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    Thread: Chennai to Darjeeling: Sparked!!

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      Chennai to Darjeeling: Sparked!!

      Back today morning from a Chennai - Darjeeling - Chennai road trip on my Chevy Spark. This was the second leg of our summer vacation. The first one being Chennai - Kerala - Kanyakumari - Chennai, that was done April end. Today I am elated, my son happy and my wifey tired! This was one trip to cherish for a long time. And this summer we covered Himalayas to Kanyakumari on road!

      Before I get to the travelogue, here are the Trip Stats:

      Chennai - Rajahmundry - Bhubaneswar - Malda - Kurseong - Darjeeling - Mirik - Malda - Bhubaneswar - Konark - Chilka - Annavaram - Kakinada - Chennai
      Trip Distance - 5292 Kms

      Trip Details:
      Total Toll Paid - Rs. 2450
      Total Fuel Used - 278.21 Ltr, Cost Rs. 20500
      Average Mileage - 19.02 Kmpl

      Statewise Distances (ONE WAY):
      Tamilnadu - 68 Kms
      Andhra Pradesh - 1090 Kms
      Orissa - 598 Kms
      West Bengal - 890 Kms

      Some tidbits:

      • The worst roads are in WB and the best in AP, followed by Orissa and TN. In this trip, we drove on both AH 45 and AH 2, with AH 2 being excellent (this is one road in WB you would love to drive, the other one being NH31 from Dalkhola to Siliguri).
      • Malda - Farakka has some notorious traffic jams - we got stuck in a 2 hr jam and our average speed on that sector was 7 KMPH.
      • Bardhaman - Panagarh sector is on AH2, so OK. But from there to Suri and further to Rampurhat/Moregram and then Malda is pure HELL! The Kolkata - Berhampore stretch is much better - there is 4 laning happening on this sector.
      • Farakka should not be missed, this is one amazing place. Likewise, take a detour from KrishnaNagar to Mayapuri - ISKCON; this again is a wonderful place.
      • Darjeeling is crowded and dirty, but it still has a unique charm. Month of May is not the time to visit this place. I am thinking of driving up again this December.
      • We halted at the following places:
        • Rajahmundry - Chenna Palace (Rs.1500)
        • Bhubaneswar - Hotel Seetal (on the NH) (Rs.3500)
        • Burdwan/Bhardaman - Hotel City Tower (Rs.1250)
        • Malda - Hotel Royal Park (Rs.1000)
        • Kurseong - Selim Hill Resort (Rs.3250)
        • Darjeeling - Krishna Residency (Rs.3500)
        • Malda - Hotel Hari Om (Rs.1500)
        • KrishnaNagar - Hotel Haveli (Rs.2250)
        • Bhubaneswar - Hotel Seetal (on the NH) (Rs.3500)
        • Annavaram - Hotel Sneha Residency (Rs.2500)

      • I found buying tea at Siliguri a better bet than buying at Darjeeling
      • We took help of a guide at Konark and felt that Rs. 200 was well spent. The place is open till 8 PM, and we visited it in the evening
      • Take a PUC while at West Bengal, and keep the originals of DL and RC too. - the cops seemed to look for some excuse or other to fine me
      • You need to bargain and shop around at Pashupati Market (Nepal) for the best deals. This place was better than Hongkong Market at Siliguri.

      I shall post the pictures and travel details later.
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      Pradeep Narayan... Samma opening.... eagerly waiting for the rest to follow.

      Just BeYourself.....

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      Wow! How did Sparky behave during the trip?
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      Wow.... great start in a spark. awaiting pics
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      Pradeep Narayan, excellent journey and details. How many days was this spread over?
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      Holy hell man. That is a heck of a trip. Looking forward to the entire writeup and the pictures.

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      Tats one long drive..please post some snaps of the trip.

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      That's one heck of a drive. Hope you enjoyed it to the core Pradeep Narayan ! Post pics & more details please

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      "Awesome" . That's a great trip you have done. Awaiting pics eagerly
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      Quote Originally Posted by Pradeep Narayan View Post
      Trip Distance - 5292 Kms
      Wow man. You have munched up kms like anything. Superb TLOG.
      Quote Originally Posted by Pradeep Narayan View Post
      And this summer we covered Himalayas to Kanyakumari on road!
      Waiting for this one also dude.
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