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  • View Poll Results: What your favourite looking hatchback in India?

    56. You may not vote on this poll
    • Swift

      1 1.79%
    • Polo

      12 21.43%
    • Punto

      14 25.00%
    • Micra

      1 1.79%
    • Pulse

      1 1.79%
    • Ritz

      2 3.57%
    • Beat

      2 3.57%
    • Liva

      0 0%
    • Brio

      0 0%
    • i20

      3 5.36%
    • Jazz

      7 12.50%
    • Palio

      1 1.79%
    • Zen

      2 3.57%
    • M-800

      2 3.57%
    • Vista

      1 1.79%
    • Figo

      3 5.36%
    • Fabia

      0 0%
    • Alto

      0 0%
    • SR-V

      4 7.14%
    • Getz

      0 0%
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    Thread: Styling of hatchbacks - what's your favourite looking hatch?

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      Bicycle in Pune, Figo in Delhi
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      Styling of hatchbacks - what's your favourite looking hatch?

      I've always noticed that Fiat Punto's design is critically appraised by most auto enthusiastics. But, non-auto enthusiastics, like my friends (both male and female) and my mother find Punto quite ugly. On most other cars, they are almost always on same page regarding if a car is beautiful or ugly. But how come Punto has so opposite views from the two camps? Or, it is just a coincidence on my side?

      Btw, this has nothing to do with Fiat-related war-threads. I had been thinking to post it since long time but took enough time to ask more and more people (even including strangers ). As for my own view, well, I've never posted truthfully which cars I find beautiful and which ugly. But now here's the truth. Among premium hatchback, I find Honda Jazz the most beautiful. I've often wished that my Figo had looks of Jazz. And well, yes, I find Punto most ugly, even though I'm an auto-enthusiastic.
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      Looks are always subjective, this answers all your question.

      What looks good for doesn't needs to be looking good for me. And for Me Punto is one of the beautiful car out in the market
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      Quote Originally Posted by DevilsCry View Post
      Btw, this has nothing to do with Fiat-related war-threads.
      Alto --- Lets Go.... but where ???

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      live to Detail...am addicted

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      Jun 2012
      Bangalore, Koramangla
      i love the looks of the Punto...those flowing curves makes me turn back again for a look as i walk by

      i would vote for Punto and the Polo being the two most hatches in India on the looks basis

      I find the Honda Jazz to be a bit too tall and long and wide (dimesions kind of seem to be out of whack) and the Brio to be odd specially the back glass, guess it will take some time to get used to it

      P.S. the discussion is about the Punto or "Best looking Indian Hatch"? Any meaningful objective that is achieved by starting a thread only on the design of Punto? Are you planning to buy one or do you own one?

      your post title is either incorrect or you are out to start an argument once again?
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      has left gearheads

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      Sep 2012
      punto is a very cute car, every time I see one I feel like squeezing its cheeks lol, looks wise mk1 I20 is the best, next comes polo, then punto, jazz and last swift , others (figo, beat, ritz, fabia, micra, pulse, brio, liva )are plain ugly love them or hate them kinds..once again looks are subjective..

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      not aware that he can set his status here!
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      Even though I'm not who you could classify as a fiat fanboy, I did recently get into an arguement with a female friend because she said the punto looked rather plain, and that she preferred the brio or the beat.
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      Why do we keep beating around the same bush !!! Want yet another grievance ?? Enough has been said about Fiats and lots of mud-slinging witnessed in the past few days. Why this new thread ?

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      Best looking hatch? - VW Polo!

      I find the Swift quite ugly looking. Looks like a frog with bulged panels everywhere.

      Infact, I prefer the looks of the Ritz. All it needs is some nice alloys and meaty tyres.

      Like the looks of the Brio as well, same goes with the Jazz.

      Figo has never appealed to me looks wise. Nor has the Beat, Micra, Liva.

      The Pulse however, looks quite sporty.

      i20 looks like a duck!

      And am I the only one who thinks the Punto design cues is very similar to......

      Name:  FiatPuntoTJetTurbo_97_m_m.jpg
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Size:  40.6 KB

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	57-Free-Cartoon-Gray-Field-Mouse-Clipart-Illustration.jpg 
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      Don't flame me! I know looks are subjective.
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      For me Punto looks are very good. I mean the sports punto.

      As everyone have mentioned Looks are in the eys of the beholder. The owner of that vehicle will always like it Whether others like it or not.
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      Wow what a thread it is going to be unless it gets closed midway,

      I love the looks of Maruti 800 very much because i own one , Next goes the Punto>Polo>Ritz>Pulse.
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