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    Thread: Duplicate/Transfer RC

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      Duplicate/Transfer RC

      Our car is in my Father's name but unfortunately he is no more now.After my Father has gone from past 7 years we didn't changed the ownership of car.But last year our car got stolen but after few days Police was able to trace it back.But we didn't find original papers like RC, Insurance etc.
      From the court I got it back giving all the affidavits required to get the car back.Affidavits were required as the car was is Father's name so lawyer told me that you need to get affidavit from your siblings and Mother stating that they don't have any objection if court releases the car to me.

      In the mean while I purchased the new car so this old car was parked in our house from past 1-2 year.We now have moved to some other city but within same state Haryana. We want to sell that old car now.So this would require RC.

      So my doubts are -
      1. Do I need to get back to original RTO to get the duplicate RC ?
      2. As the car was originally against my Father's name so will it will cause any issues while issuing duplicate RC ?
      3.How I can get its ownership transferred against any member of our family so that we can sell it easily afterward ?

      I have FIR copy , old RC copy , insurance copy , Court orders.


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      Quote Originally Posted by vj100 View Post
      I have FIR copy , old RC copy , insurance copy , Court orders.
      you will have to get back to OLD RTO for this, also the above documents should help. see if you can talk to a senior RTO officer directly and explain the situation to him.

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