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  Natt1948 - 19th Mar 2017 07:24

Young again at sweet 68
  sparkls - 23rd Apr 2016 19:15

Is there a typo error in your odo reading?
wind1972 - 5th Dec 2015 20:20

What a pity.all modsmbut what about fuel quality /mods
giriz - 13th May 2015 11:36

Changed clock spring last weekend due airbag warning light in console. Now it is fixed.
giriz - 13th May 2015 11:36

Changed clock spring last weekend due airbag warning light in console. Now it is fixed.
gopi.gearhead - 1st Feb 2015 15:01

Nice set of wheels
spartan - 20th Jan 2015 18:02

aliendream1980 - 11th Jan 2015 17:29

My Skoda Rapid ..The Beauty & the Beast unleashed..!!!
  MAHEMM - 14th Jul 2014 15:21

done about 8000kms absolutely running fine.No issues upto now
Mileage in bangalore city conditions about 12.5 kmpl with ac.
outstation about 18 kmpl driving around 100 kmpl
kane - 11th Jun 2014 23:05

Photo Courtesy Santyxtra and Ssaurabh17
pushkaraj - 20th May 2014 22:32

Awesome !
sharatbali - 26th Apr 2014 13:31

converted to standard 535
Ventoman - 25th Apr 2014 12:54

Did your Amaze really did 98,790 Km?
kane - 6th Apr 2014 10:38

Nice Ride and the Shine is Stupendously Good ))))
carmveer - 27th Jan 2014 22:52

Hi Sooraj,

Can you help me in getting Contessa tyres.. Size required is 175/80R13. Call me at my cell +91-9596629895.

Please treat it urgent
View Owner: athul
ikonist - 14th Dec 2013 09:41

Tempting for a ride!
eyedocsri - 9th Dec 2013 17:20

Very neat looking baleno. I have a 06 baleno vxi. Wanted to know if you got it repainted? Mine badly needs a new paint.
And what other mods ?
pun33t vtec - 17th Nov 2013 22:35

@ AFiesta, I purchased the car in AUG,2010. This pic is of 2011.
pun33t vtec - 17th Nov 2013 22:32

PRATIK - 14th Nov 2013 03:54

price please
jarpickle - 16th Oct 2013 10:31

It is good to see you have the old jap block.

Can it be rebuilt?
Karadi - 31st Aug 2013 15:33

Do you still have the older clutch case and Magneto Dynamo combine ?
  Karadi - 31st Aug 2013 15:32

Would like to see the photograph of your bike please.
DudeWithTheFiat - 22nd Aug 2013 10:45

Sorry @agn, saw the comment only now . The vibrations are not unbearable at idling with the car still having its original engine mounts. It should get better with new mounts. But the cabin noise has increased recently. I checked behind the dashboard and discovered a hole on the firewall apparently dug by rats. The ride is comfortable
ankurjain - 20th Aug 2013 22:50

Nice looking car you've got... Could you give me the details of where did you get the projectors/HID with Angel/demon eyes fitted and how much did it cost you? Also, please share the feedback - performance/light and finish...warranty..after sales support etc.... thnx man... I am looking to get these for my rapid too.. thanks in advance...