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    Thread: Honda India registers a loss of Rs 604 crores in 2012

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      Quote Originally Posted by Supernaut View Post
      Smaller SUVs like duster and eco sport are welcome because of their dirt cheap prices.Let us not call them SUVs because they really are overgrown hatchbacks. CRV, Fortunner, Pajero and Endeavour are real SUVs. The target audience for both is very different. X1 is a cross over.
      Interesting point, when one of our colleagues bought a CRV in the USA (the land of Ford expedition, excursion, Chevy Tahoe, suburban et al), people who had real SUVs were teasing that he wanted an SUV but bought a hatch back, here in India CRV is a real SUV, go figure .

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      Re: Honda India registers a loss of Rs 604 crores in 2012

      Demographics are different. Here a 90 HP hatchback is class leading while in the US grannies will be driving around in 140 HP vehicles.

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      In Indian car market there are only very few factors that really matter for 90% of buyers.

      1. VFM: size vs cost (Innova, XUV, Sunny, Tata models etc.), features vs cost (most Hyundai models), brand vs cost (Etios, Figo etc)
      2. Operating cost: Fuel Efficiency - small non-diesel Marutis (could be perception), Fuel options such as Diesel/LPG/CNG (most mfrs except Honda), maintenance costs (Marutis, Tatas, Mahindras etc. - again could be perception)
      3. A combination of above (Maruti Diesels, Mahindras, Figo, Sunny, Etios/Liva, Hyundai Diesels etc.)

      Honda cars, unfortunately, don't fall into any of the above brackets. They just have to focus on creating the above aspects, even if it is a perception, in the market to survive. Only enthusiasts (10% of buyers) will look at factors such as FTD, appearance, brand, etc.

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      Daaam I did not know GH had
      this option! :D
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      Totally agree with appuchan an average Indian's mindset is totally different from that of an American and Europian there people are very keen on safetry but here according to Mercedes people make holes in the floor of their lorries so that they dont have to make a pitstop to take a leak.....now how gros is that!
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      Jai Radhe Maa
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      Quote Originally Posted by undecover_bro View Post
      people make holes in the floor of their lorries so that they dont have to make a pitstop to take a leak.....now how gros is that!
      as gross as a train compartment. no more.

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      So does it mean that if Indians also become mature like Americans or Europeans then they will start buying Hondas as Honda is the brand which is ideal choice of mature people markets??? People who are buying Hyundai, Ford, Toyota, Chevy, VW, Skoda are not mature???

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      Who is mature and who is not, this discussion is not going to reduce any private company's financial losses, or neither it is going to increase their profits.

      Competing well in the market with good portfolio, reliable and quality products, appealing designs, superior features, fuel efficient vehicles, affordable pricing, superior customer experience, at reduced cost, effective after service, total overall cost of ownership can bring the company back into profitability.

      With one or two products one can not address a market like India. Hopefully Honda realizes this and addess this issue.

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