View Full Version : Detailing Guide Book

  1. All About Microfiber Towels
  2. Alloy wheels - Cleaning and Protecting
  3. Detailing Supplies - where to buy in India?
  4. Essential Detailing Tools for the Weekend Warrior - what to use and where to buy
  5. Detailing like a Pro - Maximum Shine with Minimum Effort
  6. Washing your car - Two bucket, Rinseless or Waterless?
  7. Tire & Black Trim - How to maintain and darken
  8. Paint Cleaners - Why Are They Essential?
  9. Importing Detailing Products
  10. Detailing Thread Index
  11. Paint Correction & Polish Basics
  12. Microfiber Towels 101 - Types & Usage
  13. Polishing machines available in India
  14. Understanding Super Sealants / Coatings
  15. Rotary vs Random Orbital Buffers
  16. Deep Cleaning Alloys (sidewalls and barrel) and Wheel Wells
  17. TFR's (Snowfoams, Citrus Pre Washes etc) and what they do
  18. Engine Bay Cleaning
  19. Plasti Dipping Your Car & Wheels
  20. Detailing workflow for a newbie
  21. Aggresiveness Guide - Compounds, Polishes, Paint Cleaners (popular brands)
  22. Idiot Proof Guide to using Rotary Polishers
  23. Automobile Glass Cleaning
  24. Leather Care
  25. Remove tough dry baked in tar spots
  26. Paint correction by hand
  27. How to wash swirl free - rinseless & traditional
  28. how to Dilute IPA for wipedown
  29. EagleOne & Farcela G3
  30. teflon polish for ford figo
  31. Odor Eliminators
  32. A comprehensive guide to Klasse
  33. Everything You Need to Know About Clay Bars
  34. How To Remove Water Spots on Car
  35. Best Stuff to wash Microfibers Towels with
  36. Cleaning car cover
  37. Everything you need to know about car wax
  38. How to Remove Mold from Your Car
  39. How To Remove Tree Sap from Your Car
  40. How not to wash the car.