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    Thread: Diy for ford ikon headlights

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      Diy for ford ikon headlights

      Hi all
      I read many threads regarding projector setup for ikon
      saw many threads in which lot of information is been provided.
      My requirements :
      single bi xenon projector :
      4300k hid :
      ac ballast :
      55 watt

      I live in Himachal Pradesh and do a lot of night driving , I face a lot of problem with the lights , as per my experience its not that always we can drive with the high beam on as it does reflects back and its a pain in the eye.
      So we need to have a good low beam with a good spread, but the low beam means low beam it should not affect the oncoming traffic, as its with many cars as they are coming on low beam but it appears to be high beam.
      The reason behind that could be the bulbs used are of higher wattage and the stock reflectors produce a lot of glare.

      I have read a good thread written by kb100 and shyamhegde for his verna and he asked me to post a new thread

      Suggestions welcomed . Pictures will be a good help
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      you can just replace your stock headlamps with a 55/60W Philips x-tremevision or Philips WeatherVision H4 bulbs. That ought to be enough. Since you are at Himachal, I am guessing you wont be needing a very long range for your beam because of the curvy nature of the roads. Enhanced brightness with decent range should be enough.

      You can also try OSRAM nightbreaker+ but that is more towards whiter discharge.
      You should rather stick to a yellow discharge as it will scatter less in foggy/rainy conditions compared to white lights.

      As for me, I have a Projector setup which I bought from the UK with Philips x-tremevision for low beams and WeatherVision for high beams.
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