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    Thread: What would you like to see change on the All-new 2014 Scorpio?

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      What would you like to see change on the All-new 2014 Scorpio?

      Introduced in 2002, the Scorpio changed the image of the company and since then M&M has been constantly updating its trump card right up to the current generation. This game changer still continues to be the segment’s best seller even after 10 years of the launch.

      The Mahindra Scorpio dominated in an era where its chief rival being Tata Safari. But the scene has changed now. Its younger brother XUV 5OO and Renault Duster have already eaten into its market, it still sells 4000 numbers a month though. Mahindra knows other car majors like Maruti Suzuki, Ford etc are developing products that will give the Scorpio a tough competition that it has never faced before.

      The rumor is that codenamed W105, the new Scorpio is being developed at the Chennai plant by a selected group of engineers.

      The upcoming refurbished or an all new Scorpio is anticipated to be launched in late 2013 or 2014.

      What would you like to see change on the All-new 2014 Scorpio?

      As a current generation Scorpio owner I would like to see the following

      1. A better suspension set up to lend a better ride quality and comfort on average to bad roads.
      2. A complete off roader
      3. A better and innovative styling.

      All scorpio lovers and bashers ,please do share your thoughts
      do drive safe

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      I guess i saw the new scorpio scoop last sunday when i was off to blore from salem. It had Long grills in the front and the back looked pretty much same like the older versions.

      The grills looked something similar to this

      Name:  tumblr_mf8kljDYqn1qh4eioo1_500.jpg
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      Well, I wish new scorpio comes with doors like that

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      Quote Originally Posted by MODUNGAT View Post
      A better suspension set up to lend a better ride quality and comfort on average to bad roads.
      A complete off roader
      A better and innovative styling.
      I like this thread.

      You've actually covered the points I would too.

      In addition, I'd like to see better plastics used and a practical interior packaging.
      I hope they make ABS std as well.

      Its time somebody made a safety feature a std feature and not a premium product.

      I hope they Bring down the CG coz it currently rolls like a boat and is unnerving.

      They have some messy styling elements in the current Scorpio..I hope that is not repeated. Also, I hope M&M stops using claddings as styling elements..looks sick.

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      More Space inside. Even the Xylo has more room than a Scorpio. Better Interior, for the price we pay, Scorpio's dashboard is crap
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      I wish they now completely move onto monocoupe platform and concentrate on safety. They already have XUV on which they can develop new Scorpio with less electrical mess. They should also concentrate on effective crumple zones and passenger cabin rigidity. Current Scorpio is a heavy 2.5 ton vehicle but passenger cabin is very filmsy and very unsafe. By switching onto monocoupe platform, they can also reduce weight so that power to weight ratio will be more favoring.

      They already have great engines but their current old school line up doesn't do justice with the engines.

      For the rough and heavy-duty SUV, they can continue with Bolero which remains body on frame platform. They can develop a more refined new generation Bolero which fulfills need of current Bolero and Scorpio onlookers.
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      FOr me, the first and 2nd row space. Then the height should be reduced about a foot. SO that the stability is taken care off automatically.

      Atleast around 140bhp with around 340Nm torque.
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      well.. ok. you asked for it.

      First off you cannot call that a Segment. you can count the number of vehicles in that "price range"
      the Tata Safari, the Scorpio, the Duster Toyota Innova.

      all are different in their platform as well so technically there cannot be a segment leader.. dont believe everything the car magazines write.

      however coming to what I would like to see in the new scorpio

      1. Please for Gods sake change the Breadbox look. stand at the back of the vehicle and hold a bread box in your hand. now add 4 wheels to it. voila Scorpio.
      2. work on the panel gaps. these are huge. I mean come on.. you expect people to pay 10L ( 1 million INR) ex showroom for it, atleast be worth that amount. Just the engine does not make the SUV what it is.
      3. Change the interiors - because.. DAMN!!! it sucks. the rear seating is horrible.
      4. reduce the body height.. its too high now and with small tires. Body roll buddy.. look into this.
      5. change the rear suspension to a multi link setup, also add better front and rear sway bars for more high speed stability.
      6. get rid of the ugly brake lights. who designed those? same person who designed the petronas towers i guess
      7. get rid of that cheezy "Micro Hybrid" badge at the back. if the engine starts and stop at a signal without driver input does not make it a hybrid. research hybrid. wiki has good info.
      8. try going 17 inch rims and tires. get these from the xuv. better stability and control for the scorpio.
      9. change the tail gate, move the spare on the tailgate and not under the vehicle. now it looks like a boxy van and not an SUV that you guys claim.

      coming to Offroad!!
      1. changing the body height, the suspension setup and adding the swaybars should get you there.
      2. change the ugly footsteps to something more viable for offroads. current ones are i guess aluminium or some cheap material which will bend at the slightest offroad obstacle.
      3. provide complete underbody protection. when offroad you do not want your customer to be stuck in an situation.
      4. Change the current electronic 4wd to a stick shift. the electronic ones suck and are always bogged with problems.
      5. change rear brakes to Disc brakes. Drums belong in the congo and not on a vehicle. use better brake pads. try slamming on the brakes at speeds excessive of 60kmph and you will see how the front bogs down and the rear jumps in the air.
      6. again - change the suspension. stop using those tiny shocks and use something bigger and better.

      1. The dashboard sucks. Plastic sucks. where do you source these from?/ Gurjari?
      2. seats could use better lumbar support
      3. rear seats could use a reclining feature for long drives
      4. give climate control. dual zone would be welcomed.
      5. do a better job in concealing the wiring.
      6. get better floor carpets.

      For now, If I have a choice between Scorpio and another vehicle from the same price bracket, i would choose the Innova.
      for these simple reasons.

      1. Innova and scorpio cant go offroad.
      2. innova is more aerodynamic and the scorpio.. well you get the drift
      3. innova seats are comfortable - and scorpio not so much.
      4. both vehicles have spare under the vehicle.
      5. both vehicles have similiar capacity engines and displacement.
      6. innova is better for long drives and better mileage as well. i drove to tirupur from bangalore in a scorpio once..left the scorpio there and flew back. sent the driver to pick it up. poor guy quit his job as soon as he came. apparently he suffered from spine problems and lower back ache or something. i think he was paralyzed or something to that effect.

      have to run into a meeting. will comeback and finish this. till then something for you to ponder on.!! Put your thinking caps on and fire away.
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      Mahindra doesn't need more than this. Great as always goddy ! One posts covers it all. Lets see what do we get to see in so hyped Boatio a.k.a Scorpio...

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      Quote Originally Posted by Lvramanan View Post
      One posts covers it all
      not yet done.. i still need to talk about the sheet metal, the engine, the gearbox, the brake boosters, etc etc.. pls wait for sometime.. will compile the rest and upload.

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