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    Thread: Class Apart became my part TATA MANZA

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      Class Apart became my part TATA MANZA

      WHY TATA MANZA Decision

      We had a 2004 Indica V2 which need replacement very badly so in the month of NOV 2011 my search started for a new car and my dad was for sure not a TATA MOTORs product and my duty was to find products at Rs.6.5L Ex-Showroom Chennai and the search was extended to all the brands except TATA MOTORS.

      Starting from RS.5.5 L to Rs.7 L Ex-Showroom Chennai and wanted a Sedan only

      Competitors/Preference list

      1. TATA Manza-No since a TML product
      2. Fiat Linea-Performance and drive quality
      3. Chevy Aveo-Reliability and durability of GM
      4. Swift Dzire (Old)-As it was in the same price tag.
      5. MS SX4-Big sedan but it can be a good choice as it was a Fiat-Suzuki JV.
      6. Indigo eCS-TML Product but that time the mileage Adds on Cs was turning eyes towards.
      7. Nissan SUNNY-CAAAAAAAAAR Keys advertisement made it look.

      Now time to decide so planned for test drive


      Though It was a TATA MOTORS Product but size and power of the car attracted.
      On the Test Drive what we found was
      1. Very comfortable like an SUV
      2. Very Spacious
      3. Rear Seat was a bench mark equivalent to C-Class
      4. Steering audio controls first in class
      5. Very very comfortable and confident seats
      6. Very good suspension but rumors of low life
      7. Good Pickup 0-100 in 14 seconds better than Altis D.
      8. Very Powerful 90 PS Engine
      9. Not a very long car but a real sedan
      10. enough wheel base

      FIAT Linea

      1. Comfortable.
      2. Classic.
      3. Good legroom.
      4. Rear A/C Vents.
      5. Very Long wheel base for this class.
      6. Same engine as MANZA but tuned for more pick-up and performance.
      7. Gears where short throw comparing Manza
      8. Scared for the service network of TML
      Dropped as it was uncomfortable to sit and get out of the vehicle and the partiality shown by the TML dealers


      No D option so dropped

      Swift dzire Old

      1. Maruti Reliable and popular automotive is the advantage.
      2. Big driver and c-driver seats
      3. No rear space or comforts worst in this matter
      4. Suspension was not as good as manza or linea
      5. Power was insufficient comparing manza linea Vento etc.
      6. Mileage in City was more than Manza

      But due to the Rear Seats it was dropped


      1. Seats where like SUV
      2. Confident stance
      3. Strong and reliable suspension.
      4. Very good vehicle
      5. Rear Space and comfort was sufficient
      6. Good handling and suspension
      7. No complaints with the vehicle
      But dropped due to Budget the Diesel Variant was stating only by 8.5L

      Indigo eCS

      Looked a-like my old V2


      1. caaaaar Keys the same add
      2. Rear A/C as in Linea
      3. ABS std. feature
      4. Very lengthy car
      5. The dealer network was not good
      Dropped due to Price tag and dealer network


      MANZA Class apart
      Apart became my car on 6 FEB 2012

      Dealer:-Tafe Reach
      Sales Person and Team Head:-Soundarrajan
      Venue/Branch: Anna Salai
      Payment: Full Cash (As dad’s company payment)
      Model: 2012-Aura
      Colour: Dew White as Wine was not available in Aura at that time


      It was scheduled by 9.30 but after cleaning and other ceremony got the vehicle only by 11.00AM After taking the Delivery. This is common with TML dealers that they don’t deliver vehicles at proposed time.
      There was no Proper explanations given with regards to the Audio control, MID, and other meter indicators. The explanation was not given towards the Timer indicator.

      First Niggle/Problem faced

      1. Vehicle started pulling towards left when the hands are taken off from the steering
      2. Rear Suspension Sound

      The very next day I took the Vehicle to the Tafe Reach Garage/Service centre and complained about the problem and there was a Very Intelligent gentleman (Mr.Desingan) CRM of Tafe Reach LTD. Who knows nothing about automobiles told me to wait for half an hour in the lounge and no Service advisor to check the vehicle and finally they had a person for making road tests alone came and drove the vehicle and accepted the fault and again more than half an hour the vehicle was not attended by anyone. When i went and asked to the CRM "Hey what do you think in your mind making me wait for such a long time and the vehicle is not attended and what are you going to do for this". The CRM replied have to check the alignment and if the alignment is correct have to rotate the tyre and check.

      See how this man says. How can pulling complaint be arrested by rotating the tyres. If they mention so then there is some mistake with the Tyre or TATA MOTORS is selling the vehicle with second quality Tyres. This was my doubt while waiting for the vehicle

      Those stupid People Including the CRM of Tafe don't know how to handle the vehicle inside their campus that to a brand new car (Its from our point of view)but for them its 1 among the 20.I asked him whether there will be any issues with the Toe Rod. For that he asked me what's TOE ROD! See how well these people are trained

      And IF you Mail the complaints to the GM or MD of the Tafe none will response to the mails sent by the customers

      My case will be a proof of what the TML dealers do in the time of PDI(i.e., they don't do PDI at all.)for this million dollar question the dealer answered that the PDI is done in their Yard itself and everything was perfect. If its not the fault on Dealer the fault is ultimately on the TATA MOTORS

      Now I'm dam sure the car is with second Quality Tyres so my Next step was to

      Change Tyre and Rim

      Went to change the Tyre to a tyre Shop and that time the owner of the shop is a friend of my father and he suggested to go for 195/60R15 instead of 185/60R15 and It was a V-Rated Bridgestone POTENZA

      Advantages of balloon tyres/size up
      1. Good Grip.
      2. Reduces body roll.
      3. The ware & tare will be even.
      4. Better life.
      5. No road Noise.
      6. More Life.
      7. More cushion effect.
      So the tyres were Bridgestone Potenza V-Rated Tyre-Rs.5300.00 each and took 4 tyres for Rs.4750 Each.
      Alloy was Local Indian Brand cost was Rs.4900.00 each and same way 4Nos.

      TIME FOR 3M

      Through my uncle i got the link of a person who works for 3M distributor named M/S Balaji Agencies
      Were they had all lots of Sun Film Options
      1. I selected the SP35(States 35% transparent) suited my Manza
      2. 3M under chassis coating was done on the same day
      3. 3M Paint Protection Coating also on the same day with all doors and inner parts greased with 3M spray for fighting against corrosion
      The total bill was Rs.5800.00 which if i had gone to a 3M Car Care or with the dealer they would have charged 7000-8000


      1. Roots Vibrosonic Horn a Pair with installation and Relay charged Rs.1500
      2. Reverse guide camera with mirror Display was Rs.3800 + Fitting person asked Rs.300
      3. Then Floor mats Rs.750,Vinyl Mat Rs.950
      there ends my list as others were very much provided in the car itself but the oval speakers were missing and hence there was no effect in the car so Purchased a Pioneer Original 4way speaker for Rs.1350/set, duplicate was 650-750 there was no change except for the quality of cone paper

      First Service

      Having experience in TAFE i had a friend in POKMA AUTOMOBILES (TASC)so left it there
      Service Advisor: Mr. Vinoth
      Mechanic cum Advisor: Mr. Yuvaraj
      Works Manager: Santhosh
      1. First service just was water Wash
      2. Check-up
      Got the delivery in 4 Hrs.
      No other issues except the Rear suspension sound that too only if the vehicle tends to shake too much in the potholes

      Till second service the mileage was 11in city 15 in highway. Bill was the coupon attached with owner’s manual

      Second Free Service
      1. Co-Driver seat rattling noise
      2. Rear Suspension noise Works Done
      3. Water Wash
      4. Check-up
      5. Engine scanning
      6. Air Filter cleaning
      7. Greasing doors
      2nd Free Service Coupon again.

      Third Free Serive
      1. Rear Suspension Noise
      2. Few rattling’s
      3. Co-Driver seat rattling noise
      Works Done
      1. Oil Change
      2. Oil Filter
      3. Water wash
      Bill was Rs.3400.00+3rd Service Coupon.
      But the people at Pokma Damaged one of the Alloy. The MD of the Pokma made hard arguments
      replied reluctantly for that. Made a big argument on the same with him and bought a letter as commitment to change the wheel as brand new and then paid the bill or that particular service.

      They have proved them self again by fitting the new alloy without wheel balancing and the vehicle started wobbling after 100KM/Hr. so again made Wheel Balancing with LAL BROS and made it stable once

      1. Front Suspension Noise.
      2. Doors Ratling.
      3. Co-Driver Seat Rattling.
      4. Steering column Play.
      5. Stereo UBS mal-Function.
      1. Removed the stereo and sent for repair.
      2. Oil Change.
      3. Fuel Filter was changed.
      4. Air Filter was changed.
      5. Oil Filter was changed.
      6. Suspension noise was not rectified.
      7. Wheel alignment was done.
      Bill was Rs.5800.00

      The stereo was fixed last week with damage on its panel and they have agreed to make some other arrangements so lets wait and watch

      But the suspension noise was not resolved and again going to live the vehicle tomorrow for that Work

      Seriously the TASC/TASS Service advisors are totally waste and over confident they won't listen at all to what we are mentioning about, But any time you go they'll resolve problems.

      TATA MOTORS recommends the Castrol Oil
      But that seems to be total waste, if they recommend the SHELL Oil or MOBIL1 that would be better

      Mailed to the Chennai Regional Office of TATA MOTORS and:

      Mr. Vijay Menon Regional Manager, Mr. Vinoth of TML, Mr. Avinash Menon of TML and Mr. Charles of TML visited POKMA and I took my vehicle there and they check the issue and said there is no problem at all. Then I made the drive and showed them 2-3 times but it was not noticed by them and finally what they said is we’ll check this issue by putting it in the ramp and they said there is no issues with the suspension and what they said is They have applied torque to the suspension and fixed it back.
      Took the delivery and the suspension seemed to be very stable and good and informed them.


      Again when the right wheel when left into a road cut or uneven surface the metal sound is heard I don’t know what to do IF this continues then I have to give it to a local mechanic and only repair it. Because there is no other way.
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      maranprashanth : Welcome to Manza club. Not many though in this club in GH forum. I can see that you had your share of niggles & troubles with the 1st year of ownership. And hope you have trouble free owner ship here after.

      - - - Updated - - -

      Quote Originally Posted by maranprashanth View Post
      Colourew White as Wine was not available in Aura
      I saw many AURA model cars with the wine color. May be this was in the later batches. But i m sure it was a 2012 Manza which i saw AURA in winw color
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      @machi:Not yet and I was the first 2012 model Manza in Tafe and I did not have wine option it was later may be after may or june only it was available in all models.

      Suspension Problem lower ball joint was replaced in Pokma under warranty but still sound come, But not as previous.

      IS your suspension problem ok? What were the parts replaced?
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      Nice to see another fellow Manza owner in GH.
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      @ALL : the TML engineers have made re-tension to my suspension and fixed it back but still when the right wheel is left in a road cut or uneven surface there is metal sound TONG which comes and there is no solution.Did any one experience that?Do you have any Ideea what problem is that ?Is it with steering Box?
      Truth is bitter at time, But have to Accept it

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      No problem in my car. Completed 2000KMs. Touchwood!
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      Skynet: are you driving out of India?Howz the pick-up?
      Truth is bitter at time, But have to Accept it

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      No. Pickup is good (Relaxed driving).
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      Problems problem problems only with TML my GOD

      the Sound I mentioned previously was from rack & Pinion and its going to be replaced under warranty

      A/C misterious problem in long drivs alone and that couldn't be solved by TML nor the Service Centre
      Truth is bitter at time, But have to Accept it

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