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    Thread: Chevy Sail U-VA Test Drive

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      Chevy Sail U-VA Test Drive

      Test drove the Sail V-VA today at Aravali Motors, Gurgaon. Here are some of my views on the car. Pardon me for not being too elaborate, because this was a very short TD:

      The car has been referred to by some reviewers as "dated" looking. I don't quite know what they mean. In my opinion, it has a really nice look from the front- almost like a mini Cruze.

      I felt the overall styling and stance of the car when viewed from the front is quite aggressive, and speaks of bing much bigger than it actually is. But from the back, the car looks like someone took a hacksaw and chopped it off. But let that not take away from the fact that GM has produced an overall decent looking car, which won't ruffle any feathers.

      The interiors of this car are wholly wonderful in the space department. The car feels big, and after I (6'3" tall) pushed the driver's seat to the my driving position, I found that I could sit in the seat behind the driver without my knees touching the seat in front. Only the Honda City and the Etios have more space than this car, amongst the cars I've test driven so far.

      I found no issues with the centrally placed power window switches because I have been driving a Nano and have got used to this placement now.

      What I drove was a base variant and even it comes with a driver air-bag.

      The gear shift is really neat- lifted from the Cruze, and has a nice feel in the short throw. The power steering also has a nice feel to it, better in fact than my Swift's felt.

      The overall interior build is utilitarian and relatively good, except for the steering column's plastic, which looks extremely poor. This shows up even in the TV Advert put together by Chevy, and is quite obvious when you see it in person, with its rough edges, poor looking joints and exposed screws (almost like that of a Mahindra Bolero). I really wish Chevy had looked at even the Swift, and provided for better quality in this regard.

      When I started the car, I found its engine a tad more noisy than my Swift's engine was, and I expect this noise only to grow as the car becomes older. But those of you who've driven other multijets will recognize the feel of this instantly. It is tuned in the same way as the old Swift, with the slight turbo lag till 1800 RPM, and then a feeling like you took off. I really wish Maruti had not changed the state of tune of the new Swift and left this aspect in the car. It adds to the fun of driving a Multijet.

      I didn't have a chance to test out at higher speeds, but the feeling I got in taking the car to 80 kmph was that the engine has loads of capability in store and wants to be stretched out.

      I took one sharp U-Turn and was happy with the responsiveness of the power steering.

      Overall, the car feels very satisfying to drive, and the engine is a very well known and frugal workhorse.

      Other Nice Aspects:
      1. The best aspect of all is the fact that GM will deliver the car almost immediately. I would definitely go out on a limb here and say that some Swift/Dzire buyers should think of switching to this car just on this account
      2. The warranty coverage is excellent- 3 years 100K km on the whole car and 5 years 150K km on the Engine and Transmission. This is ideal if you intend to use this car for really long road-trips
      3. The boot is spacious and can accommodate quite a bit of luggage. This plus a 60:40 rear seat ensures that you have a lot of storage in this car. So its suitable for most road-trippers who don't want to spend the extra money on a sedan

      Overall, I loved this car. I am however looking for a sedan and am eagerly waiting for its sedan sister to be launched. Once I evaluate it, it'll be a toss up between the Honda City and the Sail Sedan for sure, since I've ruled out every other sedan in the market after testing it, and don't want to spend the extra rupees for an SUV.
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