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    Thread: Tesoro gets her singing vocals....My Alto K10 VXi ICE install

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      Tesoro gets her singing vocals....My Alto K10 VXi ICE install

      After purchasing my first new car (thread attached below) it was time to let it get some ICE goodies.

      Upgrade of a different type..... Story of Tesoro, my Alto K10 VXi

      In my previous Accent I had the Alpine 9886 and Illusion Audio Electra 6.1 comps which I ran from the HU. The Electra midbass' stopped working a few weeks before I sold the car, and I take it as a sign that I need to go up the components quality level . Not that the Electra's were bad, its that I thought of going for an upgrade.

      I listen to all types of music, yes all types, ranging from Rabindrasangeet to Heavy Metal, but I hate harsh tweeters. As I knew I was going to replace my car my research started a few months back. Morel, DLS, Rainbow, Gladen, Digital Designs, HAT. These brands of components were running circles around my head. I spend hours on the net, both at home and at office :uncontrol .

      My first preferences were DLS R6A or Morel Tempo 6's. I had heard both during my office visit abroad in colleagues cars and I loved their neutral and laid back signatures, something that I can listen for hours long.

      I know off late the supply of DLS and Morel's has been non-existent but still I tried contacting the Indian distributors of both. Morel's distributor was non existent. DLS' distributor did reply back on my query but a month later. And to my surprise the DLS R6A's which were available for 13-14K couple of years back were not coming for 20+, quite stunning as in how they even think of charging such prices.

      Anyways, I had given up hope of getting DLS or Morel's due to either unavailability or price and now turned my sights to Gladen, Rainbow and DD. After hearing about S&S Inc. from fellow T-Bhpians I decided to stop by there.

      Prior to that with my limited budget I decided to look online for ICE deals. And I did, picked up a Blaupunkt GTA 470 SF from snapdeal for 7490. Also bought a RF P1S4-8'' sub from avenuesound.in for 3K.

      On enquiring with Nitin of S&S told me he has a set of Morel Tempo 6X comps available. I asked him to hold the set for me as I didn't want to let go of the comps I wanted so badly. I did hear the set of Gladen RS165 comps on his car, but then they sound amazing on trance and house, but the Morel's are better all round.

      So I fixed 15th of March, last friday for the install. Bhpian predatorwheelz was there to see the install.

      The install went smooth. Even though it was S&S Inc.'s first Alto 6.5'' speaker install they showed their quality. The sub box, amp board were of good quality. The lead installer Murtaza has seriously good knowledge, but also unlike other installers in the city he was open for suggestions.

      Some fine points about the install were for e.g. the rear high security number plate was not installed properly hence it used to rattle. Even before a note was heard in the car one of the installers noticed the rattle and put leftover strips of dampmat under the plate which stopped the rattle. Also Murtaza put damping material in the hole cut into the door panels which we call speaker baffles. Note he hasn't done it on a car before.

      So my final equipment lineup is this:
      HU - Alpine 9886
      Front Components - Morel Tempo 6X
      Amp - Blaupunkt GTA 470 SF
      Sub - Rockford Fosgate P1S4-8.
      Amplifier kit - Bull Audio 8 AWG
      Extra wires - Bull Audio
      Damping - Dampmat

      Final thoughts about the sound, yes I am super happy. The Blaupunkt amp isn't harsh as initially feared. The Morel's sing well, and most suprisingly the little RF sub pounds when required and blends in when needed.

      OK enough talk, I know I've bored you all. So here are the pics.
      Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

Name:	883207_252008321603201_1932117489_o.jpg 
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Name:	884540_252010804936286_67473776_o.jpg 
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Name:	885671_252009024936464_1058810463_o.jpg 
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      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	886133_252008261603207_1333223613_o.jpg 
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Name:	891791_252010304936336_1142710150_o.jpg 
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      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	893137_252009974936369_410876736_o.jpg 
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      nice and clean install ..
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