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  1. Are you a foodie?? What is the latest which amazes you??
  2. Request for a survey
  3. Does it make sense to leave my job and jump into the car audio/accessory (or some other) business?
  4. Why do dogs chase cars or bikes?
  5. Which make you would buy in 2011 or suggest your friends to buy??
  6. If you could live your life again, would you want it to be changed?
  7. Are you a lefty? Please vote and discuss
  8. Vote for "GH-Car of the year 2011"
  9. Why are SUVs becoming popular?
  10. Car: Status symbol? How important?
  11. Survey on Indian Automotive Needs
  12. Cars that captured your heart at first sight! Share your story here.
  13. What will you buy ? If the Prices of Petrol and Diesel were Equal
  14. Engine Downsizing : The Trend in the Auto Industry
  15. Would you buy an Indian made sports car?
  16. Styling of hatchbacks - what's your favourite looking hatch?
  17. Car ChARacters - Whats your pick ?
  18. Your Favourite Performance OEM Brand
  19. 'Do not fill till Full Tank' : How true is this?
  20. Do you consider same manufacturer while searching for another car for you?
  21. Car Window Sunshade, Do they really work?
  22. Best after sales service
  23. Consumer Opinion: Is it wise to buy Cars without Loan, with 100% down payment ?
  24. Consumer Opinion: Why have you nicknamed your car or bike ?
  25. Consumer Opinion: What is your definition of upgrade ?
  26. Which car color is easiest to maintain ?
  27. Are Diesel Cars expensive to maintain ?... why ?
  28. Super Car You Wish To Drive
  29. Which type shopping/service do you prefer???
  30. Consumer Opinion : Typical Automobile Enthusiast ?
  31. Consumer Opinion: Why Fuel Lid of different cars are on two different sides ?
  32. Consumer Opinion : Will which car to buy decision ever become like a Which vegetable to buy decision !
  33. Consumer Opinion: Would you buy an Apple (or a Samsung) Car ?
  34. So Let's Settle This: What Colors Are This Dress?
  35. Ideal Car - what is your expectation - Can we get the manufacturers to listen
  36. Consumer Opinion : Will Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) become mainstream in Indian Cities ?
  37. Consumer Opinion : With Uber, Ola Cabs, Zoom Car and Cars on Rent, Is there a need to buy own car ?
  38. Consumer Opinion : Which is better ?, Frequently changing the car OR Stay with a good car
  39. Consumer Opinion : Driving Behaviour : Lane and Speed
  40. Buying early a newly lanched car? good or bad?
  41. How does a car turns into a lemon?
  42. Hot Question in Hot Summer : Are Online Forums inching towards inevitable... Death ?
  43. Consumer Opinion : Will you buy your teenage daughter or son a car ?, if yes by when
  44. 5000kms vs 15000kms service interval?
  45. Which 'sorry' would you choose??
  46. Consumer Opinion : will you buy a coupe car as your first car ?
  47. How many years can a car be used?
  48. Consumer Opinion: What is your preferred range for Electric Car in India ?
  49. What is Gearhead's Opinion ?
  50. What to do if car starts to rust within 3-4 years ?
  51. How many years/km will you keep your car ?
  52. Top three ugliest cars to have ever been sold in India
  53. Top three used cars in India
  54. Survey: Future of electric cars in India
  55. Airbags : Debate On Role in Safety
  56. Mahindra - Are they any good?
  57. Should I sell my 5 year old Punto?
  58. Need Help hiring a Driver
  59. Rust Bucket
  60. Scooop or not? TUV 300 Plus P4 UNDISGUISED
  61. Most overrated automobile, ever.
  62. 1992 bronco with 351 Windsor
  63. Consumer Opinion: Affordable Luxury Cars - Is this the way forward ?
  64. SRN Rentals - Self Drive Cars in Madurai : Any Reviews/Opinions?
  65. is 1.5D Engine getting standardized in India for Diesel vehicles ?