The Figo hatchback was what put Ford on the map in India, from being another automaker selling low volume cars to a manufacturer that will be taken seriously by the big boys like Maruti and Hyundai. The Figo was brilliantly priced, loaded with equipment, was spacious, featured a gem of a diesel engine and was very involving to drive. Needless to say, the small car is now the largest selling car in Ford India’s line up. Along with the launch of the Figo, Ford learnt many aspects about the Indian car market, that will stand it in good stead going forward.

Affordability and low cost of maintenance is something that the Indian car buyer considers for the long term. This meant that, beginning with the Figo, Ford began embarking on an aggressive localization spree that reduced spare parts costs not just for the Figo but also the all new Fiesta. Now, Ford wants to launch a sub-Figo small car in the Indian car market, targeting even higher volumes that such a car can garner if priced right. The sub-Figo small car will be launched before 2015, and will be amongst the range of 8 new products that Ford announced for India a year ago, beginning with the all new Fiesta.

Other details about this car remains unknown at this moment excepting that it could be build from grounds up specifically for the Indian car market as Ford currently does not have any other car positioned under the Figo, which could be sold as a low cost, high volume product. High fuel economy and affordability are the two factors that the new Ford small car could pack in. Expect this car to retain the traditional strengths of Ford cars that includes a sold build quality and a fun-to-drive nature, two qualities that have endeared Ford cars to drivers across the world.

The new car will be built in Sanand facility

Source - ICB