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    Thread: Headlight gone dim

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      Headlight gone dim


      I own a Skoda Octavia rider 2008. I am facing problem during night driving the headlight are done din (bit yellowish). how to get rid of this?
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      Quote Originally Posted by naqshbandi View Post
      I am facing problem during night driving the headlight are done din (bit yellowish).
      You could open them up and polish/clean, but it is better to get it done by a professional.

      If you know any used car dealerships, they should be able to point you to a shop that does this work, in J&K.
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      Two things here

      One is the light output not being enough,
      Second is the headlamp housing yellowing/blacking out.

      The first is generally a relay/wiring issue - the bulb is not getting designed current. Put in a fresh relay and it generally sorts itself out.

      The second however is a little more difficult to manage ... You have three options

      1. Get the plastic headlamp housing polished - lot of headlamp restoration kits online. (you have to know what you are doing though)
      2. Put in new headlamps (.. sometimes its the 'mirroring' that blackens out in Skoda's in which case this is the only option)
      3. Toss in higher wattage bulbs (short term solution - till you HAVE to do one of the above)
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      Quote Originally Posted by naqshbandi View Post
      headlight are done din (bit yellowish)
      If you are already running higher wattage bulbs get the bulb holder/socket and the fuse checked. Sometimes due to heat of higher wattage bulbs if the socket is not of high quality (ceramic) they may melt and produce bad contact with the bulb which will result in lower light output.

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      as already mentioned, the outer headlight plastic will need to be polished...best is machine polish or some compound...can be done by hand also and with Meguiars M105, works having tried it but a lot of effort!!!

      once polished, put some sealant / wax the same you use on the paint on the plastic to prevent further discolorations in future

      if you want to try by hand, check the article here to get you started http://www.detailedimage.com/Ask-a-P...s-on-a-budget/

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