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    Thread: Need suggestions and Help..

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      Post Need suggestions and Help..


      Iam planning to buy a safari 3.0 4X2 2005 October model (Metallic Green, EX, roof AC model) which is used by my cousin brother. The vehicle has completed only 24,753 Km till date as he is settled outside India. In that 24K i have used that car for around 1K. If iam going ahead with the purchase plan, iam will keep that Beast for the next 5 years. My usage per year is around 10,000 km. The vehicle is intact and could see only slight fungus issues in the fabric.
      Few points;
      1. Iam not an off road user, but once in a while the long drives include bumpy roads near Mangalore etc.
      2. I would like to know about the maintenance and other issues faced by the 3.0 users.
      3. Is it worth buying it or shud i drop the idea of owning that beast.

      As an auto freak, safari was one among the car which i always wished to own. When i drove the 3.0 l version i fell in love more with that beast, and i used that car for 1k km.it was awesome. When i checked with few people/service advisors i was getting more confused with the way they replied.

      I hope i have shared enough data for getting suggestions . Please help

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      All right, so I'll leave the tech aspect of your query for gurus of this thread to answer. As a feedback, I can say that one of my senior manager used to own Safari 3 Dicor (not sure which year) and he used to be always all praise for this car except for mileage which was around 8kmpl. Never paid much attention to his drive details and his blabber as I was not into cars much then. I just remembered about his car and blabber now when read about your query. My reference here is on hear-say and lets wait for rest of the GH champs to answer your query.

      From my side, I'd give you a thumbs up to get this car....just on the sheer excitements of yours. You've driven the car for 1k and I don't think you've face any challenge so far. Challenge big enough to dissuade you from like it. Your love for this "beast" is clearly visible from your post and I'll recommend to listen to your heart some time as well.

      Do you have another ride? If you have one, and getting this as a car to fulfill your dreams, then that'll be a better option.

      There are number of Safari owners on this forum and I am sure their love for this car will come out via this thread. Cheers and hope you get a good coclusion!

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      yeah rksingh1, i have another car . a fully ICEd tata indica vista petrol. The car giving me around 10 - 11 during my city usage in that "1K" usage.

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      Only hrag and JJB drive a 3.0 . kairalee, Wheels and anubhavt can pitch in to help
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      3L engine is a bullet proof engine IMO. No issues on maintenance. You can buy that closing your eyes since you ahve already driven that to for 1k kms.
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      Can you please post some pics of engine bay, under-body, running board and doors? Also, check the under body for rust. If everything is looking good, please go ahead and buy the truck.

      Also, Do you have the access of service history of the Safari? If yes, check when the “timing belt" was changed? I don’t know what is the change interval for 3.0, but, for 2.2 its 100,000 Km 2 year. If it’s not been changed please get it changed ASAP.
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      You have driven the vehicle for considerable KM's - how do you feel?

      The 3 liter is a proven work horse - yes, it missed out on the power and refinement that comes with the 2.2, but that is just what a newer version will bring.

      The 2005 models are more bedded-in ones; all the niggles in the earlier models would have been addressed in these, since it was towards the end of it production.

      Have seen what Hrag does to his 3 liter and I do not think you will ever get close to that kind of driving - bottom line - reliable.

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      life's moving a wuarter mile
      at a time :)

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      ironhide : Sorry for the super delayed reply. apologize..! i have not purchased the beast but still i am using whenever i get time.. now it has completed only 35K km .. still intact and all the plastic of interior intact too. Timing chain replacement is done similar to 2.2 but the vehicle is still under 40K km mark.

      Wheels : thanks for the reply. i still believe that car as a reliable one. just using it by doing basic service and check up.

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