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    Thread: Strange behavior after lowering the car from jack

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      Strange behavior after lowering the car from jack

      Hi Gearheads!
      Once every month I jack up the ford figo (previous VW too) with the standard jack supplied and rotate the wheels (not to be confused with tyre rotation) to remove small stones and pebbles stuck in grooves of the tyres. When i work on the rear wheels I put the car in gear so that it cannot roll forward (engage first gear). Things are fine, until i move over to the front wheels. When i jack up the front wheels, I use the handbrake (ford now in neutral) and jack up each side individually. After the complete process is over (i.e. jack has been removed and all four wheels on the floor but handbrake still engaged) and i sit in the driver's seat and release the handbrake, a strange thing happens:
      As i release the handbrake, I feel as if first the LHS vehicle rear (driver seated position) lowers a bit and then the rear RHS (driver seated position) lowers a bit. This happens almost simultaneously and is not pronounced but if I look for it, i can easily feel it.

      In fact last month when i did the exercise, I thought i had felt this behavior at that time but ignored it as i was in a hurry for other stuff. Last evening it happened again and immediately i recalled the same experience of last month.

      Is there something wrong? Is this expected behavior? Am i missing something here? Please help.

      Thanks in advance.

      Tagging Digital Vampire: fordfan: Mustang.101 for your inputs, if any.
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      I guess its due to the way the parking brakes are getting released. If I understood you right, I'm a bit surprised to see a noticeable time delay between both the rear wheels. I'd have expected them to be released almost simultaneously! - Not sure if its by design or a mechanical delay/glitch/rust in the parking brake system.

      Tagging fellow Figo owner Evolution88 who might know other Figo users for inputs.
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      ^i would be willing to bet on that anoop, or it can be that the cable needs a little adjustment, all brake pads do not wear out evenly, so maybe its a manifestation of that

      i don't think you need to be worried on that account because when you apply brakes on the go, this system(cable actuation) is not active, the biasing of the brake is controlled and spread out as evenly as possible considering varying circumstances, for example at full load or with a single driver, there will never be a huge amount of difference between the pad wear of corresponsing sides (Ex. right rear and left rear pads), the brake biasing and hydraulic circuit take care of that, like for example, if the left pad isn't worn out at all and the right one is completely so, if thats the case then that means there is a failure/obstruction in the hydraulic circuit, if you feel that strongly about it get it checked best of luck
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      It is because you are lifting one tyre a time.
      If you had been lifting them all at once or fron and rear pairs, would be okay.

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      Quote Originally Posted by shyamhegde View Post
      It is because you are lifting one tyre a time.
      If you had been lifting them all at once or fron and rear pairs, would be okay.
      Spot on
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