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    Thread: Problematic scorpio

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      Problematic scorpio

      Hi all just wanted to know that whether I can claim for the faulty clutch cylinder which the local dealer had put in my Scorpio after the original one had failed after doing around 81000km odds...the new clutch cylinder had worked only for 2700km.....is it possible for the clutch cylinder to stop working so early.....guys please help me.....

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      Does not any work done by a authorized center carry a warranty by itself? Failing at 2,700kms (especially when you had the earlier one for 81,000kms) is not at all possible.

      Get back to the dealer and get it changed.

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      Quote Originally Posted by teminjoram View Post
      the new clutch cylinder had worked only for 2700km
      where did you get the job done? and was it by authorised personell? if you didn't, where did you buy it from?
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      blackhorn, I got the work done by the local authorised dealer ,wen asked them provide me a new clutch cylinder as a placement for the faulty they had provided ,they simply told me that the concern part doesn't carry any warranty....

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      If it failed that soon after replacement, then definitely you must go back and ask for a replacement.

      Usually a clutch master cylinder is covered under warranty. Assuming your warranty is no longer valid either because you have crossed x kms or x yrs, a replacement part will surely carry a x km or x months/years replacement from the showroom for a manufacturing defect.

      I suggest you talk to the service manager of your ASS instead of talking to an ordinary service advisor and escalate the issue to them and seek a replacement.
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      In any manual transmission the way you use your clutch determins how long it will last if you drive your car on hills most of the time it may wear out soon compared to the plains but a new clutch wearing out at around 2k is odd.

      I dont think any ASS will have a warrenty for the replaceing the clutch as I had replaced mine couple of months ago and the ASS services guys includng the SA clearly told me before doing the job that there is no gaurentee how long the new clutch will last or when it may fail and if it does you will have to pay and get a new one. Best is to go in for an auto transmission !
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      hi all, after complaining to the mahindra customer care,the workshop manager of the local dealer called me up and apologised for the mistake and even offered to refund my money...hence i hv taken back my money and installed a new cylinder at a local garage that too with a garrantee period of 6 months....

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