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    Thread: Indian Car Sales Report - Dec 2012

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      Indian Car Sales Report - Dec 2012

      After a slow November 2012, there were industry hopes to see a better sales numbers in December. To surprise for all of us, the December sales numbers showed a negative trend for second months in a row for Indian car market. The sales figures, when put together showed a negative growth of massive 9.89% for India car industry.

      Four out of top 5 manufacturers of Indian Automotive market suffered substantial decrease in car sales. Hyundai was the most impacted manufacturer with market share decrease of more than 23%. Its natural to assume that Christmas and New Year season didn't help it much. No new launches and expectation of newer and fresher cars in 2013 could be another reason that might have kept India car buyers uninterested.

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      Lets have a look at top 10 and bottom 10 cars of Indian car market. This month we'll try and do a deep dive in data with more relvancy in following posts.

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      Sales Distribution - Manufacturer and Model wise

      We are deviating from the graphs that we've been using since last two months. After taking some feedbacks from fellow Gearhead members, we've decided to bring more analytical sales details for each manufacturer and its respective models that are there in the market.

      This has been broken into two sections:

      1. We'll try to showcase how the models of respective manufacturers are doing for themselves. Which one is standing where for last month. There will not be any comparison, but just display of sales share of various models of the manufacturer. This will be done in this post.
      2. We'll bring a trend of market performance of various cars [its manufacturer wise] and depict which is movind towards where. Which model for it is bringing money and which one is going in wrong direction. This detailed graph will be shown in next post.

      How to read the charts of this post?

      The charts are there for each manufacturer. The percentages shown are against all the models of the same manufacturer, and not against the market. Example, if you look at the graph for Fiat, you'll find the distribution of two models that it is selling in the market. Charts are put up alphebatically.

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      Car Sales Trend - Manufacturer wise

      This is where the second type of charts as outlined in the previous post will be put up. This will bring more analytics while reading the sales distribution trend for each manufacturer. The period depicted is from May 2012 to Dec 2012. The trending on car sales number across 7 months will give us a very good view of how the car models are been performing in Indian market.

      How to read the graphs in this post?

      The graph for each manufacturer is showing sales trend of various models that it has in Indian market. They all are stacked on top of each other with various color codes, bigger ones forming the base. The total number at the top shows cumulative number of sales done by that manufacturer in that month, thus enabling us to view the trend of its market performance as well. Individual numbers have been mentioned in the table below for quick reference. This will show us how the market is moving for various models of the manufacturer.

      Like the previous post, the graphs are in alphabetical in order.

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      Disclaimer : Logos used in the charts above belong to respective manufacturers. Gearhead is using them just for information and display purpose, all the copyrights and authority in regards to the logos and brands vest in respective companies.
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      Again a very detailed report rksingh1, thanks for sharing.

      Wasn't a good month for the auto industry. Almost every manufacturer saw dip in their sales graphs. Looks like they couldn't throw some good year-end offers this time. It would be interesting to see if they can cover this month's low numbers in January.

      Duster changed fortune for Renault but now they will have to rectify the common issues reported by various Duster users, Ecosport is coming and it will give them tough competition. It will A.S.S and reliability which will make difference in long term for both of them. Fortuner is still keeping the pace, earlier it was said that XUV may lower T-Fort's numbers but it didn't happen.

      Finally Toyota is paying for what they offered in Etios. It started well but now has settled to half of it's initial numbers. Innova is performing consistently.

      Sad to see Nano going down again for Tata. Safari is at highest point in it's last 7 month's record, would be interesting to see if its Storm effect.

      Nissan Evalla couldn't do anything! Looks like it's weird appearance couldn't appeal buyers. Sunny also going down.

      Maruti is performing strong as always. Its the brand which is sitting deep inside in Indian hearts and no one is anywhere near it's competition.

      So finally Mahindra XUV 5oo has beaten it's own cousin Scorpio this time Mahindra is constantly keeping the numbers near 10K mark even when their most selling vehicles are diesel UVs.

      Looks like Hyundai also settled themselves as a mass brand like Maruti. Sonata and Elantra are not performing like their other cars.

      Sail has taken a start for Chevy but looks like it has eaten froom its own cousin-Beats numbers instead of giving competition to others.

      Skoda - After a 'Rapid' boost, they couldn't be able to keep the pace going, thoug Rapid again saw some good numbers in this month. Let's see how it goes now onwards.

      VW- Nothing mush to say about. They are just keeping the steady pace.

      Honda regulrly seeing the fluctuations, Brio turned out a saviour for them, expect the Amaze D will again make their feet strong in the Indian market.

      HM - Why Mitsubishi is still continuing with them? Mitsubishi deserve much better numbers in India. But going by their offerings, they can't afford to come alone in India.

      Ford will have to seriously think about a well priced Sedan. Though Ecosport looks promising but it is expected from Ford to perform better in sedan segment.

      Fiat? Their picture is still not clear even after so much talks about their expected comeback without any joint venture. I am surprised that if they are not able to sell entry level cars like Punto and Linea than how will they sell Jeeps in India?
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      Superb analysis rksingh1 - worthy of a 5 * for the complilation.

      for Ford, the new fiesta sells lesser number than endy
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      Awesome work there Ravi, loved the new format too

      Quote Originally Posted by rksingh1 View Post
      To surprise for all of us, the December sales numbers showed a negative trend for second months in a row for Indian car market.
      I think it's more to do with the Indian car buyer mentality more geared towards wanting a new car made in the new year than owning a car that is a year older.

      Recently, a friend bought a Verna CRDi and I was talking to a SA. He was saying that most people wanted a 2013 car. Some people were willing to buy a 2012 manufactured car, but get it registered in 2013 and run temporary registration until then. My friends Verna is still running temp registration and should be getting a permanent number by next week.

      Though most manufacturers have been offering good discounts for 2012 cars, most people seem to prefer buying a car in 2013 which seems to be a new trend. Hyundai was last found offering free insurance for all their 2012 model cars. For the likes of the Verna that itself translates to around 25-30k discount in addition to the exchange/loyalty/corporate discount that one can avail too.

      Hyundai must be laughing all the way to the bank with the Fluidic Elantra. After what was a catastrophic failure with the Old Elantra, the new one is setting the sales charts on fire and has now risen to the top spot in the C+ sedan segment pushing the previous segment leader Cruze to ~30-40% lesser volumes. The team that was responsible for bringing about the Fluidic design concept and change the way Hyundai builds cars has definitely been one of the most important lessons for manufacturers to learn in India!

      If you leave out the Maruti cars, Hyundai is nearly miles ahead of the nearest competition in almost every segment. And to imagine that they did it in such a short time, hats off to their business strategies.
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      This is much better than some other reports that I have seen in other forums. One thing I really wanted to see, is the break down between petrol and diesel vechicles for all car makers but I guess they would not be comfortable in providing this information to us, would they?

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      Wonderful Report.

      Interesting to see Rexton selling almost 200 vehicles in Dec and Surpirse entry Grand Vitara - 2 nos.
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      Awesome and very comprehensive report rksingh1.

      Happy to see Safari picking up sales month on month.
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      Wonderful charts rksingh1.

      Only one change needed, the charts have to be named as "Model wise share in the portfolio" instead of "sales distribution", may be from next month.

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