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    Thread: Headlamp upgrade!! Required or not?

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      not aware that he can set his status here!
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      Sep 2010
      Thanks a lot guys.

      Get it installed yesterday. Installed Roots wiring kit for 680/- (with relay) and Philips Rally 130/110w bulbs for 420/-. So all done for 1200/- with installation.

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      Jul 2010
      So, you find it better now? Keep the older bulbs in the car as spare. I did use 130watts for many years on my Santro and it had a life not more than 6-7 months for some reason. One of them fused and had to be replaced. I settled with 100/90 eventually and i had no issues after that.

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      not aware that he can set his status here!
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      Sep 2010
      Yes, it is much brighter and light spread is very good. Though can't comment on its life or blackening of headlights atm.

      I am pretty satisfied with the current setup and credit goes to all of you, who helped me in getting it.

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      Apr 2013
      Hi Guys,
      in my i10 i got a relay kit installed 2 weeks back (not branded) , when i started yesterday after week and the engine didn't crank. however all the accessories were working, than asked my watchman to push and started. after that drove for almost 50KM with 3-4 stops and was not having any issue, please let me know is it battery problem(will complete 3 years in june) or some issue with the wiring .

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