Headlight Technology Can make rain Disappear..
  193. Nissan BladeGlider
  194. Triumph Motorcycles launched in India
  195. EVO now in India
  196. Fiat Quietly Drives Into Profits
  197. Why clutch-less not popular?
  198. HOT Modified Rides IND
  199. Schumacher Critical after Ski Accident (now out of ICU)
  200. CNG Gas Stations in Gujarat
  201. BMW i8 hybrid supercar coming to India, price starts at Rs 1.5 cr
  202. New Hyundai outlet in Chennai
  203. value of a 2000 model honda city 1.5 exi model
  204. Who earns the most in the automotive market?
  205. Indian small cars fail independent crash tests
  206. New Isuzu Car Showroom in Bangalore
  207. Chennai Pondy Heritage car rally 2014
  208. New Ford Figo Concept by Ford
  209. Hyundai launched The All New Dynamic Santa Fe
  210. Hyundai unveils Xcent - i10 Grand based compact sedan
  211. How was your experience at Auto Expo 2014?
  212. Automobile to cost lesser after Interim Budget 2014-15
  213. Gearheads CAR Database
  214. Fiat India opens bookings for 2014 Linea
  215. Ford India to boost its production in Chennai Plant.
  216. Peugeot ‘Hybrid Air’ Car to Cut Down Petrol Bills by 80%
  217. Batman's "Tumbler" Car goes for sale at 1 Mn Dollars!!
  218. Is this the world's fastest car ?
  219. Daimler to manufacture buses from Oragadam, near chennai.
  220. Govt bans trucks from carrying protruding rods
  221. Worried about black boxes snooping on you? One is in your car already
  222. Car sales to grow up to 9 per cent in India in 2014
  223. Maruthi facing opposition from investors on Gujarat sourcing plan
  224. Toyota India News Thread : Toyota's Bidadi plant is Locked Out
  225. Garmin NUVI 165 WT
  226. Paris bans half of all cars over air pollution fears
  227. Volvo to introduce UD buses.
  228. All-new 3 Series Gran Turismo (320d) diesel rolls out of BMW Plant Chennai
  229. Workers miffed at Ford's Chennai plant over cut in performance incentive
  230. Caught driving and on phone will cost you your licence in Bangalore
  231. Car prices to Increase again!!!
  232. Ford India, General Motors India pile up to Rs 4,500 crore losses
  233. Ford reveals next-gen Endeavour!!
  234. Bosch's Nashik employee union goes on indefinite fast!
  235. Datsun sells 2,072 units of the GO in just 10 days
  236. M&M's Scorpio reclaims top spot in India's SUV market !!
  237. Maruti Celerio- a revolution
  238. Ferrari snaps ties with Shreyans Group
  239. SCANIA to compete in Premium Bus segment in India
  240. Why dont BMTC volvo busses kneel?
  241. Planning for a new diesel vehicle- be aware
  242. VST shifts tractor operations to Hosur
  243. Renault Duster and Nissan Terrano to get 4x4
  244. The top selling cars of FY2013-14
  245. Pay eChallan online in Andhra Pradesh
  246. Should i retain my old diesel car????
  247. 10 speed transmission
  248. Maruti Swift facelift and Hyundai i20 facelift spied together
  249. Hyundai organised India's first of its kind i20 Reverse Revolution Drive
  250. Renault to commence production of Kwid by 2016, could be priced below Duster in India