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  1. Fastest diesel supercar
  2. Tuning Box and FE
  3. Diesel Mods
  4. Garage recommendations
  5. At What rpm does the Turbo kickin
  6. How to select an aftermarket PERFORMANCE CAMSHAFT.
  8. A guide to basics behind engine tuning and power production
  9. Diesel Engine Oils available in India and their life.
  10. GB bearing busted :-(
  11. Smaller CC engine VS bigger CC engine in a bigger car.
  12. OWS products and their use
  13. Exhaust Gas Temperatures in a Diesel
  14. The Missing Dicor engine mystery
  15. Auto Parking Kits
  16. Do you RUN-IN your brand new car?
  17. Spitfire Automotive Performance , Coimbatore, TN
  18. Lets discuss about FFE-ing a car ;-)
  19. To block EGR or Not?
  20. Need Boost and EGT Gauges, what are the options?
  21. Alternator Issue
  22. LA - Show revealing few Engines
  23. The Most Powerful Diesel Engine !!!
  24. 10 Best Engines for 2010 from Ward's
  25. airfilter test report
  26. Help needed with BMW E36 Inline 6 320i
  27. Why we Indians are stuck with Front Wheel Driven cars.
  28. Is synthetic oil worth its additional cost?
  29. What do you prefer? Natural aspiration or forced induction?
  30. Driving in 5th gear below 50 kph reduces clutch life
  31. Fuel Injection Pump Maintenence
  32. Driving a Diesel- Things to remember
  33. Blown head gasket
  34. DIY W124, W202 Engine Tester/Scanner
  35. The need to bench mark.
  36. VVT , VVTi And VVTLi In Plain English
  37. Tuning boxes - pros and cons
  38. Castrol vs Mobil1 CI-4 vs Chevron Delo 400 CH-4 engine oil.
  39. Clutch upgrades for Diesels
  40. Intake air temps in your Turbo Diesel
  41. Guide to Tuning Boxes and Remaps
  42. What are the classical signs of an overheating engine?
  43. Benefits of Engine Oil and Petrol Additives
  44. GM's Future Hydrogen Power Plans
  45. Diesel mods for my DDIS
  46. Discussion on Swapping Injectors in Common Rail Engines
  47. Increase in idle RPM
  48. p0402 Excessive exhaust gas recirculation flow
  49. EGR discussion
  50. Mazda's diesel to take on hybrids
  51. About re-mapping
  52. Discussion on upgraded clutches for Fiat 1.3MJD engines?
  53. The Engine Oil Guide
  54. Methods to get fake rolling road readings in shoot out mode
  55. Lets talk something gasoline :)
  56. Re-maps - The Basics
  57. Crank shaft - The Basics
  58. Camshaft design - The Basics
  59. And I thought, I had got it all wrong! ROTFLMAO.
  60. Modification Thread with Photos.
  61. The Diesel F.E Thread.
  62. Tips on Getting better FUEL ECONOMY.
  63. Oil suggestion for Gear Box and Clutch
  64. Which fuel do you use & why?
  65. Cat Cons .. a con job!!!??
  66. Drifter's Lightening performance tuning project
  67. clutchless i mean less clutch driving
  68. Modifying a Diesel for Performance.
  69. AGIP engine oils to make your cars "purr"
  70. Gear Ratios - How do they work?
  71. kiirus.in - performance tuning
  72. Performance tuning by drifter - What is available and what is to come?
  73. Engine transplant- Why the fuss?
  74. Would NA diesels be as fast as NA petrols?
  75. Mitsubishi Lancer SOHC to DOHC Conversion
  76. Somender Head Grooves
  77. Pulstar Plugs
  78. Intake Air Bleed Ecotek CB-26P
  79. The Petrol Fuel Efficiency Thread
  80. Scangauge II
  81. Instantaneous FE displays - boon or bane?
  82. Manual Transmission v/s Automatic Transmission - What would you buy?
  83. Synchromesh Doubts
  84. Air Intakes - Tech Discussion.
  85. Turbo Vs Supercharger - Which is better ?
  86. the relation between engine speed, transmission speed and tyre speed...
  87. How to Shift Gears Accurately on a Car without Tachometer?
  88. Traffic or signals or Petrol bunk:: Effect of switching off the engine on the engine parts
  89. Few things about Engine Idling
  90. Cam profile & Headers ( relation ) ?
  91. Converting a regular Petrol/Diesel Car into a fully Electric one.
  92. To flush the coolant/oils or to top it up?
  93. Clutch burn:: Symptoms? Remedy? Advice?
  94. TMC Motorsport Digital Plug In Tuning Kits
  95. My first experience with forced induction - VW Corrado G60
  96. Car run on used vegetable oil
  97. 2T in diesel oil
  98. I know. you didn't believe it would happen...
  99. How to blow a turbo
  100. Fuel filling - exceeding capacity of fuel tank
  101. Turbocharger Failures
  102. Stock ECU Re-Calibration by EngineCAL
  103. How accurate is Multi Information Display (MID)
  104. TDI Racing - Queries
  105. How to identify worn out clutch ? Advice and tips needed
  106. Tachometer for Santro
  107. How to use Trip Meter?
  108. Need for Power & Torque Curves
  109. Extra grounding wire for car.
  110. Smoke + water from tail pipe
  111. Driving Wheels: Front-Wheel Drive and Rear-Wheel Drive
  112. Simple way to increase intake in air filter?
  113. Opel Astra Turbo query
  114. Modifications wiki for petrol engines
  115. help!!!OIL In spark plug and white smoke from exhaust
  116. Contactless Ignition system.
  117. Engine braking and effect on clutch
  118. Your choice: High Compression NA build OR Turbocharging - And Why?
  119. CC vs. BHP vs. Mileage
  120. What happens when.......
  121. PUC validity for new vehicle
  122. Jim McFarland Head Dimples
  123. Diesel Engine Died Down while Down shifting? Anyone?
  124. DFCO - No fuel injected above 2000rpm and throttle is shut completely in fuel injected cars.
  125. Add Kerosene to Fuel?
  126. Cosworth Dealer in Bangalore
  127. Honda's Multistage Transmission Applied For Patent
  128. Fitting FFE will reduce engine braking?
  129. Opel Corsa Issues
  130. One of the reasons for an Ignition failure
  131. Laser sparks revolution in internal combustion engines
  132. How to check if your car is actually performing better after a modification.
  133. Tuning Box - MI vs Rail Pressure
  134. Does a clogged Air Filter affect FE? Read on to find out....
  135. Drive Shafts- How long are they likely to last?
  136. Performance Disc Brakes by Torque 7
  137. Torque calculation in NM and KGM. what is the difference?
  138. Some Mods video of GSR Induction kits - from customers who uploaded it to youtube
  139. The older beast...MR2
  140. New Beast...350Z HR
  141. DIY meth / water injection apparatus for high compression setups
  142. Fitment of CNG Kit - Calculations and Explanations
  143. Windows down or A/C on -- which is more fuel-efficient?
  144. Filled petrol in diesel car
  145. Difference between Full time Four Wheel Drive (4WD) All Wheel Drive (AWD) and automatic All Wheel Drive (auto AWD)?
  146. 4X2 into 4X4
  147. ECU - What can it do and What can we make it do.....
  148. Diesel vs. CNG- little help please
  149. RPM falls to zero for 1-2 secs
  150. How are emission norms implemented in engines?
  151. how to drive turbo lag diesel car on steep slopes uphill?
  152. Diesel:5th gear, no accl - need info
  153. VVT and VTEC explained
  154. Rear wheel drive - pros and cons
  155. Front wheel drive - pros and cons
  156. Five myths about diesel vehicles
  157. Slight movement of gear lever after shifting to 3'rd gear..
  158. New TMC Motorsport Website
  159. Coolant color change = engine oil leak?
  160. Engine Flush - VitaFLush by Xado
  161. Do Nulon products really aid in performance ?
  162. Carbon Fibre Car Mufflers/End Cans
  163. What would be the fuel consumption when car is kept ON with AC??
  164. Motul’s Diesel Tuning Box Comparison
  165. Need Help. Car dies while slowing down.
  166. hydrogen separator/booster
  167. Multipoint electronic ignition
  168. Engine photos
  169. I dont need this substance inside my engine - please help...
  170. Need info regarding, FFE and CAI.
  171. Need help in electric conversion
  172. How Differential Gears work.
  173. Story Of An Engine
  174. Cars / Bikes that have clocked high on Odometer
  175. Opel Corsa 1.4 Petrol : Weird overheating problem
  176. Does Playing loud music affect Fuel Efficiency ??
  177. Brisk Spark plugs
  178. Shell Super Unleaded Petrol at lalbagh Road outlet
  179. ECU upgrade by TDI Racing Bangalore
  180. Sonata-issues
  181. CNG in Xeta?
  182. What could be the problem?
  183. Missing Turbokick?
  184. Lack of Automatic Transmission (AT) hatchbacks & C Segment Sedans in India? Why?
  185. Anti-Stall mechanisms in Cars
  186. Digital Vampire's experiments with Diesel Remaps
  187. Adjust your idle speed on MPFI
  188. Cars with DPF (diesel particulate filter) will be expensive to maintain....
  189. Diesel Remap Experiences
  190. Porting the intake manifold
  191. Tachometers
  192. VTEC seekers, read very carefully
  193. Peculear engine sound in alto lxi
  194. Looking for Flexible Air Ducting hoses in Chennai
  195. How often do you change lubricants in your car?
  196. sluggish engine
  197. Issues in Maruti 800
  198. Very low RPM during idling.
  199. Car gear - Explained
  200. REVOLO – Ready To Fit Hybrid Car Kit
  201. Cheaper remaps coming from Pete's
  202. Filter change
  203. Petrol Vs. Diesel (Just got curious)!
  204. Cosworth
  205. Dicor/crde-mhawk/crdi/tdci/d-cat
  206. DIY , Oil catch can
  207. Engine and Transmission petty queries
  208. Extremely High RPM after PCV Valve change
  209. Custom Filters (Air, Oil or Fuel)
  210. Which engine is efficient??
  211. How to do a ECU Resetting
  212. Operation of Turbo Diesel Engines
  213. Understanding the exhaust system of a car !!!
  214. Best place for vacuum on the intake manifold
  215. Bad injector o-ring. Should I replace the injector itself?
  216. sudden off while moving
  217. Liquid trickling sound after shut off
  218. want to make your engine NEW, I mean it guys !!
  219. Curious about engine rebuild in a used car
  220. Anyone with some experience of K and N or green cotton stock filter
  221. Help#Honda Dio good tuner/mechanic in Bangalore
  222. Fuel Pump Leakage
  223. Diesel AFR monitoring using Wideband O2 Sensor
  224. Nano Energizer Engine Oil Additive - Reduce Engine Sound, Increase Power & Mileage
  225. What does pickup mean?
  226. Do's and Dont's of Re-Mapping
  227. Engine Start/Stop switch
  228. Lubricheck - Digital 'Blood Tester' for your vehicle
  229. How to clean K&n Air Filters
  230. Rail Pressure Tuning Box
  231. Any good carb mechanics around in Delhi?
  232. A must see video for all
  233. Use of LPG and CNG as alternate fuels in automobiles
  234. "Programmable" Supercharger
  235. Mufflers for Diesel Cars
  236. Bigger throttle body, whats the advantage
  237. Replacement Air Filters
  238. A VIDEO tutorial on how to mod engines by David Vizard - A Must Watch.
  239. Xado Bearing & CV Joint Grease
  240. LHD 4wd engine??
  241. Fuel Consumption tracking on the web.
  242. Removal of Secondary Catalytic Converter in Turbo Diesel
  243. Can i see my vehicle getting serviced at service centre?
  244. 1998 Esteem 1.3 8v Carb to 16v MPFI Conversion
  245. FFE and Cold Air intake for Swift Petrol K-Series Engine
  246. What pipe is this? Why is it dangling loose?
  247. periodic maintenance of a car
  248. maruti baleno diesel engine conversion..
  249. Common rail diesel explained
  250. Oxygen(O2) Sensor