A couple of months back, ford launched the Endeavour Alterrain version of its Endeavour.

thread on GH - Ford Endeavour Alterrain Edition...

not much was added to this other than body graphics, front nudge guard etc etc.

then came an online contest where if you enter the contest and are selected, you get to go on a drive with the stars in association with National Geographic channel.
the criteria was simple,
1. Like them on FB - check
2. answer a few questions - check
3. ask for a Endeavour TD - already owned one so no test drive needed.

I entered the contest, finished the formalities and forgot about it.

Friday evening my phone rings, and the conversation was like this!!

Me - Hello
GV - Hello, is this Mr Sumit
Me - Yes, who is this
GV - Sir, I am GV - Vice President of Ford marketing
Me - hey, how are you doing,
GV - good sir, congratulations!!
Me - Thank you, but for what?
GV - you have won the Ford Alterain contest and are invited to the Ford experience in coorg on the 25th with Mr Nagesh Kukunoor.
Me - Wow. this is cool.
GV - yes sir, I have sent you an email, Please fill that in and send all the details, Our HO will get in touch with you and provide all necessary details + will take care of your travel arrangements.
Me - what travel arrangements? this is in coorg right
GV - yes sir, we will arrange a Endeavour for you.
Me - No thanks, I will get my own Endeavour.
GV - Hmm. that is perfectly fine sir, See you there on Monday.
Me - Thanks, see you soon.

Excited as hell.. read the email.. hmm.. who is Nagesg Kukunoor??

Googled him and wiki throws up the following Nagesh Kukunoor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Nice.. Now I am excited.

then I turn around.. Shit.!!! Endeavour is not ready to take the offroad challenge!!

turned to my mechanic..

Me - I won a contest with National geographic channel -
J - oh!! Good. congratulations
Me - thanks but!!!
J - what? and then he realized
J - no problem - I will fix it for you, get me a new battery
Me - but you are already loaded with work..
J - when is the stuff from australia coming?
Me - No idea. its in transit, then customs, it will never be done in time.
J - i will fix the Endy, for the greasing take it to ford.
Me - hmm..

next day bought a new battery and called Nithin

Me - bro, picked up a new battery for the endy,
N - good, ask J to install it, also check starter motor, sounded like a loose connection, dont start till that is resolved.
Me - ok and hung up.

reached BoltOn and J is nowhere to be seen.,

FACK.. where is J I asked my painter
P - shopping for parts for the 44 ford
Me - shit!!

popped the hood, cant see the starter motor from here, access is limited,.
went under the Endy, followed the wires and voila!! discovered the loose connection, one wire was hanging out of its place. Fixed that, installed the battery, connected all wires (amp, HID, headlights etc) crossed my fingers and twisted the key..

Roarrrrrr!!! Its Alive.. Its Alive.. Muhuhuhahahahahahaha...