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    Thread: The Atlantic has been rowed...

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      The Atlantic has been rowed...

      This is a record event/adventure undertaken by a Good friend of mine- Bhavik Gandhi.

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      3000 miles of solo rowing across the Atlantic. Its a feat unthinkable by us avg Joe's. Something worthy of mention for eons to come by.

      Bhavik Chose to row from Spain to Antigua across the Rough ocean.

      Click image for larger version. 

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      His choice of ride?

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      Gandhi's boat was made of 6mm thick marine plywood with a coat of epoxy resin for strength and resilience to water. The boat provides shelter in the rear cabin, which also houses the water maker and all on-board electrics (solar powered). All food supplies are stored in sealed bags underneath the rowing deck.

      In the likely event of the boat capsizing, several design factors have been introduced to ensure it rights itself. The watertight cabins fore and aft are egg-shaped due to which it is extremely unstable when upside down.

      Moreover, the air trapped in the cabin keeps the hull buoyant and combined with the heavy stores in the keel creates a high centre of gravity that causes the boat to right itself.

      The journey -

      Bhavik's 1st attempt at this journey was on 16th apr '06 which got aborted due to Hurricanes.

      and 2 other attempts were aborted due to weather and technical glitches.

      the 4th and final attempt of his on the 12th Feb '07 was a success which took all of 106 days of rowing and surviving alone in the sea.

      See this gripping video about his journey across the atlantic.

      Also, you should read his Diary at Sea -> Atlantic Diary: Start Day - Monday 12th Feb.

      I've read this completely and it is awesome.

      In his own words :

      In no way can any summary do justice to the experience I have lived through this incredible period. Although a record may have been the objective, the experience gained through seeking that record becomes the reward.

      Rarely can we find the time to get to know ourselves, how would we deal with a situation? What about questioning every action that you take because your life depends on it. If we are stripped of society which parts do we actually need? The answer is very little.

      Early on in the row I had encountered terrible weather for a long period of time, the boat had been immersed several times by breaking waves, the rudder and flag mounting had cracked by the force of the waves and my tiny cabin was filling with water.

      I spent nine hours stripping the inside of the cabin, removing wet belongings and fixing the leaks. The contents were then secured on deck so as not be washed away. I bailed gallons of water from under the floor and realized that a number of crucial spares had been damaged. Finally I stripped out of my wet clothes and huddled naked on the timber cabin floor.

      The next time I was able to step on deck safely was nearly 3 days later. That experience was a low but what it did do was make the high that much greater.

      Trying to row across an ocean has its own share of challenges. Firstly, the decision to do so and then planning, learning, training, logistics, equipment and a million other things before the oars first touch the water. Out at sea, you have to deal with exhaustion from rowing 10-12 hrs a day, the physical discomfort of living in a 6ft cabin, muscle fatigue, salt sores, sleep depravation, constantly being soaked by waves, navigating, fixing equipment - the list is endless.

      Yet, every one of my 106 days at sea have been a privileged experience. The full arch of a rainbow, the magnificent electrical storms and huge rolling sea are just magical. Shoals of fish swimming round the boat, whales, sharks, dolphins, storms, flying fish, incredible sunsets. On some nights the moon would be so bright that it would be daylight on deck. The mood of the ocean often changes by the hour and you never know quite what to expect next.

      If my crossing spurs one other person either young or old to get up and experience something different or achieve something greater then it has been a success.

      Being alone is a state of mind. With so many people supporting my row across the Atlantic, I never once felt that I was alone. Thank you all. / BHavik.

      note : Bhavik, like I said, is a friend of mine and I have permission to post this.

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      Wonderful, thats some courage. 106 days alone in the sea is really something.

      Express congratulations and salute from my side to your friend

      Watched the video.
      Can't even imagine how scary is it to spend a single day-night in the sea alone and he was alone in a boat for 106 nights. How he managed sleeping, taking food and nature calls... just amazing.
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      wow man. We just see these type of things done by cast away people or in some movies.

      Amazing peosonality. Thanks for sharing dude.
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      Wonderful. hats off to this guy. Rough times at sea, water logging in both, losing all food in water. Waoh... Cannot imagine at all.

      All 1000's of kms that we spend in road in car is just 2% of what he has done.

      He deserves for this record and achievement.

      India flag is touching
      Never Say Never Again :)

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      Great acheivement, kudos to bhavik. Avi Thanks for sharing.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Jack Sparrow View Post
      thats some courage.

      I've been married 9 years now.

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      What a brave heart Kudos to him and please convey our wishes to him avinash Sir
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      Total respect to the guy.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Godfather View Post

      I've been married 9 years now.
      +2 for me (and to the same lady) ....

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      Great stuff man. Why din't you post this earlier, rights?

      Did he survive without supplements for the last 10 days after the capsizing or managed to recover some?

      Also, can I play his part in the Bollywood adaptation ?

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