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    Thread: Kindly advice for Sanden 508 Compressor suitable for Sierra turbo 99 model

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      Kindly advice for Sanden 508 Compressor suitable for Sierra turbo 99 model

      Dear All,
      My 99 model turbo Sierra's A/c is not cooling properly,below 60 km compressor is not working properly(Denso Compressor originally fitted from tata Co.) so i got the advise from my A/c technician,saying that if i need more cooling then i have to change the existing compressor and fix one new sanden 508 Compressor,Cooling coil,and condensor apprx.cost 16k,but one of my friend saying that he already changed his Sierra Turbo with Sanden 508 and now he is having problem for engine over heating while switch on the A/c,so kindly give the advice for Sanden 508 compressor is suitable for Sierra turbo engine or what i have to do for the proper cooling

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      Hey .. i believe its the blower which is a culprit as always in sierra...
      other reasons for low cooling :
      1. bad AC condensor fan (low rpm) when u r in high speed (as said by you) the coil is cooling itself by speed and amount of air coming by speed but in low speed its purely on AC condenser fan which might be working but not in desired speeds due to worn out carbons (please note reparing these do not help it better to replace it with a new original one or a bigger one if possible) the overheating is also due to AC fan not working properly as it put load on radiator for cooling. (FYI the AC cuts by itself above half mark means no cooling ) no need to change the compressor it either works or do not work there's no grey area for compressors.

      2.Low compressor oil and Gas pressure. (low compressor oil results in low pressure and low efficiency of compressor) check for any damping or leakage of oil in the compressor to condensor lines.

      3. You can get a used sanden compressor / coil (better source a safari one with dual condensor out) and turbo engine is strong enough to take onto the roof AC and Dash AC with one compressor (my 2004 EX safari have the turbo engine with roof AC both works marvelous with cooling the entire cabin within minutes.

      mine was fitted with Sanden from Tata .. 16k is quite a steep for this setup.... would suggest to go for an additional roof setup (like in safari/qualis ) you can find a gud one from a trashed safari/qualis/innova.
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      Sanden is a very good company and it'll surely suit for Sierra TCIC engine no issues,But before fitting check wheather your engine's compression ratio is good
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