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    Thread: My Experiece with my parted contessa

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      My Experiece with my parted contessa

      Hello everyone , this is my first post so please excuse any mistakes ,(***Mods I am not sure if I am posting this in the right thread please request you to move it if this is not the right one ***) please be candid enough to point out the mistakes , well to start with my love about cars it all started in 2008 until then I was just a 2 wheeler buff, was very fond of Safari from my school days still remember those days when I used to drool over a blue colored safari which was owned by one of my neighbors & had a lot of respect for contessa . Well this when I in my 2nd job met a person who was a racing enthusiast & came to learn more about cars , I was planning to upgrade from my 160 Apache RTR to a thunderbird & was saving all the money & saw a white colored contessa that’s when I fell in love with HM contessa , so there started my search for a HM contessa without even knowing how to drive &finally after a 6 month search bought one which was white in color & thought that I will be a happy owner but god had different plans for me & there began my rant with the new car .I learnt driving in this car all alone , paid the cash to the guy who sold this asked his driver to get the car near home & there is a big ground few kms away from home parked it there , every day when I go back home after my shift I get down near the car start the car , press the clutch notch to 1st gear & start moving the car drive for about 3 meters stop the car switch off the engine & walk home did this for about 3 days as I did not know how to reverse , then on my off day took a long u turn & drove for about 3 hours & parked the car & went home the next day the does not ,then got to know that the battery had died down as I left the parking light on the whole night, got the mechanic to get a battery & started the car the car had a very harsh engine noise just like a matador & thick black smoke mechanic says not to worry have the engine oil changed then I lock the car got to drop the mechanic & come back with my friends try to open the door , the door handle breaks & all of us are locked outside & there is just 1 keyhole to lock & unlock , then one of my friend who if Mr. Notorious ( known for the all the deeds he does) go buys a ruler & after giving a try of 1 hour finally opened the lock from the co passenger side & I start the vehicle & with my mind & hand shivering I drive the vehicle to my home all thru the main road had mixed reactions from friends & family & few say u have taken the wrong decision why did you buy this you could got a maruthi 800 , I did not pay heed to them as for me it was a heart over mind decision & just wanted to enjoy my drive .

      A week later I take my friends for a ride in the night all went fine until we were nearing my home it was about some 50 + on the speedo on a narrow road @ 11 pm & I had to take a left when I hear a thud sound & I am trying to turn left but the steering wheel just turns but the car does not & finally we end up in a ditch luckily no one was hurt , the car had hit a stone & the steering ( what they call the T joint is broken ) so take help from friends & 2 onlookers push the car to the side called up my mechanic he asked me to come in the morning as all his guys were gone home .So I go home & tell mom that the car is punctured so did not get the car , wake up early in the morning go to the car wait until 8 call my mechanic , he comes there with his guys we start pushing the car & one guy turning the tire with his hands finally reach the garage call up a guy in Shivaji nagar Gujri & got the part replaced .Had many instances where the car was more in the garage than with me & all my weekend was @ the garage having the car repaired thanks to my stars I did not have a girlfriend then , if I had, I would have been divorced even before my marriage , finally in 2009 roads were being dug up near my home to asphalt, I thought of having the car repainted so there went my car to have a fresh coat of paint she was white when I bought I love grey , so had it painted grey changed the fiber bumpers to steel like the old ones , did not have a good ice setup as I did not use the car for more than 3 hours on my offs rather I was afraid of being embarrassed where my car does not start but the stereo plays .Then the car was fine again for few months until a day comes where there car starts & moves rather jerks like the way when there is no diesel took it to a mechanic who in turn asked me to get the pump reset & set the nozzle , so I go to a bosch center to have the pump & nozzle done & the guy in there messed it up & there was a very harsh noise again what I get after spend about 8 hours is the car does not move & am stalled on the middle of the road ,got help from some guys to push the car to the side & they are away with my 50 bucks & later spent about 16k to get the car running again finally my mind took over my heart & said I will be getting married in a year or so should start looking for a better vehicle wanted to keep this vehicle & go for another one but there was a parking constrain so placed an ad on the internet to let go of her but was really ****ed off when there were people who asked me to get down to the price where they can buy just 4 tires & most of them who called was just looking for a cheap car & none with the love for the car but finally got a ok deal & had to part with the beauty .Please pardon me for the long post & if I have bored you guys as I told this is my first post on any forum & will learn with few more.
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      Wow, that's one awesomely maintained Contessa.

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      not aware that he can set his status here!
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      Every ride be it a Car or a Bike has a touching story to tell before it's driven into the Sunset Love yours Shri! You remind me of a guy who modified his Contessa to resemble the bright orange 1969 Dodge Charger aka General Lee from the Dukes of Hazzard! But then had to part ways in the end!
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