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    Thread: GearHeads Ghostbusters: Mission Bhangarh Mystery

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      GearHeads Ghostbusters: Mission Bhangarh Mystery

      The plan was to investigate the claims of a fort and ruins that existed in Bhangarh, Rajasthan. The info was that this place is just plain Haunted. Tantrik of some king cursed the place and what not and stuff... The GearHeads NCR Team couldnt just sit back and relax while rumors of ectoplasmic activity loomed around just a few hundred KMs away from their home town!

      Well the original team of six, blackhorn, anubhavt, nfspoet, ArrowheadFilters, gonugupta & megatron suffered losses even before they started... gonugupta was taken down by his trip to Ajmer, obviously to check out some super secret mission details of another ghostly apparition & we were all just a little taken aback by megatron going MIA a day before the meet. I guess he had some poltergiest to take care of which just couldn't wait.

      So the team of Four started off to fulfil their mission objectives. 5 AM the trip started with 3 members from Delhi, picking up ArrowheadFilters from Gurgaon and off from there. An ominous start, they faced an awful lot of traffic on a supposedly free from traffic Sunday Early morning on NH8.

      Click image for larger version. 

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      After some moping over not being a full strength team of 6 they boosted their confidence by getting something to eat at a lovely dhaba named Delhi 99.

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSCF0086.JPG 
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      They noticed a weird flutter in the energies at the dhaba, and realized it was the clear indication of some foreign entities that were present somewhere inside or close to the Dhaba.

      They looked around... and found...
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