HI GUYS , hi MACLAREN , today i got my remap done at RRP !!!! As i mentioned before i had a tuning box SPIDER i wanted more power so i got it REMAPPED .MR LEELA KRISHNAN PERSONALLY DID THE MAP . IT IS UNBELIEVABLE , i am trying to find the way to show the DYNO - GRAPH , They did 8 DYNO RUNS , and i selected the map i wanted .i am very happy and satisfied !!!!. NO WORDS GUYS !!! I GOT 192 NM , AND 75 BHP AT THE WHEELS !!! now i am seriously thinking what my friend MACLAREN said down size your tyres ,at present i am having 195 /55 R 15 ( advan neuva AD07 ) TO 185 /55 R 15 , but advan neuva does not come in 185 55R15 ,so i don't know what to do ??? please advice MACLAREN . I know i am loosing power ,please advice .