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    Thread: No more a petrol head - going Diesel the Figo way !!

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      No more a petrol head - going Diesel the Figo way !!


      I have finally decided to join the diesel bandwagon !! The itch to go for a diesel car had been there since last oct/nov and the latest fuel hike coupled with my daily running increasing to 40 kms got me going full steam with my idea.

      Plan was to sell my beloved i10, add 2-3 lakhs to it (max) and pick a decent diesel hatch. After some hunting on the net and speaking to a few car buyers I realised that the best my petrol chariot can fetch would be around 3.2-3.3 lacs. My budget for the new diesel hatch was max 6.5 (including money from the sale). Following were the cars in my list (in the order of preference) :-

      1. Hyundai i20 Magna (O) (Well, being a hyundai fan-boy it had to top my list )
      2. Ford Figo ZXI
      3. Toyota Etios Liva
      4. Fiat Punto 1.3 Dynamic

      Other cars considered but ruled out :-
      1. Maruti Swift / Ritz - Hate the New design of the swift and never liked the Ritz.
      2. Nissan Micra - Again, just don't like its looks.

      Knew that the Hyundai i20 would be a bit beyond my reach as it is pricey so tried calling up Lanson Toyota regd an exchange. The guys didnt seem interested and offered a max of 2.8 lacs for my i10 - rejected it straight away.

      Fiat Punto does excite me but the ASS factor is too big to ignore though the buzz is that Fiat have plans of setting up service shops. But no one know for sure as to when and how long would it take. So after some mulling over the Punto esp the ASS factor, dropped it from the list !!

      I've always drooled over the i20 BUT knew that a budget of 6.5 lacs wont be enough to fetch me the flavour I wanted. Still decided to pursue it, hoping I could get a better deal for the i10 and maybe I can then squeeze out a few extra cash ?? So went to HMP Ekattuthangal on Sunday. But to my utter dismay, the best price they offered for my i10 was 3 Lacs !! Tried bargaining, stating that my car has run just 9200 kms and in mint condition BUT their point was - the new i10 Magna (which is my current flavour) was costing 4.5 lacs on-road and on-top of it they were offering a straight discount of about 50K. So if a brand-new i10 Magna costs less than 4 lacs how would mine fetch more than 3 lacs ?? Added to it, absolutely no discounts on the i20 Magna as well !! I was dissapointed and knew my i20 dreams were going down the drain and walked out with a heavy heart

      The next obvious choice was Ford Figo ZXI. Went to MPL Ford at Nandanam and being a Sunday, most guys were absent. Still met the Sales manager and he did a quick check over the phone with his guys and said he can offer 3.1 - 3.2 for the i10 but can only confirm after his guys conduct a formal evaluation of my car. Ok, fair enough. He also added that he can offer a discount of about 12K plus an exchange bonus of 10K. The guy said he'll get someone on Monday (i.e. today) to evaluate my car and offer the final price. With i20 out of the picture I started dreaming of the Figo and everyone at home, including dad and mom were okay.

      And so today evening at about 4:30 PM the MPL Ford guy along with another chap (who deals in buying used cars) came to my office and took a good look at my i10. 3.1 lacs was the final offer and I said OK. Bargained a bit more for the Figo ZXI and he added Rs.1000 to the existing discount of 12K apart from the exchange bonus. I have also demanded that I get to look at some accessories. He has reluctantly agreed for that. Paid the booking amount of Rs.10000. So its gonna be the FORD FIGO ZXI Colorado Red I'll be arranging the remaining funds (cost of car minus 3.1 lacs for the i10) within the next 2 days and the guy has promised to deliver the car by the weekend !! I'm excited but MUST admit here that my excitement does come with a pang in my heart - to part with my beloved i10 pains me - she has been wonderful and I have enjoyed every minute of driving this beauty !!

      But its time to look ahead. Need membership to the Ford club, so where are the big guns - Mustang.101 Evolution88 ??
      It's time for me to go figooooooooooooooooo !!

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      Rabid Dog Club - bite first, bark later :-P

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      congrats buddy, welcome to the el cheapo smugo club
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      Congrats Babbanji Franklin. Our next photo shoot trip will be in a Figo

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      Congrats Babbanji. Yet another Figo joins GearHead family.
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      Quote Originally Posted by blackhorn View Post
      congrats buddy, welcome to the el cheapo smugo club
      Thanks Buddy !!

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      Hey Babbanji Franklin , congratulations and welcome to Ford Figo club .
      2012 Ford Figo 1.4 Titanium, 2006 Bajaj Pulsar 150

      I was lonely driving here tonight so I hugged the road.

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      Babbanji Franklin, I am with you and feel sorry for you being apart from your beloved i10.

      And, Congrats for your new purchase. Wish you continue your happy miling with your new partner.

      It will be interesting to watch your ownership thread!

      Your decision to move over diesel is quite right for today! It is right time to buy diesel car considering the news coming out about the hike in the excise duty.

      Had you asked about the launching date of new Figo with face lift? Why didn’t you think to wait for that?

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      Congrats Babbanji Franklin in advance for your new car FIGO. How much is the OTR for the FIGO ?

      I will be following your this ownership thread, to know more about owning a Diesel Hatchback & a Ford FIGO

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      not aware that he can set his status here!
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      Congrats Babbanji. Hope you have an awesome buying experience and an even more awesome ownership experience. How did you find the TD of the car?
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