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    Thread: All that Glitters is not Gold. It can be your CAR too

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      Alive because of a wheel at
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      All that Glitters is not Gold. It can be your CAR too

      Hello All,

      As this is my first post , Iam not sure if Iam posting in the right Forum , I would request MOD's to move this appropriately

      With some degree of variation depending on the color of your car , Iam sure the following post will help all car

      lovers to keep their priced possessions glittering

      Let me first divide the schedule into 4 parts 1) Daily 2 ) weekly 3 Monthly 4) Periodic.

      1) Daily

      > I Know most of us hire domestic help (In most cases this is a stretched assignment ;-) of the in-house security

      for folks in high rises) to dust their cars , but the question how many of us are really happy with the way this task

      is done . For people who are not too lazy I would recommend you guys to buy a duster and with a good duster the

      activity hardly takes 5 min and it will flex your muscles as well in the morning

      > I have been using the Jopasu Duster from quite some time and a full 10/ 10 for this product the way it lifts the

      dust from the surface is amazing. This is very easy to find , you can pick this up at any Reliance Auto Zone and

      its costs around Rs 575/- or I suggest you buy this product online (Car Care - Buy Car Wash Shampoos,

      Cleaning Kits, Glass Cleaner, Wax Polish), This gets delivered to your doorstep and with a decent discount as

      well. The last One I purchased for a friend of mine cost me just Rs 450/- .

      > For folks who have Fabric Mats , I recommend we use a small carpet brush to dust them on a daily basis.You need not dust the entire set of 5 , we can just limit the work to the mat that was used the previous day , for Eg : I dust only the mat on the driver side everyday and there is no need to touch the other 4 , say i have someone who traveled alongside occasionally when we car pool the next day I make it a point that I dust the other mat as well. - Time 2 min

      > Just glide through the dashboard , Gear Knob , Your ICE and console with a soft cloth which keeps the dashboard fresh - Time 1 Min

      > Check your Windshield front & rear , Side mirrors and if any spots that need a little sprinkle of water , give that sprinkle and clear them off - Time 2 min

      > Take another min now standing or walk around your car and admire the beauty

      So Total time spent 10 min (Min)- 15 min (Max ) totally worth it !!!!

      Catch Points

      > the duster is one time investment , instead of spending Rs 200 every month (Approx) to pay the domestic help buy a duster and give yourself a little exercise as well , at-least for people like me as this is the only work out I do

      > Folks with Fabric mats make sure you have an Old set of Plastic / rubber masts always available in the boot , so that You can quickly switch over when you come across occasional rains / in the monsoon season. Iam so in love with the Fabric mats , Its a pain to maintain but its worth it every time time someone steps in and admires them

      > If you are planning to use Zaposa , please remember that this should NOT be used on wet surfaces.

      2) Weekly

      Its been quite a while where people have been talking about Environment and how to conserve it . can you keep your Car sparkling without pumping out gallons of water onto it ? The answer is a definite YES. This is how we can wash our car with 1 Liter of water and I mean it . Anyone who needs a live demo can catchup with me any weekend .

      So what do we need

      > 1 Liter of water - Please avoid water from Bore well

      > 2 Spray Bottles (we can use any of those empty Colin bottles at home)

      > Few Dry pieces of cloth

      > 1 Sponge

      > Any car Shampoo

      and this is how we do it

      > Use the duster / any piece of cloth and dust your car thoroughly.

      > Take one spray bottle fill it with 500 ml water and add some shampoo to it. Shake the bottle well and spray the content onto one area.

      > Now use the sponge and rub the area and you would see foam developing , now use a piece of cloth and

      wipe the area.

      > Take the second spray bottle fill 500 ml water into it and now spray the clean water onto the area which you have just shampooed. Take a different piece of cloth (Do not use the same one which you used earlier to clean the shampoo) and wipe the area dry.

      > Now the final part , take another piece of cloth (this one should be very smooth) and start rubbing gently the area that you just cleaned , you will start noticing the shine followed by a huge smile on your face Please note that this activity should be done parts . for example lets say you start with the boot area , complete all the 3 steps for the boot area and them move towards the left / right side . I usually do this in 4 parts and I move in clock wise direction starting with the boot , then the RHS followed by the bonnet and finally the LHS.

      Now that the shampoo is done we can now move onto the Tyre s.

      > Take a piece of cloth and rub the Tyre s till the dust is off and then spray any Tyre foam/ Polish available in the market. I usually look for some special offers when I shop around and mostly end up picking the ones that offer buy 1 get 1 .

      By now all the exterior is nice and clean , time to move to the interiors

      > Pull all the mats out and use a vacuum clean to suck anything unwanted in your cabin.

      > Dont worry if you do not have a Vacuum Cleaner at home , all you need is a good carpet brush, Slowly bush the floor carpet and accumulate all the sand grains at one place . Use a wet cloth (you can use any of the 2 pieces you have used earlier to clean the exterior) , place the cloth over the small pile that you would give it a light tap and lift the cloth by garbing it with full hand. Just dust the cloth outside the car and you can repeat the same for all the carpet area (All four doors).

      > Use dashboard Polish if you have any or else you can just clean the dashboard and door pads with a dry cloth.

      > The door step is a place which takes a beating everyday , Spray some shampoo mixed water at the door step and give it a good rubbing with clean piece of cloth , once done use a different cloth to wipe the area clean

      Now you car is all ready for the week . The whole act takes approximately an hour , you may take a little more

      time initially when you start of but as they say practice makes a man perfect, once you get used to it you will

      be able to complete the chorus in 45 min (approx)

      3) Monthly.

      We have 2 additional things here apart from what I just mentioned in the weekly schedule

      1) The Tyre s get a wash with the water , we would need one full bucket for all 4 wheels followed by the rubbing with a cloth and Tyre polish

      2) This is Optional as for this you need a Vacuum cleaner which has the ability to handle wet surfaces , if you have one at home this is what you can do.

      > Use shampoo to clean your seats , rub them well and use the wet vacuum cleaner to suck the dirt. Your

      seats will look very tidy & fresh when this is complete.

      4) Periodic

      Please make sure that you leave your car at regular intervals at any local car wash so that under body is cleaned thoroughly.

      Especially during monsoon season I suggest that you get your car washed at least once in 20 days or monthly once depending on your travel .Most people have the tendency of not getting the car washed during rains as it would get dirty immediately , but I personally feel that this is the time the car needs an under body wash the most.

      Try to get some detailing like wax or Teflon depending on your budget once every 6 months .

      I always like my car to be clean and trust me I have literally seen some people dust their shoes before they step in which makes me put this statement " A clean car always gets the respect it demands "

      I have added pics below which are actually jumbled up , I would request someone to help me in getting the order right

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSC08889.JPG 
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Size:	585.5 KB 
ID:	144968Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSC08911.jpg 
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Name:	DSC08907.jpg 
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Name:	DSC08898.JPG 
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Name:	DSC08894.JPG 
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Name:	DSC08912.jpg 
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Name:	DSC08908.JPG 
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Name:	DSC08895.jpg 
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      ALIVE,your 1st post really keeps car ALIVE if followed by every car owner

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      Nice post from a cartaker's view. Is that your junior. Great to see his startup at this age

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      Alive, I really appreciate your interest in keeping the car clean and encouraging others to clean their cars themselves rather than asking drivers or other guys to clean it. In fact, they actually are creating lots of swirls and damaging the paint surface rather than really cleaning it.

      In gearheads, we have lots of guys who are really crazy and doing things even beyond this, many of them importing car care products from many international sites and trying on their cars and being proud and smiling at them (later crying also when getting the credit card statement ), some of them like me took a seller role and getting these stuffs and made available in India. Thanks for joining our team, we can try, share and learn lots of things together here.

      One suggestion from side is always use a reasonable microfiber towel when you clean your car so the damage (swirls) created while cleaning can be controlled. We have a thread created by Anupam which lists all the details of MF towels (the below URL).

      And finally, thanks for contributing to this forum with your knowledge and experience, really appreciate that.

      Microfiber Towels 101 - Types Usage

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      Alive first and foremost welcome to the forum. You will find loads of like minded (read crazy minded ) people who have the similar zeal of maintaining their ride in top shape. I am sure you will find a lot of the stuff here very interesting. Also, thank you for sharing your experience with us. It is great to see someone with such a spirit and desire to keep their car in the best condition.

      Few things I would like to say about your post. Firstly, rubbing the car with a sponge is a big NO-NO! This will invariably introduce a lot of swirls into the paint. The best idea would be to get one a good wash mitt, or at the very least one of those microfiber noodle mitts you get for 50/-. This will be gentler on the car's finish as well as be more effective in removing dirt from the surface. Secondly, please do not use any regular cloth for cleaning purpose. Like GreenZ has already mentioned, invest in a few microfiber towels for drying purpose and cleaning. They do not call for any major investment. Decent microfiber cloths can be had for as low as 150/-. I appreciate your advice of using a Jopasu duster. This is also along similar lines. Finally, the method of spraying a car shampoo onto the surface and wiping it off will not work too well unless the shampoo is designed for rinseless or waterless wash. Most commonly available auto shampoo's are not, and it would be better to use a traditional 2 bucket method for this purpose. Unless the shampoo is adept at lifting dirt from the surface without adequate amount of water, you will only be rubbing them more instead of removing them and this adds to the swirls on the paint's finish. Also, please stay away from Teflon. I will not elaborate more on this because there is already a lot of information available on this subject on this forum itself as well as elsewhere on the internet. Regular waxing and detailing calls for more effort and time, but frankly it is more worth and less damaging.

      Once again, thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience. Looking forward to more participation from your side, and hopefully together we will learn a lot of new things.

      PS. Superb alloys!!
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      When in doubt, floor the throttle.

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      Alive because of a wheel at
      hand and pedals at my feet

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      Quote Originally Posted by sanjugalande View Post
      ALIVE,your 1st post really keeps car ALIVE if followed by every car owner

      Thank You Mate

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      Alive because of a wheel at
      hand and pedals at my feet

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      Jun 2013
      Thank You all for the feedback. Yes Together we learn more I liked this statement very much . I also acknowledge the drawbacks in the methods that i have put across as I was not aware of the same till date. Thank you for pointing them out.The Micro fiber towels look interesting and I will browse a little more on them and place my order. Also Swarnava & Greenz i have a few more topics in my mind and I would be puting them up for discussion sometime soon.

      @ Baranjil - Yes that's my kid and he would be 3 shortly , thankfully he already learn't to respect the beast and he gives a hand occasionally to keep it clean as well.

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