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    Thread: A-Star Tyre & Alloy Wheel Upgrade Guide

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      Quote Originally Posted by ramakant View Post
      how is the joyroad? The 50-0 braking distance? Is it better than your older tyres?
      I drove for about 500 kms only. There was no chance of a panic braking. I did not notice any deterioration in terms of braking ability. I was afraid of the earlier tyres as it was near its tread life. The new tyre is better, as with any new tyre. I will keep watching its performance in next few thousands of kms, for a better opinion.

      What about cornering?
      Do not see any significant change while cornering. The earlier one was decent, I may be too cautious with the Chinese tyre.
      I may get a better idea when the initial fear of the 'chinese tyre' is over. This is my first Chinese tyre.

      Do you get wheel spin when suddenly taking off or is it grippy?
      No wheel spin, in regular red signal to green. I did not try to launch the car. I do not drive like that anyway.
      As I mentioned earlier, I do feel that the steering tightens in slow - parking/reverse - speeds.

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      I think it's always good to try panic braking on an empty road with unfamiliar tires. That way we will know how fast the car will stop. Or how much it will skid.

      The cornering behavior will be useful to know on highways. Imagine a large animal running across the road. Or a vehicle suddenly hitting the divider and coming to a dead stop in front of your car.

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