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    Thread: BoltON Concepts!

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      BoltON Concepts!

      BoltOn Concepts LLP
      Size Matters.

      The Plans to start this company were formed a couple of months ago, thanks to the time it takes for the company registration and processing the paperwork we are able to finally Go-Live after around 4 months of waiting.

      BoltOn Concepts LLP is the authorized Distributor and Retailor in India for the following product lines.

      For all Jeeps

      1. Omix-Ada - Replacement Jeep Parts, hard parts to body components for your 1941 Willys to Wrangler/Cherokee.
      2. Rugged Ridge - 4x4 parts and accessories including Lift kits specifically made for your Jeep.Aftermarket Jeep Accessories from the award winning XHD modular bumper, Soft Tops, and more.
      3. Alloy USA - Performance drive train products, front/rear axle shafts and kits, ring & pinion sets, x-joints, tube seals, etc.
      4. Outland Automotive - Aftermarket truck accessories: Bull bars, Consoles, Floor Liners, Tube Steps and much more...
      5. Precision Gear - Performance gears sets, bearing kits and locking differentials. Drag Racing to Off Road we got you covered.
      6. ORV by Rugged ridge - Looking for the perfect body lift or lift kit for your Jeep?

      In addition to this

      For all Suzuki Gypsy, and Nissan range of vehicles

      Since 1986, CALMINI Products Inc. has been an internationally recognized manufacturer of quality Suzuki and Isuzu suspensions systems, lift kits and 4x4 performance products.

      BoltOn Concepts LLP will also be offering the 6.5 Inch Lift Kit which is completely Bolton SPOA for the Suzuki Gypsy.

      Hi-Lift Jacks. – this needs no introduction!!

      In addition to these, BoltOn Concepts is the authorized distributor in Karnataka region for

      Helix and Brax audio range - Audiotec Fischer products are state of the art, made in Germany with handpicked components and are extremely under-rated for their performance. They have won many awards both in Europe and all over the world for their technical excellence and performance and are a respected and much-desired brand in the car audio market worldwide.

      The Name BoltOn Concepts was chosen because in the entire range of products (excluding Helix and brax range) the parts that will be offered for upgrades will be a complete Bolton application and will require no welding un-necessary cutting, or drilling of any sort to fit the parts onto your specific vehicle.

      The website for the company is BoltON Concepts and the website will be up and running in the coming weeks.

      The product catalogs are Huge in size and i request help from tadukuttan MechaniX and mclaren1885 if they can host the same on Gearheads.in for us.

      Till those are uploaded onto Geadheads, you can visit the following sites and contact us at the address given below.

      1. Omix-Ada - Replacement Jeep Parts, Jeep Accessories, Bumpers, Soft Tops, leading Manufacture OMIX-ADA
      2. Rugged Ridge and ORV - Jeep Accessories, Jeep Bumpers, Jeep Tops, more by Rugged Ridge - We Make Jeeps Rock!
      3. AlloyUSA - AlloyUSA - Performance Axle Shafts, Axle Kits Ring and Pinion
      5. Precision Gear - Precision Gear - Ring and Pinions, Differentials Installation Kits and more!
      6. Calmini for Suzuki Gypsy - http://www.puresuzuki.com
      7. Calmini for Nissan - Test Page for purenissan.com & InterWorx-CP
      8. Helix and Brax - www.eaglesynergies.com
      9. Hi-Lift – www.hi-lift.com

      Dealership Enquiries welcome.

      Contact Details

      1. Sumit Varma - sumit@boltonconcepts.com : Ph: 96869 73249
      2. Nithin Narayanan - nithin@boltonconcepts.com : Ph: 96119 55244

      You can either call us, send us an email with the part numbers (mentioned in the above websites / product catalogues) post your queries on Gearheads.in or come in and visit us at our garage at the following address:

      #242/1, Tumkur Road
      Peenya 1st Stage
      Bangalore - 560058

      We are also currently having talks with other 4x4 product brands and will update this thread / websites with all detailed information and latest product range that will be available with us.

      Till then Keep Offroadin!!
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      Congrats Sumith and Nithin! Great to see you guys live...

      And of course, when/where is the launch party?: D
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      Congrats Sumit and Nithin
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      Thumbs up

      Godfather and Nithin Congrats and good luck on your new venture.

      Quote Originally Posted by Godfather View Post
      visit us at our garage at the following address:
      No address mentioned.
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      Wish you the very best !!

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      Godfather/ Nithin ,

      when is the launch party i say

      ....i give you 10 days for it..
      Last edited by avinash; 5th May 2012 at 14:40.

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      Best of luck guys, hope the venture break some records!!
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      Congrats people - all the best.

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      rock on Godfather and Nithin, best of luck on your venture, all the gearheaders support will surely drive up the prices of your shares

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      Congrats Sumit and Nithin..all the best
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