I took my car for its 1st service at Indus Motors, Mettukada (Tvm) branch service center. Asked them to do underbody coating (black coloured) and install a pair of Bosch FC4 horns.

All done, i collected my car in the evening and went home and opened the hood to find that the hood stay is missing Instead of it being tucked in its place, the rod was found lying over the engine with one end on the right wheel arch!!! Due to my good fortune the damn rod didn't get into the radiator fan while i was on my way home. Called up the SA and gave him an earful! I'm waiting for the customer feedback form from Maruti to give them a big Zero! I hope Maruti does send one these days like they used to.

Next day i was washing the car, since i had to take leave due to hartal, and i found that those idiots had sprayed the antirust carelessly, now there's a light overspray on a-pillar and bumpers. Its not bad, not easily noticeable, but still it shouldn't be there.

I would give -10 out of 10 for Indus.

Next time, for second service, i'm gonna try another service centre.

Edit: My bad. I din't notice it was for May, this happened last week, April :oops: