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    Thread: The Engine Oil Guide

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      Almost entirely natural, mineral engine oil is a derivative of the crude oil refining process. While the thicker by-products that are derived after the refining process are used as tar; the carbon-rich substances are further refined to make petrol and diesel and the remaining crude oil that is contaminated with sulphur and other impurities is used as base for making mineral oil.
      1.Mineral Oil helps lubricate moving parts in the engine, as per the level of refinement and holds the capacity to perform well in varied conditions.
      2.Are cheaper compared to semi-synthetic or synthetic oils

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      Quote Originally Posted by Surajdhillon View Post
      Thanks everyone for advice.
      I decided that i will go for regular service 10000km with mineral oil from HASS.
      And in between the interval at every 5000km, change oil and filter at local garage.
      I have shortlisted few mineral oils
      1. Shell helix Diesel engine oil 15w40 ch4.
      2. Shell rimula r4 x 15w40 ci4+
      3. Shell Rimula r3x 15w40 ch4.
      Please advise on my idea.
      If you ask me as the owner of a Hyundai machine then from the shortlisted oil I will choose Rimula R4 CI4+. This oil I used for almost 60K KMs.

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      In fact I preferred natural / mineral oil for the running in. I always believe that Synth too early tends to 'glaze' the cylinders. Since my Civic came with Synth from day one I made an exception.
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      40000km service is due for my 2016 Ford Ecosport 1.5 TDCi. Recommended oil is 5w30 acea a5/b5. Is fully synthetic engine oil really beneficial compared to a semi-synthetic oil?
      1) if no, which Semi-synthetic oil should I go for? Shell Helix H5 or Mobil Super 1000 is available at my place.
      2) if yes, then which Fully synthetic oil? At my hometown, I am getting 5w40 Shell Helix Ultra for 3400. And some 5w30 Mobil oil for 3700. From team-bhp, I infer that Amsoil Signature is one of the best options. Its 5w30 will cost 950*4 = 3800.

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