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    Thread: Chevrolet Beat: Dealer saying Color Discontined (Moroccan Blue)

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      Chevrolet Beat: Dealer saying Color Discontined (Moroccan Blue)

      I booked a Beat diesel last week in Red Color at Trident Chevrolet Jayanagar, But had a change of mind later Wanted the Moroccan Blue But the dealer is saying the color discontinued . My loan is about to be processed tomorrow. I need to get to a decision fast.

      I called up Chevrolet Customer care and they are asking me check with other dealerships, Mostly the dealer [Trident Chevrolet] does not have color in Stock. I can wait for sometime if the color is available but I am getting a NO from the Sales Guy (It's just one more car Sold to him).

      My First things tomorrow will be,
      - Call up the other dealership and check for the Color options available.
      - Threaten to Cancel Booking and Start the Loan process again which is a pain in A**.(Or is there any option that i can transfer my loan to other dealership provided color is available)

      Awaiting the responses or options I Have.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Lozil View Post
      Or is there any option that i can transfer my loan to other dealership provided color is available
      While you look out for other options, you can very well call & inform your bank to temporarily put the loan on hold stating the reason for the delay. After all its a person sitting behind the computer & he can wait to hear from you to execute the loan process. They should be able to wait.

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      If it is really discontinued (colour you want), then you can get your car with that colour if anybody has it in stock.

      If you are decided over that colour option ONLY, then you have to take care of obvious things like loan re-processing, etc. If you are okay with that search at other dealerships in your city.

      My suggestion is just go easy with another colour of your choice, like the current one you booked for, if it is really discontinued.
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      Even if the color has been discontinued, the blue is a relative slow seller and am sure other showrooms would have it in stock. Put some more pressure on the Showroom and the SA, they should be able to arrange something. If nothing then, they might just offer you some freebie to choose a diff color.

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