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    Thread: Which DSLR flash?

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      Which DSLR flash?

      I am looking to buy a basic external flash for my Canon 1000D. My application is limited to indoor use and taking portraits. I dont need an advanced one. The reason I am looking beyond the built in flash of the camera is that I need the ability to bounce the flash rather than the direct beam provided by the built in flash which spoils the mood of the picture.

      My budget is max Rs 10K. What do you guys think of this one: Nissin Di466 (For Canon) Flash: Flipkart.com
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      I have heard that Nissin Di466 does wonders for Potraits and other clicks but have not used it. Did you check some reviews??
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      I don't know about Nissin flashes. but i can suggest you cheap flash which i had used.


      these flashes with a good enaloop battery does grate job. i used close to 6 month without any problems and later sold.
      Also use diffuser box to get soft white light.

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      I have a Nissin Di622 (older make) and happy with it. Current, Make2 of that model has more helpful features for strobists (like RF trigger supportr, sync cord port etc). You might want to check for it in smartshoppers.in (especially since you are in Chennai)
      I preferred a TTL flash as my target useage was indoor family functions etc. I did not want to keep doing too many manual settings on camera for right exposure, during which I might miss precious moments. When I do portrait in my 'set-up' , I prefer manual mode on flash.

      If you can live with a completely manual flash but decent power and swivel head, there are many in market at 2.5K . I got to use one such branded Simpex and I got good results. Forgot the model number, 666 or something like that.
      Whatever you buy, keep a budget for eneloop battery set and a charger.

      Hope that helped.
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      Quote Originally Posted by xander View Post
      The reason I am looking beyond the built in flash of the camera is that I need the ability to bounce the flash rather than the direct beam provided by the built in flash which spoils the mood of the picture.
      It is hard to overexpose using bounce mode. Very easy to do in manual mode than in TTL. 33GN is good. I can't find how long it can zoom in the spec.

      You can also consider Yongnuo 565EX. Much better GN helps while shooting outdoors. But, might not be long lasting as a Canon.

      If you can import from abroad, get the Canon 430EX which would be slightly more than your budget. But worth for just peace of mind and good resale value.

      High speed sync would be a big advantage. Look for models that have it.
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      Came across this - Simpex 522 (Simpex 522 Speedlight ) Havent used it yet, but heard good feedback from friends who are pro photographers. Cost Rs: 2250/-

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